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Pain of Elite Eight loss lingers, but Jayhawks have faith in future

Maybe you would rather look like KSU and see two of your previous coaches in the Final Four because you thought you could better yourself by firing a guy who is better than anyone you will ever replace him with, Daniel.

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Notebook: Jackson excites with double-double; Coleby is first big off bench

While I agree Frank is the ignition switch on this team, I also believe this is a unit that functions as such. Every piece is in place and does its job. That was especially true last night and you see what happens when Mason, Graham, Svi, Josh, Vick, Lucas, Coleby and Bragg all pitch in and play hard and efficiently.
There have been many teams in the past that did not completely buy into Coach's plan. This one does and he turns them loose to put the plan into effect.

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Speed demons: Jayhawks fly by Purdue, move on to Elite Eight

In all the interviews I don't think any player has ever called Coach by anything except Coach. The very best OAD we have ever had called him Bill last night in an interview. This kid is not trying to be disrespectful, he is just naturally reacting on the floor and off the floor as well.
I thought is was funny. Shows how familiarity can cause you to forget who and where you are. Might not be great in interviews but with a guy with Josh's instincts it is good he is in a groove on the floor.
One caution. Dunk with two hands anytime you can. Every bucket counts.

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Postgame Report Card: Kansas 90, Michigan State 70

Steve Johnson should be ashamed for dissing a kid like he has here with Bragg. Bragg spent his entire time learning to play the four position facing the basket. He had planned up until the injury to Udoka to be playing that position this year. He has an excellent jumper from 17' in.
Yet he has been trying hard to take Udoka's place playing the 5 with his back to the basket. He has averaged better numbers than a soph at Ariz. named Comanche that all the KU fans were dying to get to KU.
Point being, the kid has tried hard to do what the team needs him to do even though it is outside his wheelhouse. Now is not the time to pile on and try our best to discourage a good kid and show no appreciation for his sacrifice this year.
Name one other kid on this team who has made as great a sacrifice for the team.

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Friendly Fire: Josh Jackson and Miles Bridges enjoy matchup against each other

I love the play of Josh Jackson. I think he is the best one and done ever at KU. But I cannot see him all that far ahead of Bridges in the draft. I have not heard much about Bridges leaving early, but then our media naturally does not cover him much. Seems to me he is a first rounder for sure.

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Self backs freshman Josh Jackson with strong words

KK on 810 is interpreting Self's remarks quoted in this article to mean he believes Schneider has not communicated properly with the Calvert's.
I interpreted it at the time to imply Calvert would have reason to be upset if he had not received proper communication and therefore a subtle indication he thinks Calvert has no reason to be spouting off because he (Self) believes the women's Coach has done the right thing and communicated with him.

My spin is positive and KK's is negative toward KU. Neither of us has solid proof our conclusion is right.

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A peek inside Kansas football's first spring practice of 2017 season

First time in a long time an injury outside of the QB position could be withstood.

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Let the QB competition begin

Sorry to hear about Brewer. Best route runner on the team. Guy was open on every play he ran.

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Five things to watch with Kansas football this spring

I agree. Once we begin to match opponents on both the OL and DL, we will be competitive. Those two areas plus the QB spot have held us back. It appears we have the people to step up in all three spots now.

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Jayhawks worried loss to TCU could keep them from returning to K.C.

I just don't think there is substantial evidence KU plays all that well at Spring Center anyway.
In fact I am beginning to wonder if the great atmosphere in Allen has begun to spoil our guys so much they may struggle when they play at Sprint and the atmosphere is so inferior.
I agree with the guy who suggested you just go play the games now. There are no more home games. Let's just see what we can do man on man with indifferent crowds.

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