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Kansas transfer Ryan Willis looking forward to renewing confidence at Virginia Tech

Ryan has the physical skills to succeed at QB. The question is can he learn the offense, read the defenses and make the proper decisions as the leader of an offense. One would think with proper coaching he could.
Anyone, including our Coaching Staff who thought he was a primary thought in our offense when they signed Carter Stanley late in the same recruiting season was fooling himself. (I am one of those)
He was never a fit for Beaty's idea of an offense. That explains the short leash on Ryan and the extremely long leash with Cozart.
This is a textbook case where a kid who is recruited by one coach should reconsider when a new coach with a different offensive philosophy is hired to replace him. Further if a kid like Ryan is signed up and the change takes place, the kid should be allowed to opt out of his scholie and go somewhere else. Coaches move as they want and kids get stuck in the mud.
Finally, Beaty should have been up front with Ryan and told him to reconsider. He had to know by looking at film he was not going to succeed at the things he wants his QB to do.

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Quarterback Ryan Willis informs head coach David Beaty of intention to transfer

Ryan Willis has great physical skills. He simply needs to be in a system that emphasizes those skills. I do not know if the guy at Tech can use those skills and bring them to the fore, but if Ryan gets the chance, he can "spin it" as Beaty likes to say.
As a walk on his chances may be slim. Their are obviously guys in front of him. But if Fuente sees him throw the ball for awhile he may keep Ryan in the back of his mind and work him in as is possible without upsetting the applecart.
Give him a RS year to learn the system and I will not be surprised if he contributes to their success over the last 2 years of his college stay.

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KU football announces ACC, Big Ten foes for future seasons

Actually I agree with Kevin, but maybe for a different reason. While at the moment, beating Rhode Island was a fun thing, it did not last long after the emotion died I realized we had not accomplished anything of substance.
I want to see us play teams of our caliber. Sure we run the risk of losing, but when I go to Memorial I want to see a real FB game where guys are busting their tails to compete.
We now have some great kids in our program and I have little doubt that upswing will continue with Beaty and his staff doing the recruiting. Let's give them a chance to accept the challenge of beating others of like ilk.

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Long to-do list no problem for freshman Josh Jackson

Just love the intensity with which he plays. He will need to work on his shot when he goes pro, but he will have all day every day to get it done. Pulling for this kid like no other.

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Jason Phillips leaves KU football staff

We can do better than both.

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Top 10 most important members of KU football program in 2016

If we score in the mid 30's next season we will be bowling. As you watch high scores in our league you still have to play defense and our defense returns much of its core. 35 pts per game will win us at least 6 games next year.
Now, do I think we will score 35 ppg.? No! We are on our way to that point but I doubt we reach it until '18

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Notebook: Jackson 'lost composure' during technical foul; Jayhawks make key free throws

Agreed. All night the Gettys said he slammed the ball down. He DID NOT! He was animated, but what person with a brain would not be when a guy snags a rebound that came right to him over another player who failed to get his hands up in time to get it and is called for a foul.
I know Bill can't speak freely in public, but he needs to let the kid know he made a good play, but that his emotions need to be under better control, because now refs will be watching him just like they did the twins.

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QB Peyton Bender's Air Raid experience makes him instant starting candidate

I disagree with the same old story lines. As you upgrade your roster it looks the same because the story is essentially the same until you reach a higher level each step of the way.
No doubt our QB picture is better. While I don't think the Air Raid is Willis' cup of tea, it should suit Bender, Stanley and Starks very well. They all possess sufficient skills specific to it to succeed.
Will Bender or any of our QB's throw for 4400+ yards next year? I seriously doubt it. Does that mean they are failures or busts as some suggest? No!
Falk did not look like a world beater in the bowl game because they depended solely upon him to pass them to victory.
I believe our QB's will be crucial to managing our game plans next year and making sufficient plays, but I also believe our running game, our special teams and our defense will all improve as well.
We are taking a step up each year. Patience grasshopper.

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Frank Mason tops ratings with 22 points, seven assists at TCU

While Frank had a typically solid game, Landen was spectacular. Not even close call. Landen No. 1 last night. Without him we lose.

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KU freshman Udoka Azubuike out for the season with wrist injury

I fear you are correct. With so many teams on nearly an equal footing this year. Probably 10-12 teams actually could get on a roll and win the whole thing.
I fear we just dropped to tier 2 in that regard. I am hopeful we can still win No. 13. That would be some satisfaction from a team I originally thought had a realistic chance to win it all.

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