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Report: T-Rob t-raded

It's because the Kings took him cause they took the best player available and not for a need on the team. They already had 3 or 4 other PF.

Houston is only trading him becasue they want to sign Howard.

If Robinson gets some steady pt and on a team that utilizes him as a PF and not a face up guy then he will do well for them and be a very solid player.

Radio talking heads will take a mole hill and find some dillusional rational to make it a Mountain. It's what they do especially in the summer when they are trying to find a way to keep listeners.

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Pre-draft rumors roundup (Updated: 3:18 p.m.)

I would like to see Pierce retire a Celtic and not off a one day contract, but to spend his whole career in Boston.

No one does that anymore, it's rare, it's cool and I hope Boston keeps him two more years.

But Ainge probably own't allow that.

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NCAA tweaks college basketball replay, block-charge rules

In a related story, Coach K and Duke have filed an appeal against all the blocking calls that will go against his team in the 2013-14 season. In a statement by coach K he was quoated as saying, "It's like nobody wants us to play good solid D that I have coached for the last 10 years." He went on to ask, "When are they going to start fining players for flopping?"

In a rebutle quote by an unnamed source inside the NCAA, "Hey if a Duke player can buy a diamond ring for 30K, they can pay the fines for flopping."

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McLemore sliding before Thursday’s NBA draft

Sliding in the draft only cost you money, I know money is money and money makes the world go 'round. But falling to a team that already has a few more pieces than Orlando probably wouldn't be a bad thing.

Top picks are expected to turn a team around in one year no matter how much surrounding talent they have. But go to a team that has a few other players and things can happen.

No back to that money thing, I seemed to drop a nickle around here anyone seen it?

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Basketball notebook: UNC hires son of ex-KU athletic director

Whats that parking lot hold for crowd numbers?

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They said it ... about Tarik Black

It looks like KU and Self are getting some transfers now after the work they do with Mr. Kevin Young.

Yes Kevin had a motor that dosent' stop, but he went from a nothing to a starter at KU and gave this team a huge boost when it needed it.

Guys see how he develpoed and know they too can get better and have options at the end of college that will include playing basketball for money.

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NBA teams size up McLemore, Withey at combine

Instead of Will Smith's "gettin' jiggy with it" maybe we can get a remake of "gettin' Wiggy with it" made?

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NBA teams size up McLemore, Withey at combine

You guys are married?

Just kidding but that joke had to be made.

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NBA teams size up McLemore, Withey at combine

Remember before Twitter, when idiots kept thier opinions to themselves?

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'Pay Heed' returns with more KU dancing, locker room footage

The "What is your legacy" line as EJ dibbled between Sprauldings legs was great editing.

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