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Tom Keegan: Kansas defense among best in Big 12

The major problem with our offense is we are just getting to the point where the whole offense, OL, QB, RB's, WR's can actually run plays correctly, each on the same play.

Our ability to execute our plays under duress is still to come. That is the reason we cannot produce in the red zone.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas defense among best in Big 12

One thing for sure is our offense has played pretty much the same against anyone except RI. The defense has also used a lot of bench players on our side throughout this season.

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Kansas defense unsatisfied, eager to bounce back

I too wanted Bowen as HC, but in all fairness, he has more solid experience on his side of the ball than the offense.

We just need to let this OL develop and watch our offense improve each year.

A young team like ours will first play well at home. Then when experience and confidence increase they will compete on the road. Baby steps.

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Tom Keegan: Career statistical quarterback comparison at Kansas virtual dead heat

Excellent post, Brad. Finally someone who realizes you can't just give a guy a couple of games and then throw him into the trash heap and move on to the next guy. That is not how QB's are developed.

We need to stay the course with Willis followed by Stanley. This duo could give us hope for next year. Then and only then if they fail as some expect, bring Starks on slowly.

Just dumping this team in a young kid's lap and expecting him to turn everything around is not a good plan. Will it happen? Maybe, but don't have that as a plan to solve the QB problem. Keep teaching all those on the roster who have potential to learn the position. Those two for this year are Willis and Stanley.

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Who's No. 3? KU football looking for more productivity at WR

The WR issue will take care of itself. There are several guys who will work into the spot and be productive.

What is alarming is our refusal to realize the value of Ben Johnson. This is an excellent athlete who catches the ball and gets yac as well. We hit him a couple of times and then go away from him for multiple games. This is the most confusing thing about this offense I have seen. Find a guy who is productive and then ignore him.

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How far away is QB Carter Stanley from moving up KU's depth chart?

Let's not overreact to the poor play of our QB on the road at the League leader's home. We need to sustain the good play at home we established against TCU and soon enough it will translate on the road.

Try to imagine the level of confidence of our players that day in Waco compared to the confidence level of theirs. No comparison.

Continue to start Willis. If and when he loses his composure replace him with Stanley. This will continue to get Stanley some experience without the game resting on his shoulders.

We need a definite rotation of QB's that can lead the team successfully next year and this year is the time to develop them. Cozart is out. Starks in being redshirted. Let's spend this year working with Willis and Stanley and eliminate one of them for the duo that will lead us next year. These guys are currently playing for the right to complement Starks next year or have him complement them.

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7th annual Ladies Night Out with Bill Self another rousing success

While I don't see this happening it is the best idea I have ever heard concerning the league. The payouts to the teams would also more than likely be pretty close to the SEC and Big 10 if you could get all those teams together.

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KU quarterbacks not progressing like David Beaty hoped

I would but your blinded by your hatred and could not see it.

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Injured KU linebacker Joe Dineen out again

Why not go for the medical RS since this year he won't win any games for us.

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Kansas football problems run deeper than size of Big 12 conference

Well, Joe, you may well be right on the quality of conversation on here, but when someone looks at a Coach who inherited what Beaty did and in 1 1/2 seasons wants him and the guy who hired him fired right after we have fired the two previous coaches in 2 to 2 1/2 years, someone sitting on the couch has to tell the guy to pipe down because his recommendation is both premature and ridiculously foolish.

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