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FINAL: Kansas 80, Oklahoma State 78

Marcus Smart may have a career in Hollywood after the roundball career ends. Too bad the refs couldn't tell the difference.

A couple of bad calls benefitted the 'hawks too, and its a tough job during heated games I know. All the same, there are more than a few clips from this game that would be embarrassing to me if wore those striped shirts

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Juco commit follows familiar path to KU

Doug, don't know you from Adam, but you might want to have some egg-nog and lighten-up. Drinking Kool-Aid isn't always worse than standing on a high ledge looking down!! Post above might have been meant as collegial and courteous?? maybe just missed a little??

Perhaps this will help? I think I recall more than a couple of calls for Mangino's firing before an favorably unbalanced schedule, stumbling into Reesing, and Perkins' maneuvers got the Big Man into the OB (unfortunately all collapsed in the 7-game losing streak when these factors no longer were in effect).

Things may turn quicker than we think.

Merry Christmas!!

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After long wait, KU football shows off 5 new helmets

like it Pitt, outside the box...

while we're being creative - hows about the beak'em hawk from the tees (maybe even angrier), but on top rather than the side of the helmet with the beak down the centerline to the top of the facemask. In red of course. Uni # could be on the side (although smaller than the carolina blue throw-back) just in the lower corner by the ear.

Thinking it might be awesome to see a nasty D-line in the 3-point with a row of angry beak'ems staring at the opposing QB?

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Wiggins followed heart in signing with Jayhawks

First welcome Mr. Wiiggins! I can't to watch you play.

Second, some observations
1. HCBS knows how to recruit (still)
2. HCBS knows how to coach (still)
3. It is asinine and an injustice to compare any high school kid to Lebron James (there has only been one).
4. There will be a number of teams with well-founded NC aspirations, but still an unrealistic expectation to make of any preseason team, let alone any single player (especially a freshman). All but one of those aspiring teams will come up short.
5. Rick Barnes couldn't build a style for one player, and continue high performance in the absence of that player, I'm confident HCBS will create the best balance for the sucess of player, team , and program (and not just for the 2013-2014 season).

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Bill Self: Landen Lucas will ‘be a load’

Me Worried? Maybe we need to back-off of the energy drinks a little...

Wiki says Manning started at the END of the 2006-2007 season. Darrell Arthur says Hi! Methinks Withey plays for pay somewhere as well, on top of threatening more triple-doubles than anyone else I can recall during the Manning era;

Oh, and a couple of more shout-outs from Julian Wright, Darnell Jackson, and Sasha Kaun. Maybe HCBS knows a thing or 2 about coaching Bigs on his own?

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FINAL: Elijah Johnson wills KU to 108-96 OT win over Iowa State

RCJH! Great for EJ! Congrats to HCBS on 500 Ws.

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Elijah Johnson reclaiming role as Jayhawks' driving force

not a stats-guru so if my impression is wrong - flame away

my best recall of EJ at his best was delivering the ball near the rim where Withey/Young/Traylor could jam it home

that doesn't seem to available anymore - in conference play our opponents may know us too well?

Distrbution below the rim, or creating off of the dribble, appeared to come easier to Nadir in the game with K-State then it has with EJ of late.

Will it be the same for Nadir against a taller, quicker opposing PG than Angel Rodriguez?
Don't know.

Was it an anomaly of one night of Nadir avoiding the bad shot and envisioning the about-to-open passing lane?
Don't know

Will EJ start creating from the dribble-drive without losing the handle and/or passing into an about-to-close passing lane?

Don't know, but none of the last four games would appear to indicate that this will be the case, whatever the reason.

If we have to start the upperclassmen, fine, but it seems to me that not giving Nadir more minutes to answer these questions before March might make for a short tournament.

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KU football recruiting class gets some national love

Weis appears to be addressing a misconception of reporters/fans based on the recruiting-ranking services as they apply (or do not apply) to Juco players?

Not sure that constitutes hand-wringing? Maybe something was lost in translation (assuming that you're not just a jerk of course).

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KU football recruiting class gets some national love

looking for a mini-education here...often see noted that some in this crop have 3 years of eligibility, which obviously sounds much better for continuity than 2 years. Is it common to get Juco kids with 3 years of eligibility, or are kids with 2 years of eligibility remaining often the case as well?

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Statehouse Live: Bill would require KU to play Wichita State University in basketball

good thing Gov Brownie and his Koch-brother cronies bought themselves enough state congress-persons to face the critical issues facing our state.

Children's services...who cares?

Money for Education, who needs it? Better to pay Lawyers to fight with Courts!

Art...waste of time and $$

more importantly...lets get justice for Shockers Basketball!!

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