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Bowen and Reagan on fixing KU's flaws (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

Great point Danny. Cozart is not comfortable and confident when the games are played. This is obvious to amateurs like me. Todd thought he could do it from the first day out and was able to make his decision and get on with the play. Montel cannot make the decisions. That does not mean he is dumb. It means he is not the guy for this job.

What KU needs to do is run a tryout of all the QB's and see if there is a guy who simply has "it" when he gets into a game. Some guys have the ability to perform to their level when the game is on. The problem is Montel has enormous athleticism and the coaches are playing him because of that. But when the brain freezes we get none of that athleticism.

Now let's assume Milweard or one of the others has less upside but his ability to be calm and decisive during the game allows him to use 90% of his ability. Isn't it better for the team to have his 90% even though his 100% is not as high as Cozart's instead of having 40% of Montel's 100%?

Seems to me we need to find one of these guys who does not wet himself during the game and give him a chance.

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KU QB Montell Cozart deserves time to show improvement

I didn't have time to read everyone's comments, so I hope I am not repetitive. The fact is if Cozart was our QB in Weis' first year, you could reasonably say, we need to give him time.

Problem is Weis is in his 3rd year and on his 3rd QB. They have all failed. It is obvious the statements everyone has made about Cozart's confidence were based on Cozart and his buddies saying he is confident. Well, that was easy because he had not played anyone wanting to tear his head off. He has played in the Spring and Fall with no one really coming after him with a vengeance.

Weis has no choice but to turn this thing over to Cummings, Milweard and others in search of a guy who just has "it". Montel is a great athlete, but he does not have "it". Reesing had "it" and he never wet himself like Cozart has since he has been starting.
He simply cannot trust himself to just play the game and find success on each play. He is tied up with mechanics and his decisions just never come until some guy is wrapped around him or his RB or his WR.

Weis will move on to another QB or he will move on himself.

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Monday Report Card: Duke

The single greatest effect on this team in a positive way would be a good QB. Cozart deserves an F or we have to say a QB cannot get an F.

The greatest single reason this program is where it is is poor coaching by three consecutive coaches. MM, Gill and Weis.

MM blew his chance for some consistent success after the OB. Gill and Weis never had a chance.

Someone please name for me the success either Weis or Gill have had producing players as a position coach at any level. Don't give me Tom Brady's coattails either.

If you cannot prove you can coach a FB unit of players, you should never be a HC.

I have supported CW as much as anyone, but obviously have shown my ignorance of the details of his career in doing so.

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Weis: Duke good chance for road win

Good comments, Danny. Spot on!

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Seven ways Kansas must improve to have any shot at upsetting Duke

Mangino had a golden opportunity. He had just won the Orange Bowl. What did he do? He sat on his rather large laurels and rear end and did not recruit accordingly. Spent too much time honing his tough guy image instead of bringing in the talent to sustain the program. The results tell the story. The program fell apart with him at the helm.

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Notebook: Wyman back as KU's go-to kicker

This seems to be typical. Coach says 5 days ago Duvic is just the better kicker. Better fundamentals and better results. 5 stinking days later we are back to using the shotgun approach of Wyman.

I am not at all sure this staff knows 1) What a good kicker looks like and 2) How to teach someone to become a good kicker.

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The Day After: A scary victory over SEMO

It looked like the same old story to me. The opponent makes in game adjustments while KU continues to shoot the same bullets without any adjustment at all.

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Monday Report Card: SEMO

Rarely do I agree with McCabe, but Cozart failed miserably for 2 quarters and a half. That is not a B+. Harwell was there all night and Cozart missed him. Harwell gets the B+ and Cozart gets a C.

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Week 1 — No one is picking SEMO

I think the games are tougher to pick than most apparently. Nearly, if not, everyone picked the same winners. It looked harder than that to me.

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My picks for the 2014 KU football season

I have the same record as you picked, but I have WVU in place of Texas. I believe we can run the ball against WVU better than 'Bama did in the opener.

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