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Prep Oubre expected to announce today

Simple answer MarineHawk, you can see it in his stroke. It is tough to come off the bench dead cold and shoot a high percentage, when only getting a couple of minutes at a time. He has the stroke, no question in my mind. However, even as a shooting specialist he now has strong competition from Greene and Frankamp for that role. He's going to need to do more if he wants to play significant minutes. Self seems pretty high on him in recent comments, so hopefully he's seeing significant strides.

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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes

Weis was afraid to let Cummings or Crist throw the ball last year. About their only job was to hand it off.

I suggest Cozart because he can definitely run, something that would be of value behind our terrible O line.

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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes

I believe our class was ranked in the top 30 by some ratings groups. Considering we were not even a top 100 team, I'll stand by that comment. The juco guys haven't all worked out, but that's the risk with juco guys. It is a risk that had to be taken because we needed immediate help.

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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes

KU did correct it to 35,000 citing an error in reporting to the press box. It did look to me to be more like 35,000 (at least until the second quarter, and by games end maybe 1,000, if that. Even the players' parents left early.

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Prep Oubre expected to announce today

It's going to be tough for Andrew if Oubre commits. Self likes quickness and athleticism and, while Andrew is a great shooter, he's not especially quick or athletic. It remains to be seen if he can guard at a level Self can be happy with. For his sake I hope he's not going to be one of those guys who everyone thinks, "Next year is going to be his year" only to have that year never arrive.

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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes

I don't think anyone in the stadium liked the musical QB's. We've seen Cummings, and I've been underwhelmed. If we are going to play musical QB's, at least let's see someone different. I've heard great things about Cozart since his early days in high school.

Heaps has been pretty good when given time to pass and when receivers have gotten open. Not perfect, but certainly a big upgrade from last year.

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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes

If you're going to suggest things got progressively worse at ND while he was there, but say his early successes were the result of his predecessor's recruits, then you have to turn around and give him credit for recruiting much of the core of last year's ND team that made it to the BCS championship game.

I do agree with many of your points, especially the one about his talent at selling Charlie Weis, but I don't think there is any denying the fact that he brought in talent to ND. Of course, we all know that's a pretty easy job.

But it is also fair to say he's done a nice job of bringing in higher profile recruits than KU has a right to be bringing in given our lack of success in recent years. They may not all be panning out, but a lot of these guys were kids that other good programs wanted.

I'm not ready to give up on him yet, but he does need to let the ego go and hire a new offensive coordinator, so he can manage other aspects of the program and be free of that responsibility.

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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes

I'm not sure how a guy who is just a few years removed from being the brightest offensive mind in the NFL, can do such a poor job coordinating a college offense, and calling plays.

It is pretty clear to me that the best offensive minds are coaching college football, not pro football. It's time for Charlie to bring in a bright young offensive coordinator because, clearly, what's happening offensively on the college level has passed him by.

This is not the time to fire him. He needs at least one or two more years, but on the condition that he hire an offensive coordinator. I like some things he's done with the program, and he deserves a chance to finish what he's started. We have to get out of this coaching musical chairs game we've been playing. The juco /transfer experiment isn't the total bust that some believe it is. There are guys contributing, despite some of the higher profile busts.

I'm far from ready to replace Heaps, he's played ok given how poor our line play has been, but if we're going to run a two QB system lets take the red shirt off of Cozart. Cummings is not a passer. Let Cozart come in and run a little read option. Let him throw a few passes when the defense expects run.

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Riggle, wiggles highlight ‘Night

Those Baylor alums must have a lot of money. Just sayin'.

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Opinion: 2013-14 Jayhawks' ceiling limitless if ...

I love big strong point guards and the match up problems they create.

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