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Could former Big 12 members be in the expansion mix? Bill Snyder thinks so

Obviously CU and NU would be great to bring back. The possibility, virtually zero. Big egos do not like to admit mistakes. Although current leadership could most likely blame the mistake on someone else and take the high road of the one correcting it.

In reality, I believe the best of all worlds currently available are Cincy and BYU. Both meet the general qualifications beyond just FB to fit in the league.

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Most Crucial Jayhawks 2016: No. 6 - QB Ryan Willis

I realize Cozart has some very admirable qualities but what we cannot afford to do is lose a non-con game by going too far with a kid who has found it difficult to function in the setting offered a Big 12 QB.

Here is hoping Beaty is willing to play the man who can win the game regardless of how he feels personally about him.

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At a loss: Jayhawks reflect on winless 2015 season

I will repeat my mantra. Last year we were freshmen playing, this year we are sophomores. Next year is the year when we are juniors and will be playing on a relatively equal scale experience and maturity wise. It takes time for our 18 yr olds to get to be 20 and 21 to play against the big boys in this league whose programs have been established for years.

Look at the coaching staff tenures in this league. OU - years - OSU - years - TCU - years - KSU - yrs, then you have programs like Texas who recruit the highest level of players each and every year, Baylor, who is having off field problems but a program loaded with talent from Briles time there, Texas Tech and Wva. are closest to us in tenure but neither of them reached the depths we did under Gill and Weis. ISU is the closest thing to our program and even they have much better roster numbers overall. A new coach and system might give us an opportunity.

This is a steep up hill climb. Going straight up the side of the mountain for Beaty and staff. I think they can do it. They should surprise someone and win at least 3 games this year. If they do, watch out on the recruiting trail.

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Say something nice about Kansas football: Jayhawks' run defense will improve

Failed to mention Jackie Dezir. He should be first in line as a back up. He was hurt last year or at least recovering from injury. Should be ready to go this year.

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Role models: KU reps to Big 12 Media Days reflect Beaty’s mantra

Beaty is definitely the man to tun the fortunes of our program around. I hope we have the good sense to let him make mistakes and grow in his job just as he is letting these kids grow into mature men and players. Probably at least one more rough year ahead.

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Most Crucial Jayhawks 2016: No. 12 - S Fish Smithson

I really hope he is as accomplished as many think he is. My FB analysis is usually lacking in technical areas, but if he and others can secure the back end of this defense in a speed and pass crazy league, we could enjoy watching the Hawks this year.

Certainly the LB corps appears set to be league average at worst. WR/TE should also match the average talent league wise even though we are a bit green there. DL could be another spot where talent may have added enough strength and experience to compete. Special teams look to be much improved just because Joe DeForest is here.

That leaves us secondary on defense (and there is talent here, just inexperience), the O-Line, QB and RB to raise the level of performance for us to pick up a couple of wins that no one expects.

The athleticism and conditioning of this team should make them fun to watch.

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Larry Brown resigns from SMU

Larry is the best bench coach in basketball history, period! Having said that, the college landscape with the NCAA looking over the shoulder of anyone who has had violations in the past is a tough atmosphere for him to work in.

He does hate recruiting. He is a very selfish guy. But watch how he teaches unselfish basketball and say you don't love to watch his teams play.

Who is the world could have restored SMU in on year like he did?

If my team has a 5 point lead with 5 minutes to go in the game. Get everyone else out of the way and give me Larry Brown. I will win more often than with anyone you can name.

And the crimes he purportedly committed at Kansas worthy of the punishment? C'mon man, the NCAA haunts this guy like a stalker. Good, reputable guys have done worse with no recriminations. Just look at what went on at UNC and what will happen to them? Nothing. Amazing.

Don't bring any anti Larry Brown stuff around here.

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Say something nice about Kansas football: All but two starters return on defense

They are 1 year closer to the age and experience of their opponents. We will play sophs this year against our opponents seniors whereas it was frosh last year.

When we begin to play kids that are the same age as our opponents, we will win our share.

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Hull of a hire

No questioning his results. If he helps us restock this roster a year or two quicker than we would have this team could be competing in '17.

I expect our sophs to play better against the seniors of the league than our frosh did last year and next season (17) our juniors will have had 3 full years with Mr. Jackson and we should be able to compete with even the big boys.

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