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Say something nice about Kansas football: Lone Star state recruiting paying off

Last year we played 18,19 year olds against 22/23 year olds. People watch that and then criticize our coaching staff. Hey, let's allow Beaty to coach OU and have Stoops coach our guys and see how it turns out.

This year we will be playing 19,20 year olds against those 22,23 year olds. We are one year closer to catching up with them.

Beaty is the guy with the commitment to catch them. We will get there.

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100 days out from another KU football opener & why you should care

No, but we will remember your post. And you can be sure we will remind you of how well you did.

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Rankings place KU football dead last in Big 12 in 6 of 8 position groups

In response to the Lew Perkins slam. Yes, he messed up many things, but no one can kill any sports program for 15 years by himself. Hiring Gill and Weis were both major mistakes. Failure on the part of the Administration to realize the importance of the FB program instead of relying on the BB program has contributed to our current state.

Regardless, if Beaty cannot make this team competitive in 5 years we must find someone who can. That is enough time to become competitive from ground zero.

After 5 years he will have the same number of players in each class frosh through senior as all the other teams.

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KU-Kentucky to meet Jan. 28, 2017 in SEC/Big 12 Challenge in Lexington

The win against Kentucky of 160-95 occurred after Sutton left and Pitino took over. A regularly scheduled series ended a long time ago. Since there have been a couple of times where a one time home and home were scheduled.
I think it is time for KU to push to have a home and home with at least one of Duke, Kentucky or Michigan State each year.
Of course that is what is taking place with the current Champions thing in November so as long as that lasts there is no need to schedule them.

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Jay Dineen commits to KU

I think there are two more brothers younger to go.

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Tom Keegan: K-State makes Kill-er hire

One guy 76 and already on the way out, the other 54 and very unhealthy. Color me unconcerned about the future. The present is a horse of a different color, but the future of KU with Beaty is much brighter than the future of KSU replacing Snyder.

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TV sets, as much football programs, fueling Big 12 expansion talk

We definitely need to consider BB in expansion. I am a FB first guy, but look at the success of the ACC and tell me BB doesn't matter. UCONN is a must in expansion. All the others have debatable aspects but they are the real need. Then if you consider UCF and USF you get some real tread in FB exposure. All the others have their individual warts, but I would probably be more interested in shooting for 14 than 16.

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KU adds transfer in Liberty University sophomore center Evan Maxwell

I assume this means Allen is not coming here.

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2017 Texas offensive lineman prospect Grant Polley de-commits from Kansas

Our staff can obviously recruit. We will find other players. Talent on the roster is not of concern to me. We will have to wait until Beaty's guys are at least 4 yr and maybe 5 yr seniors to reap the benefits, but the day is coming.

We patiently wait for these guys to grow into Big 12 players.

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Tom Keegan: Nine potential successors for Self

The only ones on that list that have both the talent and willingness to coach hear successfully following Bill would be; Chris Mack, Danny and Marshall.

Rick is the best coach on the list but he would not even consider coaching at Kansas. He is the guy who left guaranteed NC's at Kentucky to go to Boston because his wife is urban bound. No way he would live in Kansas.

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