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Kansas football limited to 16 new scholarships for Class of 2017, 14 verbally committed so far

I am not as sure as you are of the scholarships located to those listed as nine being on the team currently. I would suspect there are 3/4 scholars left to offer plus any blue shirts they decide to accept.

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Tom Keegan: Four victories best bet for KU football in 2017

We are all joyful over the performance in the last three games. Yet we never scored 30 pts in any of those games.
If this isn't enough evidence to convince Beaty he is not the answer at OC nothing will.
You have to score 30+ against good teams and 40+ against weaker teams in our league if you wish to win the games you should.

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Neon Udoka Azubuike?

Comparing Dok to Sam Bowie who was a completely different body type and player is way off. He has a skill set similar to Chocolate Thunder right now but could develop along the lines of a Moses Malone with more dunks.

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Jayhawks drop season finale at K-State, 34-19

While Beaty is to be congratulated on turning the roster over in short time and bringing a sense of family and unity to this team, he must hire someone to run his offense.
This year's team was better than 2-10. We lost to Ohio at home. We lost to TCU at home. Coach has weaknesses and his in game coaching is his. He needs some help in that area.
An old time Assistant HC would serve him well along with an OC. I still don't know what Likens did wrong.
Look at last year's numbers for the offense and this year's and tell me the slight difference is due to Beaty as OC instead of just simple maturity of most players.
Eventually Beaty will get enough talent here to win more than he loses, but if he does not get some help on offense he will never equal the potential of the roster.

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Quarterbacks and punt returners judged more accurately in games than practices

There may be much to like about Beaty but you seem to struggle to find it.
Of course he has made mistakes. Who wouldn't when your choices at every position on the team is between players all so young and inexperienced there is only the eye test to rely on.
He has given each guy a shot. That is all he can do. Did he stay too long with Cozart? Most believe he did. Is that sufficient for someone to spout off as if he should be fired? Definitely not.
Brett, you are mister negativity and as a result you have lost all credibility in your criticism of Coach.

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Former WSU QB Peyton Bender commits to Kansas

Just one opinion, but it would be neat if Willis redshirted next year. Cozart can help the team by mentoring in the QB room and on the field. Then you have Bender, Stanley and Starks as the players for next year.
The following year you add Willis who will, along with Stanley have two years remaining and you will have Starks with 3 years left and Bender with one. You then add a QB every year and that position should remain solid.

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Three-star DT Zach McKinney commits to Kansas

Great job recruiting. Kids like this are the reason Beaty was hired. When the roster is filled out and Coach has earned some stripes as a HC, we will see results that most on here and other boards just did not believe possible.

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Three-star DT Zach McKinney commits to Kansas

You already have, Brett.

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'A baller,' Carter Stanley taking over as KU's No. 1 QB

It is not so much that Beaty can't cut it, but that he needs to be HC and in this early stage of his Head Coaching career he needs to get that part down first and then branch out a few years down the line if he thinks he needs to take over then. Currently, he needs someone who spends all his time on one aspect of the game; QB and offensive efficiency.

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Tom Keegan: Quarterback named Peyton potential answer to KU's prayers

Haehn is no longer on our roster. He is on a roster in Texas, not sure which.

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