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Beaty eager to kick off first Kansas spring

I think Brett is a little quick on the firing trigger concerning the AD. Zenger did miss on Weis. No doubt about it. If KU fired the AD every time a FB HC failed we would never have kept one with the possible exception of Al Bohl. Only problem there is Roy fired him.

We need to evaluate Zenger just like we do Beaty. On the overall performance of duties and not just on wins an losses. Zenger is cleaning up messes he was left with and while he failed on Weis, he has hit a home run on Beaty. He has also undertaken the task of improving overall competence in the entire department. He is a good man who will eventually be viewed as one of the best AD's we have had and one of the best in the country.

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Column: KU’s 2015-’16 outlook uncertain

The point made by Jason about the OAD's is spot on. Calipari takes the cream of the crop and we get the left overs. No need to even go that route if you can't have the best. Let's build our team with maturity and experience and compete for a final four every 2-3 years.

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Self, Ellis and Graham explain what went wrong in season-ending loss to WSU (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

While one cannot diminish our 11th straight Big 12 title, we must admit we finished the year 6-5 in our last 11 games.

If Bill continues the OAD parade of guys who are excellent skilled players such as Wiggins, JoJo, Kelly and on it can go, we will never have team success. The fact is Calipari and the Kentucky money are getting the cream of the crop of OAD's and we weaken our team by taking their leftovers.

Kansas is indeed a flyover state and we can compete for a national title every 3 years or so if we recruit players with the plan for them to stay at least 3 years.

This means we evaluate the best we can in recruiting, coach the best we can once they get here and patiently wait for them to mature and develop. In their third year we will be strong if we keep them. Running players off because they are not as good as we thought when we recruited them is not the key to success.

Keep Greene, Mason, Graham, Selden, Ellis, Lucas, Mickelson, Traylor and add players each year who can provide what this nucleus cannot and continue to mature and improve and every 3 years or so we will be as good as anyone.

We had better talent than WSU but they had a better team. Why? Because they have played together for 3 years.

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Time frame for Cliff Alexander's return remains a mystery

Certainly the situation with his High School Team should not affect this. The NCAA knew about that when they cleared him for college ball. Smells like to me someone has given Cliff something he should not have, probably an agent.

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KU’s Heeney turns heads at combine

What a joy for Kansas fans to have the pleasure of watching this young man play the game right here for us as a Kansas kid should.

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KU’s JaCorey Shepherd relishes combine experience

It was my privilege to watch Jacorey play his entire career here. What a great kid and he is an excellent CB. It is hard to think of a great many NFL CB's who have a brighter future than he.

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Column: End nearing for Bonnie Henrickson?

It was obvious Zenger wanted to give a gal with a decent rep another shot after the Sweet 16, thinking that may infuse some real energy into the program. I like the way he has handled all of the coaches. I believe the overall performance of our athletic teams has improved since he came on board. And that, after all is the goal of his job.

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Latest Big 12 road loss leaves Jayhawks searching for answers

There is no need for panic. This team will probably go no where anyway. Really good kids who I love to see play. No inside game except for a 6'7" finesse player who scores more than should be expected that close to the basket.

Something is missing in this team. Who knows. Some piece of chemistry. I do like the overall play of the team better when Devonte is the point guard, but you lose Frank's aggressive plays when that is the case.

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Beaty refines KU recruiting pitch

The comment about how the defense will play certainly matches his desire for length and speed. Guys with long arms and speed can both get to the QB but can also defend the pass.

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Column: Kansas baseball extra motivated

Best of luck to these guys. Would love to see Price set a standard of making the tourney each year and then occasionally going deep.

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