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Column: SDSU likely lone win for KU football

While I disagree with Keegan (nothing new here) I am more in disagreement with all the love shown to Seth Russell who hasn't really done anything.

While the cast around him will ensure Baylor wins a lot of games, I don't think he stacks up well against the teams he will need to beat to be in the Final Four. I think Baylor takes a step back this year.

Better watch out for OSU and WVA to be big surprises this year.

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David Beaty and staff have Charlie Weis to thank for long road ahead

This assumption by Trotter that Malzahn was ever coming to KU is hilarious. If Malzahn had wanted this job he could have had it. We didn't choose Weis over Malzahn. He chose Arky State over us.

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Starting quarterback Montell Cozart credits brother for improvement

Think about what is on the line for Beaty with this choice. He faces the crowd of "I told you sos" from the fan base if Cozart is no different than before.

The real question for me is do Beaty and Likens see something they can work with in Montell and are able to bring that out where Weis failed? Or is he just the best of a bad lot and they really have no choice.

Many of us fans thought when Cummings went down the season went down the drain. They are telling us that is not so. The proof is in the pudding.

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David Beaty names Montell Cozart starting quarterback

The choice of Cozart tells me this staff is making their decisions without input from past performances in a different system. It tells me they think he can play the position better than anyone else they have. According to them he has #earned it.

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Pulling away: Three receivers earning separation in KU preseason camp

I think nearly everyone who watched Montell last year would agree he does not have it. Problem with that thinking is this is a completely new staff who can coach kids up. The last staff did not do that.

Something Beaty has said more than once is we are not going to draw up something new every week. We are going to do what we do and be what we are every week. This could help Montell a bunch since it seemed Weis completely overhauled everything week to week.

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David Beaty says he was KU-bound, even if not named head coach

I have been a fan for 35 years. The only coach I know who loved the University was Fam. Think about that. One Coach in 35 years that truly loved the University. Terry Allen was probably the closest thing during that time and he was over matched.

Seems to me this Beaty-Bowen team might be just what the Doctor ordered

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Jayhawks land commitment from 3-star Houston LB with several big offers

Yeah, he could go to Ohio State, red shirt and then play some when he is a junior. He knows he can begin his playing career here next year. And he can play for coaches he really wants to play for.

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Earning their stripes: Under OC Rob Likens' watch, Jayhawks all business … between lines

Can Vince Lombardi be a nice guy too? Sounds like it.

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Former Jayhawk Isaiah Johnson talks Big 12 vs. SEC

The delicate part of Johnson's decision is just like the article points out. His production fell off last year. Now, assume he goes to a better team where he can get more exposure, but rides the pine. How does that help his NFL chances?

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Updated KU football roster features new faces, 2 omissions

I would be willing to bet this team will be more efficient in Beaty's first year than any team Turner Gill fielded.

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