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KU football coaches now turn to chemistry

Interesting that the players Reagan is chatting with in the huddle are defensive players. Maybe he has a plan for the offense none of us have guessed yet.

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Spring Game Rewind

If and it is a big if, the D-Line can bring some pressure on the QB this year, we could have dominant defense. But, if not, our defense will be tolerable but will need the offense to control the ball and the clock some.

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Column: Kansas corners stand up, out

One of the things missing for some time now is being able to disrupt the opposing offense. We need for Goodman and Reynolds and their backups to get in the backfield and reduce the QB's time to scan the field.

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Column: Second-year QB sure looks like Jayhawks’ starter

My observation says he can pass it better than he can pick out the right receiver to throw to at this point.

They ran a play and he failed to see Harwell when he was open. They ran the same play again and he hit Harwell right away for a nice gain.

Once he knows both the plays and players better, this should improve.

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Column: Five intriguing elements of KU football's upcoming spring game

I love Brandon Bourbon, but cannot understand why Taylor Cox was not the heir apparent to James. He has proven to me to be a more consistent RB than Brandon. Now that all may have changed once Brandon received consistent reps. Hope so.

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Column: Todd Reesing recalls career, has hope for KU's new offense

This article paints Todd just as I would have thought. So confident was he that the stress put on by Warriner just made him better.

I have a feeling it will be a long time before a fan base will feel as affectionate toward its QB as we all did toward Todd. Thanks Reesing for giving us a 25-6 run.

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Weis reflects on spring progress

Finally, I feel like the train is beginning to move forward. Who knows what we will see in the Fall, but I know we have a college OC, we have a proven OL coach who has had success at this level and we have a WR coach who has succeeded at this level. Those things by themselves portend of better days ahead for the offense.

I really think we will find out this year whether Powlus can coach or not. He is now working with Reagan who has a very clear picture of what the QB should look like and how he should perform. That should clear up any focus problems Powlus has had in the past.

It will at least be fun to watch it and see.

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Column: Watch KU football go as Cozart grows

Would like to see the game by game perspective on ISU being better this year than last. And spare me retreads such as MM. Loved him while he was here, but he wore out his welcome and those calling for his return fail to remember how the program plummeted on the heels of an Orange Bowl with instead of taking flight.

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KU football defense aims high

The kind of football I grew up on was shutting down the opponent and seeing who could score enough points to win. I have always loved defense more than offense in football.

I just truly question what good numbers are in this day of the spread offenses and teams like Baylor regularly scoring 50+.

The only way we will ever know how good this defense is (and they have some excellent talent) is if we have a solid offense who can possess the football this year.

Looking forward to seeing the results.

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Column: Senior urgency driving Kansas football this season

It appears the talent and coaching are probably on a par with when MM had his team ready to go in '05.

The difficulty this team faces is the schedule. It is not for the faint of heart.

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