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Quan Hampton to join former KU football teammate in transferring to UNI

C'mon Stephen. Dom was running third at RB and Hampton was well down the roster 2-3 deep. We are not losing production with these two guys.
They are fine young men who simply want to play some FB and it was not going to happen here.

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KU football schedules 3-game series with Fresno State

2 road games in non-con in '29? Seems strange.

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Game Day Breakdown - No. 1 Kansas vs. Oklahoma State

Problem with OSU is they look like bottom feeders yet seem to be headed for the middle of the conference due to recent play. Boynton has them playing their game pretty efficiently recently.
We will be fine as long as we play hard.

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Notebook: KU coach Bill Self announces freshman Jalen Wilson will redshirt

The redshirt only makes sense if he is to stay 4 years. Since no one knows the answer to that question, it is best to RS him. But if he leaves after playing 2 or 3 years it makes no difference at all.

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Complementary play of Ochai Agbaji easy to overlook

He needs to develop better handles on the ball and some confidence in his passing skills. His entry passes to the post are always very tentative and that leads to errors.
He does not dribble the ball well enough to be consistent in driving to the hoop. If he improves in those two areas we will further appreciate his team efforts at rebounding and defense. Good kid. Will continue to get better.

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RBs coach Tony Hull leaving KU football

A healthy departure for both Hull and KU. Let's Miles hire his man and allows Hull to find somewhere to coach where his boss is the one who chose him. In coaching that is always a key element.
The coaching departures were nearly all predictable. Bowen and Hull were retained due to contractual obligations that have since expired. Hecklinski left for a promotion. Ekeler, while a very enthusiastic guy had a unit, special teams, that performed poorly last year.
I am sure the original staff Miles had was not exactly what he wanted. It takes some time at KU (not a destination for top level guys) to get the staff the way you want.
We will be fine.

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Les Miles thinks KU addressed most of its needs in 2020 signing class

Warren never came here or coached here.

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Les Miles thinks KU addressed most of its needs in 2020 signing class

Not hard to understand Steven. Most KU fans are half empty folks at this juncture and stay home instead of going to the games.
I do believe Miles has a resume that says he knows how to build a team. And that building such a team requires methodical acquisition and development of talent.
With that said, if you see improvement this year it will probably be in the individual development and not in the W/L column.

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Les Miles thinks KU addressed most of its needs in 2020 signing class

It is necessary for the reader to actually engage his mind if he is to understand comments in an article. Miles hates the phrase, "It is what it is."
And the players found it difficult to find playing time here as there were guys in front of them. They go somewhere else to achieve said playing time.
And finally, Yeah, you are reading too much into something anyone else can simply figure out.
There are limitations to the specifics a Coach can speak of players coming into the system. There are also kindnesses that are afforded those who are blue shirts or gray shirts, etc., so they are not identified.

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