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'Group of Five' countdown: 10 'Power Five'-ready coaches — No. 10: Blake Anderson, Arkansas State

No, Michael, you are not the only one and it is classless, but, after all this is a Tom Keegan blog, what do you expect?

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'Group of Five' countdown: 10 'Power Five'-ready coaches — No. 10: Blake Anderson, Arkansas State

If Long does decide we need a new Coach and hires Les Miles when he could have hired one of these young up and comers, he needs to be fired.
Les Miles was fired for not winning sufficiently at a school with everything going for it including in state talent.
The reason he failed is he could not mount an offense and develop a QB.
I want no part of Les Miles.

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Matt Tait: KU maximizes reach in hiring Jeff Long as new athletic director

Funny how this article appears in sharp contrast to Keegan's. No fishing for comments negative to the future of our FB Coach.
No attempt to diss this hire in any way.
Like Joe Friday said, "Just the facts, Ma'am."

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Matt Tait: KU maximizes reach in hiring Jeff Long as new athletic director

Hindsight is 20/20. The Petrino hire was one of the best coaches in the land. Bielema was a guy who coached a style successfully a Wisky that would succeed in the SEC. Everyone thought these were great hires at the time. And Petrino certainly did win games.
This guy has contacts galore and has a better chance at future hires than most.
We need to wait to see what happens on the field this year. There is an outside chance Beaty weathers the storm. If he does, he has a better character than Petrino and a better work ethic than Bielema.

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Tom Keegan: Next football hire will determine new AD Jeff Long's KU legacy

It would be hilarious if Beaty would win 4 games this year and Long evaluated him, the talent on the team and decided the best man for the future of KU FB was no other than David Beaty.
Keegan's articles on the impending doom of Long, Girod, Beaty and anyone else associated with KU FB would be unending.
If for no other reason than that (although my real reason is I believe Beaty is a young HC who can learn on the job and has all the other attributes of a great Coach) I would love to see it happen.
Would give us a lot of laughs at Mr. Know it all.

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Kansas runs risk of blowing big money if it stays inside world of college athletics for next AD

Great idea! We have a program which has arrived at the bottom of the barrel by the hiring of poor football coaches. So let's change things up a bit. Let's hire a guy to hire u s a coach who is an expert in the grocery business and would not know the first thing about hiring a football coach.
That sure sounds like a winner.
Why not try to hire a competent AD as the first step in serving under a competent Chancellor and then let him evaluate the football program and make decisions based on his knowledge and expertise acquired over years in the business of athletics.
This sounds like a better idea.
The fact we have failed in the past does not mean success cannot be had by way of conventional methods. It means we have to do a better job of evaluation and the first step is to hire someone who knows this business.

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Potential AD candidates starting to get crossed off of KU's list

I think breathing life into a moribund BB program would belong to Brown and not Roy.

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No shortage of bodies at O-line for Kansas in 2018

The O-Line is now at an appropriate starting point. We have the bodies and we have a coach. The only question is do we have enough time to develop the chemistry needed for success in this league.
Time will tell.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas banking on three blockers from same juco to upgrade offensive line

That is baloney, Brett. If, indeed these guys are here the first game of the year, our O-ine problems are significantly reduced. We now have the O-Line Coach we should have had in the beginning and he has the bodies to serve as a foundation to build on.
Your hatred for a good man is destroying your ability to objectively analyze the situation.

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KU football finds 2nd Class of 2019 commitment in state

Another good local kid who will bust it for KU.

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