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With 5 teams still alive, KU coach Bill Self says it's the other 5 teams that might determine the Big 12 champion

If Kansas holds serve against TT this weekend, then Kansas positions itself well control for the conference title. If we lose we'll need a host of angels who happen to be Jayhawk fans.

Hard task, though. Our record on the road is obviously not news. Layer on to that the caliber of team we're facing. But just suppose for the sake of argument that we win. We get KSU at home. We'll be playing with a lot of energy and confidence because of our position in the race, the confidence from having beaten TT on the ROAD, and the fact that we're playing at HOME. With all of those lined up for Kansas, then beating KSU means we've made up the stagger on the Wildcats and would be tied atop the conference standings.

These two games are the key to the Big 12 championship. If we don't win BOTH, we won't win the league.

But if we do, imagine the confidence.

AND...we'd face two cellar dwellar foes in OU and OSU, before getting middling Baylor at HOME.

Takes no genius to figure this out. Kansas can shape its own destiny in the next two games.

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Rest easy, Kansas fans; Jayhawks not recruiting LaMelo Ball

Amen, amen, amen...

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Three-point play: How KU freshman Devon Dotson got his teammates involved in win over WVU

I miss the days when we dunked the basketball in transition.

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Extra prep time and lots of rest up next for Kansas basketball

I like Self's idea of practicing for KSU on Monday.

Tell you what I'd do: Practice Monday for KSU. Watch the game between KSU and WV on Monday night *as a team*. Practice for KSU on Tuesday (light practice).

Then Wednesday watch film on TT and REST.

Thursday go hard to keep up the conditioning, gearing up for Tech. Friday have a light run-through in advance of the game.

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Rejuvenated Dedric Lawson will be crucial in KU's push for another Big 12 title

Really it's a TWO-GAME season for Kansas right now. I agree with you that TT on their floor is a mountain to climb. But the Hawks can not drop that home game against KSU either and expect to win the conference title. We have a week to prepare. Plenty of time to put our heads down, rejuvenate, practice and get up for TT.

Two games are necessary for the 15th.

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Mr. Opportunity: K.J. Lawson scores 15 points to help No. 14 Kansas trounce West Virginia

You're just about the only one in the Universe who would hail KJ *and* deride Garrett in the same breath.

I stand by my comment.

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Mr. Opportunity: K.J. Lawson scores 15 points to help No. 14 Kansas trounce West Virginia

I'm finally letting KJ out of the doghouse. For now. But I'm not gonna praise his basketball IQ. Two games of improved performance is a start, but it doesn't erase the stupid fouls, being out of position on defense or getting blown by, crazy shot selection, poor shooting, etc., etc., from earlier in the season.

I'm hoping the recent performance signifies a change. KJs point about being judged on low minutes per game is belied by the fact that his low minutes came for a reason (see above). But at this point in the season I'll be satisfied to say the optics of his play look good the last couple of games, and I hope it continues.

Let's just not declare him the next Michael Jordan just yet. (Or even the next Dedric Lawson at his position.)

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Slump and all, KU coach Bill Self still believes freshman guard Quentin Grimes can help Kansas

Saw Jerrance Howard in the KCI airport (Southwest terminal) at 11:30 this morning. He was in a mad dash, looking like he was nearly late for a flight. He looked as dapper as I’ve ever seen him ( made me think he was on a recruiting trip prior to KY game this weekend).

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Marcus Garrett's emergence on offense could mean big things for Kansas

Look, I was as glad as anyone to see Marcus Garrett erupt in the way he did against Texas. Kid saved our bacon. But again with the one-game sugar highs from the writers, though?!?

Marcus Garrett's *"emergence" on offense?*

One game is not an emergence. Not by itself. In the four preceding games, Garrett scored 5 points, 8 points twice, and 4 points.

e·mer·gence: /əˈmərjəns/ noun

1. the *process* of coming into view or becoming exposed after being concealed.

synonyms: becoming known, coming to light, unfolding, publication, "the emergence of the facts"

2. the *process of coming* into being, or of *becoming important or prominent*.


A rise to prominence takes more than a single great performance. One game does not show trends, guys. One game is not a "process". Ask Joel Embiid and Philadelphia.

That said, let's hope Garrett's level of play begins to match his performance in the Texas game. That should certainly help his confidence!

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