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Extension of college basketball's dead period would add even more challenges to odd time for recruiting

The high-profile schools have reputation to help them. This will hurt everyone, but if others are hurt more than you, it may become an advantage.


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Portion of NCAA report indicates a third KU basketball player was connected to improper payments


Exactly. The. Same.

The NCAA citing “egregious behavior “? As if profiting off of kids’ name, image, and likenesses but not allowing them to until now *wasn’t?*

The NCAA has blood on its hands. A fox guarding the chicken house. But because Kansas can be viewed objectively as guilty of transgressing the bylaws, certainly the stance of the “egregious” NCAA all but ensures that penalties are coming.

We’re not gonna see daylight before going through a dark night. Dusk is upon us.

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Portion of NCAA report indicates a third KU basketball player was connected to improper payments

The NCAA has Kansas by the #&@$. Don't you doubt it. No one seriously believes, for example, that Townsend was not asking Adidas to make an improper benefit to Zion Williamson. Not anyone with half a brain. Coach Self asked "We good" to Adidas concerning a player. What would we have been good about? The answer is unquestionably that Adidas was involved in the "recruitment" of a player, and Self was checking about it. The answer to Self speaks volumes, as well as Self's reply in turn. Kansas even self identified Adidas as a booster for the purpose of clearing a player, and then said it wasn't. *eye roll* It wasn't the first time Kansas identified the shoe company as a booster.

Between the Beaty situation and especially the NCAA NOA, we've got some difficult days ahead at Kansas. Feeling sour about it won't change the reality. Argue all you want about the details, but penalties are in the pipeline.

Difficult days...

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Danny Manning dismissed by Wake Forest

Come back to Kansas Danny! Kansas needs both stability and some good news. You have a home here.

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In newly obtained response to NCAA allegations, former football coach Beaty says KU 'concocted' violations against him

I've been saying the same thing, but in light of this news I'm not so sure. The dots have been connected between Beaty's firing and the NCAA investigation into the basketball program. That's a whole new ball of wax. If the University is likely trying to skirt acknowledging any guilt on its own behalf in Beaty's case, and if they give in (the University may think) it may play into the view of lack of institutional control. There's a lot of smoke around this now that makes things difficult to see in terms of the University's motivations, but some clarity may be gained in terms of its actions with respect to Beaty.

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Report: Football Border War on brink of returning

...must be crazy.

Kansas needs money. Beaty was going to get his 3 million regardless. The money aspect was not made worse by Long. It is certainly true that things he allegedly said as well as a dubious distinction made between Beaty's and Miles' use of non-coaches makes Kansas look bad in the public eye (it DOES), that situation is only pressing because of Kansas' other image troubles with the basketball program, which LONG HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH.

Let's just make Kansas a revolving door.

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KU argues Beaty attempting to distract from relevant facts in lawsuit

*"KU said the “facts that matter” in the $3 million breach of contract lawsuit are whether Beaty knew of and participated in repeated and intentional NCAA violations."*

...well is it "irony" or "hypocrisy"?

I don't know how the University plans to hold Beaty's feet to the fire without recognizing that it is itself being investigated for intentional NCAA violations.

Pay the man to go away.

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Deposition alleges Long planned to fire Beaty before 2018 season began

If I were Kansas:

"The University of Kansas has decided to settle the lawsuit with former coach David Beaty. While we accept no wrongdoing, it is within the interests of the University to move on from these allegations to put down uncertainty around the football program at Kansas, which has made strides in rebuilding. While we reject the plaintiff's arguments emphatically, sometimes progress has a price (dig at Beaty). It suits the interests of the football coaching staff, the football program more generally, and all of the University to move beyond the proceedings so that a brighter future for Kansas football may come into focus."

Or word it however.

As part of the settlement, put gag orders in place. Be careful who you hire. And for the love of God everyone associated with Kansas athletics from the AD down to assistant coaches needs to be careful which words they allow to get past their teeth (looking at you, Townsend).

My personal message to David Beaty: you weren't worth $300,000. If that. I believe you are an honorable man outside of the fact that you are demanding an amount of money you never deserved or produced, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself for that much. Good riddance to you after Kansas ponies up and pays you the hush money.

So hush it.

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Deposition alleges Long planned to fire Beaty before 2018 season began

Pay Beaty his money and be rid of this fiasco.

Even the allegations do damage, given the context of Kansas' other legal battles.

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