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Kansas forward Thomas Robinson gets up for an alley-oop over Baylor defenders Perry Jones III and An

Filthiest dunk I've ever witnessed.

And for the record, Nick ALWAYS gets the shot.

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KCTV5 to re-air second half of KU-MU game tonight after sun spots cause fans to miss final minutes

That is an outright lie. If sunspots were the problem, they would have been affecting the game all day. Why were none of CBS's other satellite feeds affected? Why were the affiliates in Wichita and Topeka unaffected? That is a bald-faced lie CBS is making to cover the fact that someone made a tremendously stupid decision.

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Recap: If Bill Self believes in plus-minus, then one Jayhawk deserves more minutes

I'd be interested to know what Tyshawn's plus/minus numbers look like. Seems like a relevant statistic when considering whether to reinstate him as starting guard, or leave EJ in.

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Lew Perkins set to retire as Kansas University's athletic director at end of 2010-11 school year

Seriously, what a mess. I'm so glad my first year at KU (which starts in August), everything I know about the athletics department is going to be wrong.

I agree, I'm worried that Lew no longer has any skin in the game and no real motivation to fight to get KU into a good conference.

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