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Jeff Long: KU football 'far closer' now to meeting expectations

Economic impact on the "Fayetteville community"???? WTF...Jeff Long doesn't remember where he is?

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How Dotson and Azubuike compare to other dynamic duos of the Bill Self era

I still think shooting is going to be the Achilles heel of this team. At some point in time they are going to run into a good team that is on fire from the 3pt line and throwing lobs to Dok ain't going to cut it, especially if the other team doubles and hacks Dok. This team's strengths are Dok in the middle and 2 or 3 guards who drive the ball...all a defense has to do is pack the lane and KU loses its advantage since it doesn't have any other tools. Combine that with a Coach that believes the 3pt shot is "fools gold." Smaller lineups and outside shooting are fast becoming the norm in basketball in all levels...High School through NBA.

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Countdown begins for KU's response to NCAA allegations of recruiting violations

I don't think the NCAA is done with Memphis...they may be done with the player just like the NCAA is done with Silvio. But pretty sure the school has more to come.

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Notebook: KU prepares to travel for Maui Invitational, takes care of East Tennessee State in first round

Totally sucks that Jalen can't join the team in Maui...:(

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QB Carter Stanley can't always audible out of plays at line of scrimmage

Possibly could the two scores in the fourth quarter have more to due with OSU personnel and defensive calls given their big lead...maybe the OSU defense at the time was more designed to burn clock?

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5-star guard Bryce Thompson the latest recruit to show faith in Kansas despite looming NCAA allegations

Regarding the 90 day deadline for KU's response, I could swear that the NCAA issued an indefinite extension for responses related to the FBI scandal?

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2 O-linemen leave KU football's 2020 recruiting class

What a change a year makes...this year we're up against the class limit...last year at this time we had on recruit...or lost the only commitment we had. Regardless, it seems KU is at least moving upward.

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Notebook: Carter Stanley's injury not considered serious heading into bye week

Agreed...grey (or black) is not a school color and should be relegated to complementary design to Crimson and Blue.

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Jayhawks stunned in lopsided loss to Wildcats in front of sellout crowd

Maybe this final score needs to be painted on the locker room walls. Or painted on the door of every locker. Yes KSU is the better roster...but I've seen emotion carry a team into overachieving. Something needs to motivate these players to be damn near perfect in execution.

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KU Sports Extra - Sunflower slowdown

I fear in one fail swoop this program wasted all the small bit of momentum the program built this year...I will be stunned if 10k show up for the Baylor beatdown.

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