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Beaty dispenses recruiting credit to staff

A true 3-4 is very unlikely. First Bowen wants to play a 4 man front and second we don't have the big bodies necessary for a 3 man front. We can field 2 DT's and back them up, but the rest of the guys we have are DE's big and small.

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Friends Bates, Banks among KU signees

I like the approach Beaty has taken so far. If you are a JC you have to be a mid term signee or we pass.

Most of these guys will either be ready by Fall practice or we can redshirt them. This will go a long way toward fixing our numbers crunch due to a large Sr class. Next year we can load up on HS players because these guys will allow us time to get them ready for RS Frosh or Soph years to contribute.

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Bringing perspective to Beaty's big weekend

We will probably end up 9th or 10th in recruiting rankings. That should be the case since we have 3 guys essentially finishing out our class when all the other schools have a full staff and continuity.

As has been said, development is the key. Snyder never has the highest rankings but look where he finishes in the standings. Development.

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Juco RB Kinner picks Kansas

O.K. D.J. Williams, Latrion Jones, Daniel Wise, Tyler Holmes are 4 DT's for you front 4 in the 4-3 we are going to next year. We will only be using 2 DT's in this defense instead of three with the 3 man front. Add Semke and you have 5. The others will probably play SDE and WDE unless Fletcher is also put in the DT category.

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KU commitment Ke'aun Kinner named first-team juco All-American

I don't think Howell is a mid year grad is he?

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KU football picks up 5 commitments from busy weekend

I understand we need to accept lower ranked guys right now. I will be more interested in next year's class to see if we can upgrade talent on the roster.

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Busy week for Beaty produces lengthy list of visitors for big recruiting weekend

Raeshawn Lee, a WR did not graduate at mid-term. Seems we have set the bar for JC's as mid-term guys or no deal.

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2015 Jayhawks have some talent but may lack depth

I think Olobia and Mosby will challenge Goodman for the Buck while LaTrion Jones will back up Fletcher.

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Column: Beaty stresses in-state recruits

I don't think the strongest recruiting ploy against Mizzou would be to remind the recruits they have been to 2 straight SEC championship games.

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Column: Five KU football seniors deserve mention

Cox will likely get a med RS, but it is very unlikely for Bourbon.

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