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The case for KU coach David Beaty picking one QB and sticking with him

What Beaty is doing to the fanbase is disappointing, but what he is doing to himself is devastating.
Because of his refusal to recognize talent appropriately and select a QB now, he will not have one ready to go next year. As a result he will spend next year trying to find a QB rather than trying to win games with one already developed. He will have set himself back one full year in the rebuild.

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Offensive struggles hurt Jayhawks at Texas Tech, 55-19

I disagree on the talent of Willis and Stanley. They need to be coached up, but there is a disconnect with Willis and Beaty. Need to go to Stanley and let him run the ball. Cozart doesn't know when to run. Willis is out because of his relationship with the Coach, so it falls to Stanley unless we choose to remove the RS from Starks.
We all prefer not to do that but if no one else can master this job we must in order to have a QB in place for next Spring and the Fall season of '17.

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks take small steps toward respectability

Hey guys, we are all disappointed in the process Beaty is currently going through with his choice of who he puts on the field.
Eventually he will get sufficient talent to trust and put them out there.
It is obvious Willis is in the doghouse and I can see some selfishness in him instead of deferring praise to his teammates when things go well. He is immature and also feels he is not secure in his relationship with Coach. We have problems there.
As a result of Cozart's inability to play QB at this level and Beaty's current dislike of Willis, it appears the job should be handed to Stanley by default.

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks take small steps toward respectability

Boys, this is not a talent deficiency. It is a coaching deficiency.

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks take small steps toward respectability

This is the very same Beaty who adamantly stated we will not have a QB controversy. And if Montell could find his way we would not. Beaty is forced to play a kid he does not want to play in Willis because he is a gutty kid who can occasionally make a play.
It is obvious Willis is not the typical "team" player. Maybe if the coach just turned it over to him he could be an arrogant producer instead of the perfect teammate.

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Game balls and gassers: KU at Texas Tech

The inconsistency of our offense was never going to allow us to win. We could have made a better showing though.

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Armstrong leads defense and Keegan ratings

Did you not see that snap by Gibson to no one when Stanley was not even ready yet?

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Too Fast, Too Furious: Jayhawks can't keep pace against Tech, 55-19

It is obvious we don't have the experienced personnel that Tech does, but it is equally obvious we don't have anyone who can teach this offense like they have also.

I am not convinced at this stage Beaty can ever make this offense look like that one we saw last night.

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Tom Keegan: Time to give Ryan Willis four quarters

Good catch.

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David Beaty keeps finding positives amid KU's struggles

It seems to me Beaty has to view progress in segments. Bowen has the defense on an upswing. They have at least reached tolerable. It is hard to tell yet how good the defense is because the offense continues to abuse them with TOP and field position.

If Beaty can show some progress in the O-Line and find a QB for next year and after, this season will have been a success. Our offense has excellent talent in both RB's WR's and TE's. It is obvious where the failure is. The O-line has to give the RB's some space to showcase their talent and they have to provide the QB some time to hit those excellent WR's and TE's.

Now, do we have the QB on the roster. Montell is not the guy. Move on to Willis and if he proves he is not the guy, next man up until we find the QB for the next few years.

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