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KU AD Sheahon Zenger receives contract extension through June 2021

I know a very small minority will be disappointed but those who have watched KU Sports for years will be able to view Zenger in perspective and realize the A.D. is on the rise all across the board.

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Zenger: New KU chancellor Doug Girod has shown strong interest in supporting athletics

Buzz off Frederick. Sheahon Zenger is a real asset to our Athletic Department and if and when he is shown the door many and far away most fans will be disappointed and will suffer the result of a very bad decision.

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Safety Sam Skwarlo leaves KU football after redshirt season

Love the local kids to stock our roster, but fully understand kids who do not want to spend their prime college years standing on the sideline.
They love to play the game and must find a place where they can.

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Former Jayhawk Josh Jackson projects as more than just KU's latest Top 5 pick

Clearly my favorite one and done ever. Probably would be my favorite all time if he stayed one more year and definitely if he played 4 years.

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Sam Cunliffe gives Kansas another acrobatic dunker

I had not watched any film or seen him in any games.
He is more athletic than I envisioned.

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Jayhawks expect QB Peyton Bender to come 'out of his shell'

Whoever leads us needs to be dynamic within his own personality. Guys with confidence cannot hide it. The personal confidence of the QB will be obvious. If you can't see it, it ain't there.

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How Kansas baseball and football players measure up to beefy Yankees

Of course Sabathia is going to look rather silly trying to cover Sims or Gonzalez. He also would get destroyed by Dorrance Armstrong or by Adeniji.
Little silly trying to compare 30 year olds to 20's as well as the skill set of baseball players to football.
We would be happy to play them in football anytime.

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Five things we learned from the 2016-17 KU basketball season

First, great article. Second, as to the debate about Self, many of the great coaches did their winning later in life. I believe Self is in the 54,55 range in age. All of Roy's titles came after that age I believe. Coach K has had much of his success in the last 15 years.
I really think there is a maturation or "now I get it" factor that seems to happen between the age of 55 and retirement with these guys.
If Bill doesn't win it all again before he is 60, I will begin to be concerned. Right now I am enjoying the ride and finding great pleasure in watching him evolve as a top flight coach.
One thing Bill possesses is a great personal charm the co-exists with his demands for his players to excel. That is a beautiful thing to watch.

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Early high school grad Kyron Johnson ahead of schedule thanks to spring experience

I wonder what the real weight is? Maybe 215? With his athleticism, 215 would be great for an OLB as a true frosh.

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