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The "What if...?" Podcast (Vol. 1) (KU Sports Hour)

Rupp's career pretty much ran parallel to Phog. He was Phog's student but he started almost immediately out of school. Phog retired in '57 (?) and by then Rupp had 3 NC's at Kentucky. Not much reason to return from that point on. Rupp was also a big cattle farmer in Kentucky, so by then he had many ties to the area.

I am not as sure about Dean Smith. Not sure just where he stood with Carolina when Ted Owens was hired, but the situation may have similarities to Rupp's.

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Tom Keegan: Sheahon Zenger's seat hottest of all

Keegan wins! He stirred up a firestorm about something that would not help the KU FB program one bit. In fact all firing Zenger would do is put pressure on a young FB Coach who is admittedly learning on the job.
Whether we could have hired a more experienced Coach than Beaty is a moot point. We hired David. He is young at the HC position, but has already shown signs of at least understanding the discipline aspect of coaching which his two predecessors missed on completely.
When you hire a guy to turn a program from a dumpster fire to competitive in a league like the Big 12, you give him 5 years.
If he has not convinced you he is the man in 5 years you move on. We start firing the AD who hired him and Beaty is going to get happy feet and make mistakes trying to cut corners to success for fear of his job.
Go back to bed Keegan.

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Juco teammates de-commit from KU football

My thought is that David is a new HC. Some of the things he will try to implement and establish will not work. I think he is smart enough to figure that out and make changes as he goes along.
This is why you give a guy a 5 year contract. You need to give him time to recover from his own mistakes.
Wonder how many guys who want him fired could have been fired in the first year or two of their jobs if measured by the same stick they measure Beaty with.

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Following loss, David Beaty declares need for balance in KU's offense

Desperate Bob? We finally have people in place who love and care for Football and are not just waiting for basketball to start and you want to fire them all because they could not restore a dumpster fire to success overnight. This is the kind of thinking that has doomed our success in the past 40 years minus just a few years with Mason and Mangino.

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Notebook: Beaty says 'rough' outings part of learning process for QB Bender

Quit obsessing with the question marks on the team. O-Line and QB and start to point us toward and question Beaty about the strengths of the team. Defense and specifically the D-Line that was supposed to cover the inexperience of the secondary with an excellent pass rush.

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Offensive line disappoints in loss to Central Michigan

I continue to be amazed at the discussion over the performance of the O-Line here. Tom seems obsessed with finding the solution to some guy named Baldwin who has never played a down here instead of finding out what is wrong with our supposed AA DE who still does not have a sack and probably did not even get a hurry in that game.

Had our DL played up to par it would have been a competitive game. Everyone speaks of the weak secondary. Any secondary that has to cover for over 4 seconds is going to be weak. And when it is play after play it gets worse as the game goes on.

Yes, the O-Line is weaker than most we will play. As this article points out they are RS sophs mostly. It is not Beaty's fault they are not RS juniors or seniors. Give them time. But remember our DL is supposed to be the strength of this team and I still ask, where are they?

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Tom Keegan: Charles Baldwin vanishes from Kansas football depth chart

Baldwin missing from the lineup had very little to do with our DL caving in and being totally unable to even frighten their QB a bit.
It might be more important to figure out why we cannot sack a QB from the two weakest teams on our schedule than concerning ourselves about an OL prospect.
We have talented players on our team who have contributed little to this point.

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Why Ben Johnson might prefer a second chance to a first impression

Is Johnson not a senior?

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David Beaty expected much cleaner on-field product for KU's season debut

What is the world are they thinking. Bostick a man among men is moving to TE so he can block from that position and be targeted for 2 or 3 passes per game.
Hey Coach, we need someone who can create a hole for a RB.

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Kansas football top 25 difference-makers: No. 1, DE Dorance Armstrong

Even if we don't beat the teams Randy lists, I think they will be competitive games that are fun to watch. I believe that is where we are this year. A fun team to watch. Then starting next year we should be bowling.

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