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Column: ‘Dark side,’ Bowen driving KU football

Youdda guessed that anyway wherever and whenever it was played. Oh, did you get the latest news before you picked that score. Mangino is coaching the team now.

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Column: Kansas must be smarter in hiring next coach

Sounds like your math is wrong to begin with. 900,000 + 200,000 for 1 Big 12 win would be 1.1 million.

But, all that aside, I agree with the concept. The bonuses are too high. 200,000 per Big 12 win is too high. He also should be rewarded for non-con wins. 75,000 per win regardless is much more reasonable. If he wins 6 games, he goes to a bowl and gets that bonus plus his salary just on base plus wins would be 1,350,000.

Give him 100,000 for a lesser bowl and 200,000 for a greater bowl and he makes 1,450,000 for producing a 6 win season and going to a bowl game. That is reasonable.

Once the new coach has established a consistent winning program, his contract could become more traditional in order to discourage him from looking to move.

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Bowen continuing to change culture of KU football program

Lots of possibilities for next year. Smithson, Allen, Shaw, Davis, Neal. There are a lot of kids who will be ready after Spring and Fall practice, especially since we have practices that actually develop players and improve them week to week.

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TTU, Kansas coaches in familiar spot

Does this need fixing?

Red Raiders favored Texas Tech, which has lost four straight after opening the season 2-0, entered the week as a 13.5-point favorite over Kansas, and the line since has gone up to 14.5.

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Column: Bowen's passion, intensity rubbing off on Jayhawks

I think anyone wanting Kelly Donahoo (sp) to show any real interest in KU is dreaming. We can't even get a sniff of his good players to come to KU.

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Former Jayhawks flocking back to support Bowen

Did you get that on Renko. He was a 3 sport star.

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Kansas QBs seem unified in mission

I will say this about Seurer Jr. He can run this offense. Now is he the man for the job, who knows, but he has the skills to run this offense the way Reagan has it set up.

If Cummings and Milweard have the same success as Cozart, it would not surprise me to see Frankie get some reps.

On thing he has in common with Reesing is he is considered small for the job. Not considered to be a guy with all the "tools" coaches look for. But he knows how to get from point A to point B. It could be interesting to see him give it a try.

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QB woes continue for Kansas; so now what? (Spodcasters)

What Clint must do to win the job is exactly what you guys are saying. However, your conclusion on how to achieve it is puzzling. What is the goal? As you say, we have to get the ball into the hands of Harwell, Pierson, King, Mann, Avery and Mundine. There are 5 playmakers on the field at the same time. About the same number everyone else has.

Yet, you admit Cozart and Cummings cannot get the ball to these playmakers because they cannot pass efficiently at all.

The obvious answer is to find a passer and give him the protection to pass. He can hand off to the RB's, all of them can. The difference is the passer can also get the ball to Harwell, King, Pierson and Mundine in addition to the RB's.

The obvious answer is to at least try T.J. Milweard. Give him Ed Fink at FB to add protection from time to time and at other times put Mundine and the 3 WR's in and let him hand off to the RB's and pass to the WR's.

This is not rocket science and Reagan needs to tweak this offense to use the Fullback and buy Milweard the time he needs to get the ball to the WR's.

As for Willis, he is the perfect backup and replacement for Milweard. They are twins. The offense has no need for drastic changes for the next 4 to 5 years.

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Coaching Search 2014: Is Jim Harbaugh a legit candidate for Kansas?

The one advantage Clint has in winning or losing this job is he is actually working with the players our new coach will have. Warriner, Harbaugh and others being mentioned are not working in comparable situations. Warriner is at OSU which has far superior athletes.

If Clint proves he can bring this group together and accomplish clear and unambiguous improvement, he should be the guy. There are so many advantages to Clint if indeed he can coach at the Big 12 level as a HC. This stuff about being an alumnus, former player, totally committed to KU above all else has a very distinct value as you move forward.

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Staffers share college football picks and wild sports memories

Boy, those media guys mentioned a lot of games that pale in comparison to the Royals/A's game.

They must stay at home and not attend the Royals games.

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