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Column: Warinner’s stock rising quickly

On the question of MM being terminated. It was not easy then because most of us did not know if the charges were really worthy of it or if it was Lew getting rid of a guy he did not like.

I really think it was the latter. In spite of it being a "bad fire", it is evident this program has a higher ceiling without MM than with. His recruiting following the OB victory was very weak. He failed to capitalize on that success. Had he done so, it would have been much more difficult for Lew to get rid of him.

The two greatest blunders that add to Lew's mistake were the hiring of Gill and Weis. It was those two hirings that plunged us to the current depths, not the firing of MM.

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KU keeping an eye on football recruits

That article makes it appear no one has evaluated the kid. They have and so far all of them feel they have a better guy. One scout has said he is borderline between D1 and D2. We have two very excellent QB recruits. Why would we want to waste a scholie on another when we have greater needs on the O-Line and Secondary.

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Wild world of recruiting strikes again as KU commitment Josh Moore backs out

First of all, many have known of his academic failures for some time. The kid is bitter and immature which may be natural outgrowths of his predicament, but he brought it on himself by not getting the grades.

You have to ask yourself if he, like many, felt college ball was owed him. No, kid, you have to grow up. A kid this immature was not going to do well against guys who are becoming men out there.

From a talent standpoint it is a big loss, but this staff will continue on. First they will coach up the players currently on the roster and they will gradually upgrade the roster. That is not going to be noticeable until the wins start to come.

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KU football lands 4, loses 2 on recruiting trail

We need to land Jackson, Nwigee and Philbert and I will be happy.

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Youth abounds on new KU football staff

Sorry Dirk, but I think your numbers are simply not accurate. I don't have specifics but I do not believe 21 in '16 will bring us to 85. I think you are a bit high on the current number of scholies in hand before this class.

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Notebook: Self hopes Jayhawks can meet Obama

While I may not agree with the President politically, it is foolish to demean him by suggesting it is not a great thing for the players and coaches to be privileged to visit with a sitting President of the greatest country on the earth.

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KU football lands Florida high school QB Carter Stanley

It just might be the staff will decide to go with one of the young QB's to avoid starting a newbie in '16.

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KU football coaches focus on recruiting

Hard to criticize Holsopple's work with the roster. He inherited a major problem and turned it around. Probably more a case of Beaty needing someone he personally knows and trusts to do what he requests with the bodies of these guys.

More than likely nothing negative about Holsopple. Just simply a case of a change in staffs. Unfortunately for these guys, sometimes it has nothing to do with the job you did but just the fact you aren't this coach's guy.

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Beaty confirms completion of staff by announcing Kenny Perry hiring

Gary Patterson is still young. No need for a man Perry's age to zero in on replacing him. He needs to move on and build his own career and get his own HC gig.

Some of the guys on this staff will end their careers as assistant coaches, but some will move up the ladder to become HC. Perry is likely one of those.

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Column: New linebackers coach Kane a good fit

One of the greatest days ever in Memorial. Kane running back that pick and the scoreboard finally reading in our favor over such a longtime nemesis.

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