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Bill Self apologizes to K-State before taking questions (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

By that I mean I have given up on them accomplishing what their talent should accomplish. Big 12 title and Elite Eight in tourney.

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Beaty enthusiastic about Class of ’16

0-12 last year. Name a unit on this team that will not be better next year. Everyone will be better acclimated to the coaches, the offense and defense. They will all be stronger. The newbies will fill in a few spots to strengthen weakness.

We will win some games next year, but watch out for '17. That is when people will begin to say watch out for Beaty and the Jayhawks.

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Bill Self apologizes to K-State before taking questions (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

I watched but didn't even notice. Wouldn't have bothered me if I did see it. Maybe Bill was trying to make it up in advance by playing Frank and Wayne so much last night. He needs to use Beaty's motto of #earnit with these guys. He finally found Svi off the bench who has not played a lackluster minute all year and yet can find no time to play. He has to sit and watch Wayne fiddle around looking for some inspiration to actually put forth effort.

I have given up on these guys. Bill is using the same old stuff that has failed for the last month. It is like the definition of insanity. Keep trying the same thing and expecting the result to be different.

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Recruit has strong bond with former Jayhawk

Our coaches have done a marvelous job. The appearance of this roster in two classes is amazing from a talent aspect. Just need a couple of years experience and these guys will be good.

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Going forward: Self trims big-man rotation to four

We will have to wait to see if any of his changes make a difference, but I am in the camp that suspects he has lost the team.

He has not pushed the buttons by using the bench as a tool to motivate.

Early season success when we played weak defenses combined with the luck of beating OU has led him to think these guys are better than they are.

There are at least 3 teams who have four players better than Frank, Devonte, Wayne and Perry and we all know who they are.

There are zero teams in this league who have a bench as good as Brannen, Svi, Cheick and Carlton, hey even Jamari. I also would love to see Vick get some PT, but understand everyone cannot play.

Coach better quit playing with his hands behind his back if he wants No. 12.

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Busy recruiting weekend nets 2 top targets for KU football

Most are making the same mistake when they evaluate this class. Many of the players that count toward '16 are not listed on the commitment list. They are already here. If you look at a list of all those who count toward '16 along with the walk-ons, you will find quite a bit of talent in this group.

Plus, even the first year's group have fared well so far. This staff CAN recruit and are doing it against all odds. I think Cramer should be banned from the stadium when we start winning next year.

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With 2 weeks remaining before signing day, KU football seeks to fill 2016 recruiting class

Never use the word NEVER. Our limitations apply only to the present, not the future.

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With 2 weeks remaining before signing day, KU football seeks to fill 2016 recruiting class

And it should be duly noted that 'Bama is out ranked by about 8-9 teams in this year's recruiting. Think they will fall to 9th or 10th in the nation for this. No!. What is suggested is not that our class will lead us to the natty, but that the 100th class may well beat the 85th class. That is where we are. Let's try to compete on our level first and then continue each year to move up a level or so. Be reasonable. Don't speak of NC's with regard to our recruiting classes at this point.

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Kansas hires Todd Bradford to coach linebackers

From Bradford's point of view it looks like employment, hurray! Beaty has good instincts and most certainly has some personal knowledge of Bradford. If he hired him based on that, I will trust in DB. He needs the freedom to run this thing for 5 years and see what can be done with his system of doing things.

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KU linebackers coach Kevin Kane leaving to become defensive coordinator at Northern Illinois

Weak sauce. What it says is Kane recognizes a promotion when he sees one. DC is better for his career than LB. He is moving up and will continue to. Hey, someday he may be DC or HC here, his alma mater.

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