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Tom Keegan: Linebackers give KU optimism

So everything is moving forward except the QB position according to Keegan. Question. Why would a coach who had a QB who could pass accurately and run if necessary, worry that his QB was not a "traditional" dual threat? Why would he play a "traditional" dual threat that could not win him games just to establish what he thinks is his future offensive philosophy? Wouldn't he play the kid who gave him the best opportunity to win now? Maybe not. I can tell you this. If Montell Cozart is the QB and he looks like the same old MC, I will not use my season tickets to watch that.

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Tom Keegan: Cozart has seen Kansas offense from many perspectives

Hey, Keegan. Tell us how you would have done it if you had been Gill, Weis or Beaty. We certainly know you have all the answers. Or do you just know how to throw stick in the spokes as it goes by.

C'mon man! You know what Beaty inherited. You know he will have to bring upheaval to some of the men currently on the roster to get this thing right.

Gimme a break!

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Beaty looks to other QBs as Willis heals

Do you also like his tentative approach to both running and passing.

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Beaty: QB Ryan Willis will be limited this spring with wrist injury

When does it quit raining on this program. A full Spring for Willis could very well set him up to have a very good year. Just another set back. Now instead of having a clear choice at QB we will probably not know who our No. 1 guy is until we lose all our non-cons and have little prospect for other victories.

I know I am at this moment a Debbie Downer. Hope I am wrong.

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Tom Keegan: KU thrives with game in balance — a good sign for March

The defense of Seldes and Lucas is something the average fan like me misses while I am watching their ineptitude on offense. Fact is in the big picture both made major contributions last night, the whole game on defense and the last 5 minutes on offense. Good team play.

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Never say die: Jayhawks' resiliency keys comeback win at BU

While there are no All Americans on this team it is one of the best units playing together we have had for awhile.

I admit I doubted Self earlier. No more. He is the man. To stick with the guys he did and not replace Wayne and Landen earlier when they were playing poorly shows he does know what he is doing.

These kids are playing hard and tough. That should help them go for awhile yet.

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Deep breaths: Beaty's history shows hiring coaches a strength

Good article, Matt. Always appreciate your balanced view on such matters.

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Another assistant leaving Kansas football?

Can you name one recruit who turned a school down because there were too many new assistants on the team or because he saw too many leaving for other schools or because he believe there would not be continuity in the staff?

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Beaty: Kansas recruits as ‘a family’

Before suggesting something is wrong, consider the fact he hired some very good young coaches. Kubiak had connections of the best kind in the NFL. Hyman was not retained. Mitchell is reaching for a ring or extreme success one last time. Kane took a promotion. Thibs may go home to the team and Coach he played for. None of these things scream something is wrong. Quite the opposite. They say loud and clear, something is right. They wanted our guys because they are good.

Beaty is a good man and coaches will want to coach here. We will be fine. We solved our problems, we hire David. The sole problem with this team has been Lew Perkins, Turner Gill and Charlie Weis. They are gone. We are in an excellent re-hab program. All will be well in time.

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Oklahoma's Bob Stoops holds key to stopping KU football coaching staff door from spinning

Way to go Bailey. Criticize a guy for being unable to coach freshmen and sophs into tackling machines in one year.

Give these guys a chance to stabilize and teach the same system to the same kids for 3 or 4 years and see what we have then.

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