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Healthy Schyler Miles looking to make impact for KU football

I am confused. Is he healthy or not. First you say he is pain free which seems to indicate he is and then he is not yet full speed and monitoring his recovery.

Really hopeful he can play at full speed this year. He and Jake Love, if healthy could really be a boost along with Arnick.

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Column: QB Stanley could give big boost to Kansas

I am much more concerned about the receiving corps than the O-Line. The line will be fine. It is the one position where we will actually have some depth.

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Column: Kansas football MVP up in air

Regarding Avery it is a question as to whether the staff and players can ever trust a guy again.

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Kansas O-line coach using Twitter to his advantage with video clips

There does not seem to be the secretive approach with these guys. They do not fear what people may see and know. Of course they will keep any offensive plans on the down low so opponents will often see stuff for the first time on the field, but they are not paranoid like so many coaches in the past.

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Raiders coach Jack Del Rio: Ben Heeney 'plays with his hair on fire'

My loyalty to Ben Heeney far exceeds any love I have for our local franchise and its relationship with the Raiders. Go Big Ben!

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Lions’ Bledsoe open-minded about college destination

If he goes elsewhere it will most likely be due to the current condition of the team. Thank you Coaches Gill and Weis.

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Former South Carolina LB announces intentions to join KU football

I guess everyone is looking for the next Russell Wilson, but I think it is unlikely or at least very rare for that to happen. This guy looks to be good for depth. Maybe can be effective on special teams.

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Coveted recruit Ingram to declare Monday

Wondering since I don't know the rosters where he has the best opportunity to start from day one. Would seem to me it was Duke and KU, but as I said, I don't know the rosters well enough to be sure of that.

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Column: 'Uncertain' future ahead for KU football

I am more concerned about the dismal report of Keegan than I am about the injury. The overall attitude of this article is, even though it acknowledges a rebuilding project usually bottoms out before it begins to rise, is the failure to even acknowledge the people in place to rebuild it.

This staff is the best we have had in the recruiting department in the last 35 years. I think they can rebuild it and don't see the need in being depressed. Watch the kids play and if they work and play hard and represent the University with character, enjoy the ride. Eventually the car you are in will begin to go upward.

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Who are these guys? KU wideout corps unknown for now

I still think this offense will have the capability to use its best players. Ours are our RB's. They can all catch the ball so I see them used a lot on running plays and having a lot of receptions as well.

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