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Young Jayhawks didn't look young in scoring 11-1 victory against Omaha in baseball home opener

Maybe, just maybe, Price can develop these kids into a nucleus of something special over the next 3 years.

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Defensive line coach Jesse Williams officially joins KU football staff

Welcome Coach. If you are better than what we had last year the sky will be the limit. We have some really talented DT's and DE's and are hopeful they can take the next step. Can't wait to watch.

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Receiver Daylon Charlot left Alabama to make 'big impact' at Kansas

This guy has the skill set combined with his expressed attitude to do great things. I really believe we are going to see some good FB this year.
No expectations on wins. Just play good FB and see where it takes us.

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Beaty reportedly ready to add new D-line coach

Seems to me the evaluation of a coach such as Williams would be to watch his kids play and see if they are good technically.
If he is coaching a bunch of 4 and 5 stars and they just beat other teams because of superior physical talent he may actually be a poor coach with great stats.
If they have the same talent as your kids and beat you because they have been trained and taught to play the right way, you might have a guy who can really teach kids.
We need a teacher. We have some very talented kids we want to develop to the fullest.

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Promotion to associate head coach earns Tony Hull huge raise

Thanks Tom for the proper usage of the word affect.
Constantly reading blogs and message boards one becomes
dismayed at the use of words improperly such as affect/effect, led/lead, dominate/dominant and so many more but you get the point.

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KU Sports Extra: The Beat Goes On in Manhattan

I really believe Sherron had greater talent than Frank, but the commitment to excellence Frank has is so far superior to Sherron. Frank has kept himself in great shape, worked hard to improve deficiencies over the 4 years. He is a credit to what a college player should do and be.

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California dreamin' about landing one more really big recruit

Color me disinterested. Why would Adeniji benefit from playing guard for a year instead of con continuing to play the position he is suited to?

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The other guys: A look at less heralded KU football additions for 2017

Any or all of these guys could contribute all the way from practice fodder to special teams play and in some cases they will see the field in their junior and senior seasons.
This is how you develop depth, especially this quickly for Beaty.

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KU Athletics director explains ‘no comment’ stance on reports of basketball players’ misconduct

I have searched for and still not found an explanation as to why an investigation into a rape where the victim knows her assailant is handled in such a way as to cause the entire community to wonder what part our players had in said rape.

They are identified as witnesses. There would be no damage to the investigation if more specifics as to why they are witnesses was given.

Why is the assailant not in jail if, indeed, a rape actually occurred?

If I go down the street and shoot my neighbor and he survives and tells the police he knows who shot him, they will come and arrest me and put me behind bars. Please tell me why this rapist is not behind bars when it was reported the girl knew who raped her.

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Report: 2 KU basketball players allegedly involved in car vandalism case

Some good points. 1) Yes, everyone should avoid even the appearance of evil. 2) It does appear logical that a renowned newspaper like the Star would have some solid reason to believe this did indeed happen. 3) Yes, it is a head scratcher that neither Vick nor Jackson have been punished by Coach. Since he did punish Bragg when he was actually charged with something or accused of something by Police, it would cause one to conclude there has been no such merit yet applied to the Vick/Jackson case.

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