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Gentle giant Larry Hughes promises stronger, meaner play at right guard

Woodfin not Wooden. I know you are aware of this but proofreading in journalism is so bad these days.

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An early guess at KU football's depth chart

Herbert will be the No.1 RB and we will start a TE, Ben Johnson.

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Tom Keegan: Joe Dineen leading way for Kansas football

I have noticed a definite lack of confidence in our LB's among our fans this year. I really believe Dineen is the type of guy we had a few years back with Kane and some others except Joe seems to be a tad more athletic. He has more speed than some of those guys. I hope he stays healthy so we can see just how well he can play.
If he and the DL seriously reduce the ypg. given up in the running game we could see KU competing with some big boys this year.

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Forward Jack Whitman to leave KU basketball program

I think we never know whether he was disappointed and decided he did not want to be here or if Coach ran him off. We trust in Coach to arrange the roster and then coach them up.

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Beaty: It was a ‘miracle’ KU landed Dorance Armstrong in recruiting

We surely have been blessed to get to see him each game.

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David Beaty outlines long process it will take to turn KU football into a winning program

It is amazing to me that Bryce is suggesting 4 wins and saying it is more important in our growth process to win 2 Big 12 games and lose one non-con. I agree with others who suggest we need to beat teams of lesser rating than the Big 12 first on the upward path and then move on to beating some Big 12 teams.

A couple of notes for Mr Whitehead about OU. Yes Wayman was truly a big star at OU, however, he was gone by the time they played KU in the title game.
He has since passed away a few years back from health issues related to diabetes.
I guess Mr Whitehead is an excellent example of why schools do not excel in a given sport. They simply do not have the interest to sustain it.
We believe KU has turned the corner in its support of the FB program. Now we as fans need to support this staff as they rebuild the Phoenix from ashes.

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Kansas primed for three football victories

No doubt we should be much improved this year. Better DL and Ol and QB situation should improve results on both ends of the scoreboard.
I have no idea how many games we should win this year but our roster should be superior to the three non-cons and equal to both ISU and TTU.
There will be several games we could win or lose. How we fare in the close games will determine the total wins. We should manage 4 wins. If we do, our recruiting will not miss a beat and we should be off to the races in '18 and beyond.

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KU football once again picked last in preseason Big 12 poll

While we may not like Bryce's comments, we are forced to admit if a team loses every game and the average point spread in all those losses is 7, there has to be some major problem in the coaching of the kids.
If you are in every game it indicates parity with opponents. If you are on a par with your opponents you will win some of those games.
We are playing 3 teams in the non-con that we should beat. If and when we accomplish that, we only have to win one conference game to achieve the minimum wins Bryce put forth.
I also believe 4-8 is a minimum accomplishment this year to show Beaty and staff can coach on the Big 12 level.
We already know they can recruit with the big boys. It is now time to start playing with them.

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Armstrong's play, Dineen's service have Jayhawks up for college football honors

Couple of classy guys. Here is hoping they both have injury free years so their FB accomplishments can bring attention to both KU FB and the causes they support.
This staff is doing so much to turn out both good ball players but also good citizens.

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Notebook: Beaty says scholarship numbers improving for KU football

Those who say Zenger should have lost his job apparently think the only thing he has to do is hire a FB Coach. While at this time in history that may be more important than usual, it is not his singular task. He has improved the overall sports program with upgraded facilities everywhere and yes, he blew it the first time, but has now got the right guy in place.

If every company fired its manager on his first mistake, they would all look like KU FB has since 2008.

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