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Column: Blame Weis for ’15 struggles

It seems then it was not the quick fix approach at all that was the problem. It was the fact it did not fix the problem. The players he recruited were not of sufficient character to stay the course and develop as players.

We would be no better off if they had stayed since their character was the chief problem. They did not have what it took to reach their potential.

Now, we are short, but the best of the crop have stayed. We will more than likely win a game and probably more than one game.

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Michael Cummings on benefits and challenges of Air Raid offense

Beaty has never said the Air Raid Offense neglects running the ball. It is up tempo and it offers the ability to use your best assets whatever they may be. If we are passing more than 60/40 ratio with the running game, we will fail.

When you watch any of the Air Raid offenses (Baylor, WVU, TTU OSU) you see them run the ball a good bit.

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New Kansas D-line coach Calvin Thibodeaux credible

You failed to mention LaTrion Jones. Is it because he is currently being held out due to injury or has something worse happened to him?

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What caught my eye at Day 6 & 7 of KU football's 2015 spring practices

With players like Mosby, Ehambe and Olobia I really am beginning to believe we will finally have a pass rush. It would be great just to see opposing QB's have to hurry and settle for something other than exactly what they planned.

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KU spring football practice No. 7

Maybe we should just suspend your comments so you don't disturb the general optimistic approach to life in general the rest of us share.

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KU football D-backs coaches already clicking

Perry was probably as good a replacement for Campo as anyone could find. His advantage is he is younger with more energy to offer.

Bowen's energy and enthusiasm was obvious last year when he took over. I think we will see kids giving it all they have this year.

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Clint Bowen details what's in store for KU's defense this spring

No question it is a big decision on which way to go. They have decided playing fast and making quick decisions and learning to adjust quickly is as important as learning all the intricacies of the defense.

There is no doubt this team on offense and defense will be in a learning stage all year. The hope is they will get better as the year goes on. As Dale says, I trust the coaches to make the best overall decisions.

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Column: Top-flight quarterback may not be enough for Kansas

I think most are expecting Stanley to exceed Willis. I am not so sure. There are things Stanley has that Willis does not such as foot speed. But Willis is a sharp kid who has an NFL arm.

My hope is whoever wins out between them will play this year and the other Redshirt so there is a year separation between them and we can begin to build a continuation of qualified QB's like Baylor has done recently.

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Column: Coleman could be best bet at WR

I constantly hear of the loss the team will suffer with Tony Pierson gone. After his concussion at the end of '13, he was never the same. What were his numbers last year. We will be fine at RB with Cox, Mann and Avery along with Kinner. We even have a true frosh who could play if needed in Martin.

RB is the least of the worries for this team.

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Beaty eager to kick off first Kansas spring

I think Brett is a little quick on the firing trigger concerning the AD. Zenger did miss on Weis. No doubt about it. If KU fired the AD every time a FB HC failed we would never have kept one with the possible exception of Al Bohl. Only problem there is Roy fired him.

We need to evaluate Zenger just like we do Beaty. On the overall performance of duties and not just on wins an losses. Zenger is cleaning up messes he was left with and while he failed on Weis, he has hit a home run on Beaty. He has also undertaken the task of improving overall competence in the entire department. He is a good man who will eventually be viewed as one of the best AD's we have had and one of the best in the country.

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