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KU's first depth chart of season includes revelations, options

I believe this depth chart is a reward for some upper classmen who have toiled for all these years. When it comes down to winning the game I think we see some settling in on the guys who are actually the superior players.

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Houston family considers David Beaty a hero

Coach Beaty is definitely the man. Always pull for KU, but this adds a little extra as we pull for Coach to have great success.

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Crowd pleaser: Beaty brings Jayhawks to stage at pep rally

I believe this is the last year we will have doubts about this group. Hoping they can pull off at least 3 wins this year, but starting next year they will be very competitive with most teams on the schedule.

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Notebook: Improved receiving corps testing KU's cornerbacks

I hope the competition for these positions is as strong as these reports make it sound. If so, our depth, thin though it may be is real.

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Tom Keegan: 7 Kansas football concerns linger

Not a Keegan fan, but must admit this article is thought provoking for a Kool-Aid drinker like myself. The two areas I am most concerned with are the O-Line and QB. Both seem to be searching for the answer.

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David Beaty: Jayhawks need to give fans reason to fill Memorial Stadium

I keep thinking the opposite. Recent shuffling of the O-Line concerns me. Willis not winning the QB spot outright early on worries me. Can Montel handle the job live. He has not been very good at that so far.
Man, we need 3 wins so bad this year and 4 would vault us ahead of at least one team in the league.

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David Beaty still contemplating KU's quarterback race

Beaty's future is resting on this decision as it will many times. But here at the beginning of his tenure he needs to get it right. I will cheer for the one he chooses but he must know if he lets the guy who can really play stand on the sidelines in order to play the guy who says all the right things, it will eventually cost him his job.

His example of Manziel and Reesing seems to indicate he does not expect his quarterback to be an angel, but he expects him to be a winner.

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Set to enter his 14th season at Kansas, Self still hungry for more

I would hate to see him make that choice. He would likely diminish his rep in the NBA.

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Jayhawks point to improved depth as sign of progress

I continue to believe 70-75 will not hurt us if they are the right guys. Our biggest problem this year will be the age and maturity of the guys on the field compared to our opponents.
When we reach 85 it will not be the extra 15 guys that will win games for us but rather the fact the kids on the field are 4th year juniors and 5th year seniors plus outstanding underclassmen.

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Margin for victory: KU football focused on winning turnover battle

In this league an offense that scores 15 ppg. cannot expect much out of its defense when they spend the entire game on the field due to an inept offense.
The greatest problem we have at KU is being able to score with the same frequency as our opponents.
When we don't our fans want Bowen to shut the other team out so we can be competitive. Give me a break, Doug. You have been on Bowen relentlessly. He is a very good DC and we will make a mistake if we replace him.

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