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KU football remains positive

Joe Dineen, solid player, future coach.

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Column: David Beaty's decision-making puzzling at ISU

This decision had as much effect on that game or our season as the decisions I make from my couch. Just let the kids play and let's find out what we have. I thought Willis looked pretty good in his short stretch. Kid has an arm.

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KU snapper Goldenberg perseveres

Kids like this warm the heart. Just having a good time playing as much of the game he loves as his talent will allow.

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Diallo permitted to practice, Self says

It almost seems like this is their way of saying, we oppose these kind of schools for kids and we intend to punish the kids who go there one way or the other by putting them under a microscope and making them wait even if there is no reason.

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QB Cozart comfortable with game planning

Boy this whole process will be a slow slog. We need some patience right now. These guys are working hard but they are so far behind in talent and experience and with a new staff that presents even more difficulty.

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Fond memory: Beaty: Mangino saw something in me

Sounds like Rhoads is trying to set MM up as the fall guy if the season goes badly.

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So many bigs: KU's front court could be crowded this season

If Diallo is cleared. Seems we are cursed on deals like this. They make him sit out a bunch of games and then he comes around just before we are eliminated from the tourney and then goes pro.

September 25, 2015 at 8:04 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

KU defense off to rough start

Joe's comment exposes the failures of the offense to maximize the opportunities it has. Offense is designed to score not just move the ball between the 20's. We have problems on both sides of the ball. Patience will win the race. Beaty and this staff will succeed given an appropriate amount of time.

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Column: Toughness of Bowen clearly evident

Great post, Joe!

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The Day After: A miserable night vs. Memphis

It is all about the QB in both college and the NFL. If you don't have a QB and an O-Line that can protect him you don't have a chance. We are struggling at both of those positions.

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