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Beaty: Kansas QB Bender's confidence 'fine'

Bender is the perfect QB for this coach. He has that sissy personality that will just go out there and do what the coaches say.

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Beaty: Kansas QB Bender's confidence 'fine'

Watching Bender play doesn’t make me think “oh there’s a calm, cool, collected guy.” I’m thinking “he looks timid, scared, and confused.” And to be honest, I don’t want a quiet and calm QB. I want a QB that will look the defense in the eye and say “I’m going to throw all over your arse and you can’t stop me.”

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Tom Keegan: Clock tick, tick, ticking on Kansas AD Sheahon Zenger

I think you're letting your delusion cloud your judgement. Saying I wouldn't be 'mad' by the hire means nothing more than that. Also note, I wouldn't be overly excited and I wouldn't immediately decide to write in my donation for the new stadium. But it's undeniable he has proven to re build a program, so there is that. At the end of the day I'm not an expert, I don't know what will save this program. But what I do know is that it needs saving.

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Tom Keegan: TCU brings out best in Kansas football

Hmm...Beaty doesn't know why we compete with TCU but get destroyed by other teams in the conference? I could tell him why but it's not appropriate for this site. Also, I think TCU lays it on us Saturday. And if I had a million dollars I'd even put all of it down with confidence that TCU will beat us by at least 40 points. There's no reason to believe this team won't embarrass us on live TV like they have the last few games, or really the entire season. I have a feeling I'll be watching the Michigan-Penn State game by mid 1st quarter.

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Was Iowa State David Beaty's worst loss? (KU Sports Hour)

This season as a whole is the worst loss. Zero rogress with a slight dash of regression.

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How KU's offense moves on from Iowa State dud

Beaty’s next weekly press conference everyone should just not show up. See how he feels when you guys don’t show since he can’t get his team to show up in a game. It’s the same garbage every week. Not saying he should say anything different, and it’s better than saying the team is a pile of crap, but I’m just over it.

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Too much juco recruiting could put Kansas football in deeper hole

Actually, you’re the only “expert.” The rest of us are making simple opinions and suggestions. How’s that “$100,000” donation going for you?

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Beaty: Jayhawks have 'great opportunity' in prime time at No. 4 TCU

I’m embarrassed to say this but that’s a good movie.

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Beaty: Jayhawks have 'great opportunity' in prime time at No. 4 TCU

Man, you gotta give it to Beaty. The world could be (and possibly is) falling down around him and he’s still positive. Can’t hate the guy, but I’ll be pissed if he makes us look like a joke on national TV. I sure hope they bring it.

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Too much juco recruiting could put Kansas football in deeper hole

From here on out no more JUCO players or transfers. Recruit freshmen only and red-shirt them immediately, unless there's an immediate need at a position. Which shouldn't be a huge issue now that we're up to 84 scholarships. We need stability on the roster, and just as important we need a coach that can make the players on the roster better year by year. Beaty has yet to prove he is capable of that and it's his 3rd year. I say, fire Zenger immediately to send a message and get ahead of the coaching search. And while the new AD looks for Beaty's replacement, Beaty can finish the year. That'll give him a chance to finish strong and make a statement for his next job.

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