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Say something nice about Kansas football: Offense returns more experience than a year ago

3 wins for this team against this schedule would not be disheartening. 4 wins would signal to me Beaty has not only already recruited some nice talent but is getting them coached up.

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Is KU football facing a favorable schedule?

To the guy belittling SDSU, maybe you should do some research and see how they did last year and what quality they actually were. Their friends NDSU beat KSU recently and they are not very far behind NDSU. They were a good FB team. Period!

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KU’s football coaches keep priorities straight

Good stuff. We have good people first and coaches second.

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Big 12 coaches give honest assessment of KU football

I really believe we will be competitive in 4 years and on the ground running in 5. You can only have one of each class. RS fr, fr., soph., jr., sr. 5 classes. We have been playing 18,19 yr olds against teams with full classes of each level.

Once we have a full list of bullets, we will compete and never look back with this staff. Big problem we will have is keeping Beaty after 4,5 years.

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Joel Embiid: 'I wasn't good at all' before playing at Kansas

His story sounds like a repeat of Bill Walton. A guy who may never be whole again. I truly hope he is healthy because he is a super talent, but a big man with foot injuries is not a good sign.

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Offensive linemen Jayhawks’ foundation

They are with Banks, Gibson, Rhodes and Shelley-Smith the unit with the most age on the team.
When Beaty begins to play 22,23 yr olds KU will become a force in the league. When he is rebuilding he is playing 18-20 yr olds against the 23 yr olds at OU, etc.

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Matt Tait: Kinner’s shoulder is ready, so is he

I don't understand from the article why I should believe it won't happen again this year. Because he has gained weight? Has something healed? Was rest all it needed? If so, why did the rest it received between juco and here not heal it? I am a little skeptical of Kinner's health.

The kid can play, but that shoulder needs to stand the test if he is to succeed.

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KU lands 4-star CB from New Orleans

Lee and Mayberry have the skill level of Talib and Harris. The next 4 years will tell us if they have the work ethic.

A testimony to this staff's ability to not only do the work necessary to find these kids but be able to sell them the plan for our program.

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Say something nice about Kansas football: Dorance Armstrong the real deal

While I believe we have our best talent in years at DE, I also think we have 5 very solid DT's to alternate. And when Wise, D.J., Dezir, Davis and Holani begin to pressure on the inside it will be even more noticeable how effective the DE's become.

Our LB's are very solid. Lot of both talent and experience.

Secondary, talented as we have had since Talib but very green.

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Say something nice about Kansas football: Lone Star state recruiting paying off

Last year we played 18,19 year olds against 22/23 year olds. People watch that and then criticize our coaching staff. Hey, let's allow Beaty to coach OU and have Stoops coach our guys and see how it turns out.

This year we will be playing 19,20 year olds against those 22,23 year olds. We are one year closer to catching up with them.

Beaty is the guy with the commitment to catch them. We will get there.

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