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Which Kansas prospect will go first in NBA draft no easy call

whats done is done and forget about it. preston is young and a tremendous talent. He just needs to focus on getting healthy and in playing shape and work thru this and follow the path that his talent will take him through. He can turn this around if he puts the past behind him. Good luck Billy!!!!

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Self discusses strange Lagerald Vick situation at USA Basketball camp

Second guessing Self is generally a losing proposition but this could be interpreted as, "well, we got all we wanted out of you and its time for you to move on." which presents a scenario where players come to Kansas and if it works out great but if not dont let the door hit you on the way out. We got another guy were giving that deal to now. If it doesnt work out with him, he'll be shown the door as well

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Former Jayhawk Lagerald Vick pulls name from NBA draft pool

Self should talk him into coming back. He is probably the best guard in the country available to KU right now. A tremendous athlete and a senior who knows selfs system. He could have a stellar senior year and be a real difference maker. If he could catch on in the G league he doesnt have to go to class and can practice all day to improve while making a modest paycheck. That might serve him better but KU could absolutely use him if that can be worked out

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Reports: AAU director linked to NCAA bribery case, KU families pleads guilty

"KU currently is considering a multiyear, $192 million contract extension with Adidas." This would be a good time to move on from adidas. KU is at least complicit to the point they are willing to do business with this company. They should bench them.

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KU target Romeo Langford says latest FBI news hasn't hurt Kansas

sean miller contests these allegations as being false. We may hope he is right. I dont know of any conviction at this point so to say he's made direct payouts to recruits is premature.

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Grimes, Langford ready to roll at 2018 Jordan Brand Classic

Lot of the one and dones are rated on potential and as KU and Self have proven, sometimes that first and only year falls way short of expectations. No guard coming in would have provided more for this team than Vick would have. Self should have done more to keep him instead of likely helping to send him down the road to free up a scholarship

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KU's Lagerald Vick announces intention to turn pro

He could transfer to another school if NBA doesnt pan out and self has moved on. I highly doubt this but it is another option other that returning to KU

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