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KU, Boston Celtics legend Jo Jo White dies at 71

Story says 71-70. I have always heard it was 81-80. Also his daughter in an article in another place said Jo Jo claimed to have pictorial evidence he did not step out. Which was his claim, in or out?

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Mountain of a comeback: Jayhawks stun West Virginia, move atop Big 12 standings

Not sure if most of our guys are actually 4 and 5 star players. Svi, Mitch, Lagerald? Not really sure about Devonte.

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Bruce Weber's K-State Wildcats eager for 'tough challenge' Saturday at Kansas

Wonder how far the stats had to be carried to make the statement about Graham being the only D-1 player with these stats. Trae Young is averaging 28 and nearly 10 assists. He must have just a tad more TO's or a few less steals.

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Fun returned to Allen Fieldhouse during Tuesday's 83-78 KU win over Iowa State

Wasn't there so am wondering if the crowd sat on their hands like Clinkscale and Keitzman said on radio or if it was alive like Leif Lisec and his sidekick on TV said.

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Time for NCAA to stand up and clear Silvio De Sousa

A phone in on KK's show suggested Oliver Luck and Huggins will conspire to see that these guys are not on the floor Monday against WVU. Sounded like typical conspiracy theory, but had the right names attached.

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Daniel Wise to return for redshirt senior season at Kansas

I was fortunate to spend a few minutes visiting with Daniel at a local restaurant. He is a very well mannered young man. Just a real pleasure to visit with. My only reservation from that visit was what his actual weight was. If he is 290, he carries it very well.
Good young man. Will be a big help to our defense. We know this kid can play.

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Tom Keegan: Time for the real Malik Newman to stand up

When you view Malik objectively you see a guy who is not a great leaper, not necessarily long so you admit he is not an athletic exception say, like Vick is.

So what can you expect from him. I expects his shots to begin to fall when he gets the pressure off his head. I also expect him to find a way to finish at the rim better. He, Devonte and Vick all need to work on this. Amazingly Svi is our most dependable guy driving to the hoop.
Guys need to continue like Devonte has the last two games and get some layups or free throws and we will eventually be fine if Billy and Silvio are on the floor soon.

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Juco recruiting: David Beaty's Dream Team II bound to perform better than Charlie Weis' Dream Team I

Fest just demonstrated his ignorance of the game when he makes that statement about Defense. Kid did not have a bad first year in the league at all. Did he fail on come occasions, yes. Did Dorrance fail on some occasions, yes. Everybody did from time to time. The composite of his performance says it will take someone who is pretty good to beat him out.

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Tom Keegan: Receiver Evan Fairs has football career pointing in right direction

Maybe the problem at KU is that this "Beatty" guy is doing the coaching instead of the guy we hired, David Beaty.

How can you criticize a guy when you don't even know his name.

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Change of plans: Looking back at 11 Class of 2018 prospects who decommitted from KU football

Baloney Brett! Just some more hate for this staff. You have facts to say they failed in coaching the players they had, but the facts fly in the face of this your latest charge. They won 1 stinking game and still went out and got good solid talent for the next few years.
This staff wins some games and you will finally learn one thing about them. They are the best recruiters this school has ever had.

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