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KU tight end Johnson keeps learning

Who knows how kids will develop, but this kid has all the tools to be a very good TE for KU. Wishing him the best. Love those local success stories and will be rooting for this one.

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Column: Kansas QB Ryan Willis turning heads

Quite frankly he is my favorite due to being from Kansas. I root for local guys. It will be a great competition. Cozart has a head start on Willis and Stanley, but they seem to be very talented and committed to winning the position.

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KU football lands Texas cornerback Ian Peterson

Not sure you are saying this, but if you are suggesting we cannot succeed until the Stadium is renovated, you are wrong.

Is it a necessity to complete the turnaround of the program? Yes! But this staff can recruit and will get the players to rebuild this program that Patterson and Briles built theirs on.

Then when the wins begin to come the money people will be believers and the Stadium will be renovated. (See Baylor) Then we will move into the upper half of the league, the Stadium will be full on Saturdays. Wait and see. It should take a max of 3 years with this group doing the work.

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Loss of Corey Avery brings questions to KU's RB position

There is no definite pass run ration in this offense. If you can run the ball and have difficulty passing you go that route or vice versa. The ideal is to have about 60/40 pass run but the personnel will dictate the percentages.

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Sources: KU to add UAB wide receiver Quincy Perdue via transfer

Give these guys credit. They are not sleeping on the job.

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World Games loom soon

A lack of height doesn't seem to affect Golden State. If you lack height you play differently than you do with a dominant post player. As long as these guys play to their strengths they should be very good.

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Column: Today’s hot tip: take the under

I am taking the over.

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Inextricably linked: Bourbon, Cox bound through injury, rehab

We fans just don't realize what these kids go thru. Guts always and glory sometimes.

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Texas high school safety chooses Jayhawks

I just don't see athletic bodies being a problem for this staff over the long haul. They know where the diamonds are found and their connections in that state are just terrific.

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Healthy Schyler Miles looking to make impact for KU football

I am confused. Is he healthy or not. First you say he is pain free which seems to indicate he is and then he is not yet full speed and monitoring his recovery.

Really hopeful he can play at full speed this year. He and Jake Love, if healthy could really be a boost along with Arnick.

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