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Most crucial Jayhawks 2015: No. 21 - CB Tyrone Miller Jr.

How can a kid from Michigan who has never played a down of college FB and is not ranked any higher than some kids who have suddenly be crowned the savior of the backfield.

I hope someone does what Matt thinks this kid will, but for the life of me I don't know how we can come close to being sure it is this kid.

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Beaty believes in Memorial Stadium

Let's get rid of Brock and keep Zenger. By this reasoning the AD and Snyder should have been fired from KSU before they began their run of 20 successful years.
Some people, wow!

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First-year Kansas coach David Beaty comfortable as face of anonymous program

KU FB fans are often disrespected when people see 35000 in the stands. Look over the history of this program and the fans have had little success to cause them to be loyal.

Having said that, 30-35000 will be there every game this year. And if they begin to see some exciting FB, even while losing they will come back again and again. Why? Because regardless of the BB mentality of 20000 fans in the area, this is FB country. High School FB is supported much more by families than most would admit in our state. Those families brought their kids to the games in the Mangino era. It will happen again.

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Column: Kansas football losing games, fans

Somehow I am not convinced that we have poor quality just because they haven't been starting for 3 years.

Some short fat guy who can't walk and chew gum at the same time and often writes poor articles does not convince me the 62 kids we do have are poor FB players. That is the essence of a statement that says we don't have quantity or quality.

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Wrong number: Kansas DE Ben Goodman switches up digits

Attitudes like yours are no friend of KU. Those who only appreciate KU when they win are the shallowest form of fandom.

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Most crucial Jayhawks 2015: No. 23 - S Greg Allen

Not so sure about Neal's position on this list, but we will wait and see.

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In like Klint: KU assistant Kubiak didn’t plan to coach, but he is

Very excited about the youthful exuberance of this staff combined with some pretty salty experience.

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Smithson, Shelley-Smith on Wuerffel preseason watch list

I love to hear folks diss Tebow and Wuerffel because they think they are super religious and are somehow forcing on others and yet the first time someone in their family gets sick they want someone like these guys to pray for them.

Who is really the hypocrite in cases like that?

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Column: Bulk of KU’s top 20 football players history

It has been often said, the best news about a bad team is no returning starters. While I don't feel that way about this KU team, there will be some very talented kids to watch this year.

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D-Lineman Andrew Bolton no longer with KU Football

The key person for the defensive line is not Bolton but rather LaTrion Jones. It will be a much greater loss if he is unable to play. What's the word on him, Matt.

Bolton was not all in with the workouts. He did not want to play badly enough to prepare. You have to let those guys move on.

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