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Kiesau’s counsel: Savor the moment

If you count Clint, we have just had 4 HC in 6 years. We have a chance to repeat that if we don't get it right.

Our roster needs to be rebuilt. Bowen has a plan to do that. First and foremost, no one will have the respect of local High School coaches in Kansas and the KC Metroplex that Clint has. He will get more of the local talent than any other candidate.

The father of Daymond Patterson who trains athletes in Texas and knows that scene says Clint will open doors for KU in North Texas that otherwise might stay closed.

He has demonstrated what improvement can happen in just 8 weeks during the season with him in charge of practices.

I realize we need to continue the search. We need to look in every place and then make our decision. However, when we make the decision, if it is someone else, let it be because we know they can recruit better, develop better and stay the course with loyalty to the school.

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Coaching search: Utah State head coach Matt Wells

I think the big question everyone has about Clint is whether he is Fam all over again. The similarities of being an alumnus and the love he has for the school is where it ends is my opinion.

Clint has shown the ability to recognize both the needs of the team and how to apply the solutions. Better organized practices that teach fundamentals, changing the OC duties. Just since taking over he has made some subtle changes in the recruiting model.

He has a plan and when Zenger hears it he might just be swayed by the fact our own guy has as good a plan as any of the other interviewees.

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Bowen, Snyder have crossed paths plenty of times before

Several point made here I don't agree with. The media and fans have made these 8 weeks a trial period for Clint. Trial period for what? He is supposed to turn a team that has performed miserably for 5 years into a team that goes to Norman and takes on those bullies who are twice our size and speed and come out looking good? He is supposed to turn a loser into a winner with 8 games in the middle of the season, no Spring Practice, no Fall Session. C'mon! If you can type on a keyboard you know better than that.

What he can and did do in those 8 weeks is turn the organization into something systemized in favor of on field success. He has clearly done that. Beyond that, his interview as well as those of the other candidates will be the determining factor.

What puzzles me is some guy saying our defense was so horribly managed in Norman that we should hire someone else as head coach and keep Clint as DC. Are you kidding me? Keep a DC whose defensive work was so poor he could not be promoted for that very reason? Ridiculous!

And finally, if Clint thinks he should have the Head job, why would he work under the guy who was hired over him. It would be bad chemistry for both men.

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Column: One week left in Bowen's trial run

I stand by my position on this team. They have progressed to play well at home. That is an accomplishment. To play well on the road is another step in the process.

I might add we have never had the patience and longevity with our good coaches to reach this step. Mason and MM for different reasons did not stay long enough to completely develop the roster and culture to where we could win consistently on the road.

Whoever is hired needs to receive patience from the AD and the fans as he tries to build it in steps. First we learn to win at home. then we learn to win on the road. We are near ground zero in the process. Let the learning begin.

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The Day After: Oh no at OU

I believe the team has progressed to the point they will play inspired FB in Memorial, but it is another step to take it on the road. We have not played well on the road for the entire year before and after Bowen.

There is a limited amount of improvement in performance we can expect from a staff in 8 weeks during the season. As a result I expect another beatdown at KSU this weekend.

As you have stated, I don't think these past 8 weeks should enhance Bowen's chances or hurt them. None of the other candidates have had the opportunity to coach the team during this time. Therefore, you cannot use that as a barometer or it is unfair to them. At the same time none of them have had the responsibility of trying to compete with Baylor, OU and KSU on the road with this team so that cannot be used against Bowen.

It is all about the final determination of the committee on who can best recruit, condition and develop the roster.

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Pollard plays role of delivery guy

I don;t ever want to play that team again. Period! Some have been dreaming of the time when OAD's would have to stay 2 years. Well now you know what would happen. Kentucky would have 9 McD's AA instead of 4 or 5.

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More signs of support for Clint Bowen popping up around town

There will be a lot of comparisons to Coach Fam. The one thing they have in common is their love for the school. But it is already obvious Clint is given to detail far above what Fam was. I do not want to knock Coach Fam. He meant a lot to the University as a Coach and also in his time since. But to blindly tie Clint to him as the model of Clint's coaching style is to fail to see closely the small things Clint has already done to improve these kids.

I know it is getting old, but if Clint had been hired last December immediately following our season, where do you think we would be now. We would have had the confidence to beat OSU and TTU and probably would have pulled off the game against TCU. We would probably be bowling this year.

What most fans of KU do not realize is what a great recruiting HC can do at KU. Think about the coaches we have had since 88. None of them were very good recruiters. Mason, Allen, MM, Gill and Weis were all weak in recruiting.

If we hire Clint Bowen, you mark my word (and I will stand by my prediction Cramer) we will have better talent than we have ever had since the teams of Jack Mitchell.

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Can Kentucky run the table? ‘I don’t know’

Wayne Selden is the key to this year's team. Traylor, Ellis and all the others' performances will be predictable each night. Wayne is the question. He has to take over games and I have not yet seen that in him.

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KU football notebook: Bowen, Mangino share postgame moment

You say the last 4 coaches at KU have not been fired? Count with me, Weis, Gill, Mangino and Allen. 1,2,3,4. Easy if you take it one step at a time.

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Column: Kansas can’t afford football mis-hire again

Just don't give me someone like Montgomery who has never coached a soul without Art Briles at his side.

Let's have someone we know has his own FB mind and can therefore make decisions without calling Waco.

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