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More of the same: Offense carries Kansas back to Maui final

Technically Vick is the first step in upgrading the athleticism of the guard spot. They looked very good the first half. Played both offense and defense, but I must say UCLA did not seem to have much fight in them.

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'Everything looks better' for KU in Hawaii

If you can't chew steak, then eat some easy veggies and it will allow you to forget your deficiencies.

Exa. I am now a big believer in the big time center Landon Lucas who got something like 13 and 13 against this bunch. Sure!

Because of the tendency of the Big 12 to wilt in the face of KU, I will have to wait till the tourney to see if we are real.

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Diallo to travel to Maui

Well, if he does get cleared to play, we will have a solid back up for Traylor and Lucas.

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The Day After: Spanked by Sparty

Sounds like to me you hit the nail on the head. He has not been here 4 years and there is no one on the team who can be trusted to score in the clutch except Perry. Maybe no one else noticed how hard it is for Perry to go down into the post area and score late in games. It is because he is barely 6'8" tall and is guarded late close to the basket by guys 2-3 inches taller with great shot blocking skills.

Guess what Coach. Someone else has to be trusted to score. How about playing the guy you said was the greatest shooter you have had at Kansas? How about benching guys who are unproductive like Wayne and Landon and playing guys who can actually put the ball in the basket like Carlton and Hunter? How about letting some of your more talented players play through mistakes like Duke and Kentucky do and have them ready for late season success?

Naw, let's just slow the game down and throw it inside to Landon because he can really seal off well. Maybe after sealing off he can give it to Frank who will lay it in for him.

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Self sees progress but looks for more

Any time Coach can lament missing bunnies and not mention Landon Lucas and his own failure to play Hunter instead means we will not improve in the future. The definition of insanity they say is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Hey Coach. Guess whose picture now belongs in the Dictionary as an illustration of crazy.

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Jayhawks can't stop Denzel Valentine, fall to Michigan State

While common sense says not to fire Bill Self, it also recognizes Kentucky and Duke especially and also MSU and others have elevated their game to meet competition while Kansas continues to believe it is a blue blood while consistently losing to all the others who are verified blue bloods.

Last night's game reminded me how much I am spending to watch what is advertised as a high level product while in reality it is a product that can 11 times in a row beat the Big 12 and really nothing more.

Why does this team rave about the competition their depth brings to the table and then play Landon Lucas over Hunter Mickelson. Why not bench Devonte last night when he could not hit the broad side of a barn and try something different. I think most fans who have watched our team for the last several years knew with 8 mins left we would lose that game.

I don't know the answer, but the question is, "Why are we in the Champions Classic with these three when we can't beat any of them when it really matters?"

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Kansas women win opener, 72-65

I know this will be a tough year for the Lady Hawks, but am hoping they can really have enough success to build confidence along with the experience so next year can be a good one.

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Diallo attorney concerned over alleged NCAA tweet

What is the worst case scenario if BGL and SZ and Self decide the NCAA is being unfair to a kid and go ahead and play him and win the NC.? Having the games forfeited by the NCAA and their title rescinded?

Is that worse than finishing the season at the Sweet Sixteen level by not playing a kid who is the key to having your best season in 8 years?

The final thing is it would break this system up and force the administrators to come up with a better system for getting kids like Cheick qualified.

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Column: Your daily dose of Diallo

It is outrageous to suggest KU does not need him badly and they are plenty good without him. If you are happy with a Sweet Sixteen versus a Final Four, what you say is true.

Diallo is the only way this team reaches the Final Four with any realistic chance of winning the title.

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Cheick Diallo's legal guardian hires attorney as Diallo continues battle to become eligible

I think what it would be interesting if someone would post his grades from the sixth grade on and then top it off with his ACT and High School GPA and then ask the NCAA what kind of kids they want on the college BB scene.

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