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Column: Kansas football needs blowout

In Stillman's comment, what sometimes is overlooked is the new coaches as well as the new players.

For the last two years our offense has stunk and that has not been because of he juco players. It was because of the coaching staff.

We are hopeful that has been corrected.

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Game-by-game take on the 2014 KU football schedule (Spodcasters)

Finally, we know you guys don't like Mangino. Do you really think he's not going to consult with Snider, on how to formulate a plan to exploit our D-line as much as possible ? Mangino WILL expose our D-line to the max, and keep our offense off the field as much as he can. We will get outcoached, and the chances of beating them are slim to none.
And of course Mangino will walk out of the stadium that night humble, showing nothing but class, and thinking about his next opponent.

Once again in Cramer's dreams the greatest coach since Bear Bryant will dominate us with a lineup of nobodies.

Hey, we know we could lose to ISU, but they could just as easily and even more easily lose to us since the game is here. Anyone who is giving this game away as once we can't win is the crazy guy.

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KU linebacker Ben Heeney to throw out first pitch at Sunday's Royals game

Think what a blessing it would be for this team if Lewandowski wins the LT job and plays well there this year. Maczyk gets to RS and our O-Line has some very nasty guys with him and Martin anchoring the young pups along with Haughton.

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7 KU football players flying under the radar entering 2014

Yeah! We all know Mangino rarely loses a conference game.

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What caught my eye at Monday's practice: Aug. 18th

Well, Cramer, if Weis fails miserably in his first 5 years you could say you are right. However, if in his first 5 years he wins the same as Snyder, you can say you were wrong.

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KU hoops offers Eudora’s Ballock

Wow! Are you bitter at all?

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Kansas moves tight end Shelley-Smith to tackle

If this could be known now, one would think it could have been decided before Spring practice which would have enabled him to prepare even further for competition next year. Seems we may have delayed the inevitable.

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Column: Thin blue line: Kansas better, but building O-lines takes time

I may be totally unable to understand it all, but three things I believe. Our O-Line has more talent now than at any time since Weis has been here. Still not where he wants it but improved talent-wise.

Second, I believe the spread will help give our guys an advantage and allow them to block at angles on the move rather than taking stronger players on straight up.

I also believe the talent on the D-Line is good. My only fear there is running a 3-4, we may not be heavy enough in the middle.

Overall, we now have coaches who can teach these kids to play the game the way it should be so I am expecting improvement. 5-7 to 7-5 range. Go ahead, call me crazy.

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Grand plan: KU wideout Nigel King working way up depth chart

Depth is beginning to develop. We have some fine young guys who will now contribute a year later when they are more mature. That is a good thing.

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KU football practice (August 12)

No. 57 appears to be Jake Love LB, not Kevin Short.

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