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Cole shows speed, control for KU women in exhibition victory over PSU

That's a good question. There are definitely more BODIES than in some years past. One of the Sweet 16 runs was made with nine players on the bench total, while KU had 12 go in the game last night.

It's obviously early, but it looks like Henrickson is comfortable going nine-deep at the moment. That would be starters Cole, Knight, Boyd, Gardner and Williams and bench players Dakota Gonzalez, Jada Brown, Markisha Hawkins and CeCe Harper.

Obviously, it'll be tough for this year's rotation to give the same sort of production KU got from Goodrich/Davis/Engelman last year, but I think it's safe to say Henrickson has more options on her bench this year than in past seasons.

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It’s go time: Andrew Wiggins, KU to debut tonight

For anyone wondering about TV listings of the game in their area, is a helpful link.

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Breakdown: Why did KU's run plays work against Oklahoma in the first half, but not the second?

Aslam Sterling was on the left side this play. He was playing left tackle, and with KU playing an unbalanced line, Pat Lewandowski was playing to his left.

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One of a kind: Wiggins focused on own career, not comparisons

Two things for everyone:

1. This isn't a way to make money. If it was, we would tell everyone, just like we did with Google Surveys. We are using Facebook's tools for our own benefit. In fact, the main reason we are still housing our own comments (comments look just like they did in the past) is so that our information would not be accessible by Facebook.

2. Those uncomfortable with Facebook now have the option to verify real names without it. It should be at the bottom of the screen and will require someone from our office calling a phone number to verify your identity.

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Self: Rule changes may increase points, fouls

Not sure, though I'm sure he could be asked about it today. I would guess not too much more, as free throws have always been important (and also are something that can be improved by player outside of precious practice time).

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KU quarterback Jake Heaps has a 'hot spot' ... and here's where it is

Don't have that in the blog above, but I have the data. Maybe something to look at in future weeks.

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KU quarterback Jake Heaps has a 'hot spot' ... and here's where it is

I'm not sure exactly what all is looked at by the staff, but I know a lot of self-evaluation takes place during bye weeks.

Just so you know, against TCU, I had Heaps throwing 11 times to the left, eight times to the middle and seven times to the right. That's a lower number of passes to the right based on what we'd expect from the numbers above.

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KU quarterback Jake Heaps has a 'hot spot' ... and here's where it is

Definitely could be an entire blog for another time.

In Pierson's case, he's been targeted eight times to the left, 12 times to the middle and 15 times to the right.

He has six catches to the left for 81 yards (10.1 ypa), eight catches for 194 yards in the middle (16.2 ypa; remember, this includes his 77-yard TD) and eight catches for 58 yards to the right (3.9 ypa).

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Mario Chalmers flashes fine form for Heat

Fixed now. Thanks.

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