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Offensive ineptitude keeps Kansas from having a chance vs. Texas Tech


The following comment is NOT a knock on Leopoldo. Kansas isn’t ready for the kind of coach it takes to turn this program around. If it were Mangino would never have been pressured to leave. He could have been suspended and/or fined, forced to take sensitivity training, etc. But they called for his hea. As if we had the luxury of doing that. At KANSAS, no less! And there are still those who think his ouster fit the crime. Sign of the times, I suppose.

I dare say Monken would fare no better than Leipold. But let’s cut the latter a break. This is Kansas, after all. And many things about his arrival—timing, players, etc.—were not conducive to immediate success.

Letting Mangino go was the single greatest mistake in the entire history of Kansas football.

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Freshman forward KJ Adams an early standout at Kansas basketball boot camp, according to 2 of his teammates

I’ll get excited when he puts the ball in the hole

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Why OC Andy Kotelnicki views KU football offense as 6-headed dragon

I came to the comments to post this very thing. Turns out my thoughts are just an echo.

(Just an echo...)

(Just an echo...)

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Big 12 leaders meet with OU, Texas presidents as rumors, theories swirl

Intersecting issues and the domino effect?

Does a NIL Supreme Court decision regarding college sports mean that richer schools can attract better athletes? And does adding Texas and OU make the SEC more powerful and therefore richer (yes?) ?

Could it be that the NIL decision has caused another round of conference realignment?

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KU football's standout CB, Karon Prunty announces he's leaving Jayhawks

Everyone in the country is experiencing issues with the transfer portal. Maybe with the exception of the Alabamas and what not.

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New assistants aim to get KU O-linemen playing fast, physical style of football

This is a rebuild project where you can't just tear down the existing structure and build on the foundation laid by other coaches. In this metaphor, Leipold has to begin by doing the earth work with backhoes to level the ground. The area must be measured and rebar laid out. Footings put into place, the whole bit. Only then can he begin pouring his own concrete. It will take a while to set. Maybe after a couple of seasons we can see some framing going on.

Kansas will NOT be good this year. Or next. Kansas fans are in that strangely familiar place of having to satisfy ourselves with seeing progress from season to season. We're gonna have to overcome the coefficient of friction to get this thing moving.

But the right coach is here.

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Jayhawks officially add 3 players to 2021-22 men's basketball roster

This had me rolling.

...and let's HOPE!

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Transfer portal not for everyone, but it can be a win-win for all even if it takes some getting used to

Here's the truth, Matt. The transfer portal's impact on college basketball programs will hurt most teams, including Kansas. It's a godsend for Kentucky and Duke. Those two programs have thrived on, and know the recipe for, reloading with big time names coming through an annual revolving door. It takes a while to learn how to coach a team up quickly. Suddenly now, all the programs that have relied on good coaching and system players' maturation are thrown into a situation where every year they have to scramble their rosters. It goes against the grain of Self's history of coaching up players to polished veterans (Ellis? Mason? many others ring a bell?) for several years before turning them loose to other endeavors. Here, freshmen can be gone after one season. This is why Self thinks its a bad idea for the sport. Again, Duke and Kentucky will adjust well. They are two programs who are seasoned in roster turnover. This will hurt Kansas in the short term until it updates its coaching to fit the reality of the portal.

Coaches won't even know what recruiting needs they have now until the end of every season. This will fracture the building of relationships with high school recruits, unless they're super stellar, cream-of-the-cream guys (which Kansas does not always get, nor does it rely heavily on). But even the Jayhawks will focus on the available college players who've played at the college level who have built good resumes in the college game. This means less scholarships to high school players, and obviously less effort in recruiting them. It disrupts continuity. It IS bad for the game if you want to see programs that develop players into skilled juniors and seniors, and Kansas has traditionally been among those programs.

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