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Notebook: Meacham breaks down Stanley's 3 interceptions at Texas

Not that 2-3 wins per year or 3 wins in 3 years is acceptable (and I have been as grumpy over Beaty's won-loss record as any), but there is the side of the coin that a combination of experience for Coach (never having been a HC before) and the maturation of our players and roster in general may actually produce 3-4 wins next year.
If that happened, I would be inclined to keep him simply based on Jack's comments. He does run a clean program. Over an extended period, that will pay off with high retention and good development simply as a by product of high character.
It is at least something that should be considered.
Making another hasty fire and hire is just not the way to go.

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Impressive football coaches have wanted Kansas job for past three openings

Some say that call has been made and he was not interested at all. Bohl, that is.

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KU says benched basketball player hit curb on 19th Street, damaged tires; university still mum on 'financial picture'

KU BB has the worst drivers in the history of mankind. Have any of these kids driven a car before arriving in Lawrence?

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Clutch plays key Kansas victory over Kentucky at Champions Classic

I see a different Newman than I anticipated. I thought he was more athletic. Instead his strength is just being a guy who plays a solid game. Was disappointed he could not elevate sufficiently to get his shots off at the rim.

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Tom Keegan: Does winning in football mean as much as it once did to Kansas Athletics?

The one thing Tom has not addressed concerning the Chancellor's statement is whether he (the Chancellor) genuinely believes in the process currently being implemented by Beaty.
Beaty has at least been much better organized than Gill and has a greater overall concern for the University's best interest than Weis.
I would submit to you that explains the willingness to endure 3-31 on the way to better days.
Now, I am not pro or con or whether Beaty should be retained. I do without hesitation say Zenger should be retained.
I understand the argument about his failure to hire a winning coach in two tries. One aspect of his job does not disqualify him automatically in my mind.

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KU-Kentucky set to renew unique rivalry Tuesday in Chicago

Attended the 150-95 game with friends from Kentucky. Had to suppress my ecstatic joy and commiserate with them during the game, but truly enjoyed it later.
Related to that, I visited my daughter in Kentucky over a year ago and went into a convenience store wearing Jayhawk sweats. A guy comes up to me and says you could be in danger wearing those around here. We laughed as I reminded him they held a large advantage in the series. He turned and said, "We still owe you for beating us 150-95. That game still sticks in their craw.

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KU-Kentucky set to renew unique rivalry Tuesday in Chicago

No, Jim, that game was in Lexington.

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'Kings of just almost': Numerous issues compromising KU football offense

Starting to agree with you Charlie.

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Bill Self, Jayhawks OK with imperfect dress rehearsal in 86-57 win over Fort Hays State

It was Fort Hays State and every player knew that. Pure and simple.
I do believe anyone who expects Malik to be our leading scorer and some kind of star will be disappointed. I think he will be a solid No. 2 guard and no more. He is strong and smooth but somehow does not seem to be able to spring loose for either outside shots or drives to the basket.
I could be dead wrong. We shall see.

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Kansas extends scholarship offer to dual-threat, junior college quarterback

No one has even asked the question as to whether this represents an upgrade at the QB position. We have suffered through bad QB's and bad teams ever since Todd has graduated. Wonder if there is any correlation?
This staff has to get the players here who can win and until they are fired that is what they should be trying to do.
If and when our staff begins to try to conduct themselves so Tom Keegan will think they are consistent is when they should be immediately terminated.
If Keegan was qualified to coach the team he would be the coach.
What he is qualified to do is criticize those who do. That is what journalists do.
He does a good job, but his criticism does not in any way provide a template for developing a roster or coaching a team.

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