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You did stay until end, right?

This was my 1st time at a KU football game. My son and I drove 3 hours
to attend. I spent $160 for the 2 tickets which I bought in August. My other
son who goes to KU arranged for an awesome free parking spot. At the
beginning of the 4th quarter, I told my son I was ready to go home. He said
"but dad, you said we would stay the entire game, no matter what...and
besides, we gain an hour tonight, so c'mon let's stay"
We stayed......I never sat down that last quarter and yelled and cheered
so much I don't have a voice today. The win was awesome, but the best
part.........watching all those KU players on the sideline, they were so

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Collins a draft punch line

I have to question the intelligence of Keegan's boss, the person
who decides...."yeah, we'll publish this". This person must be
a real tool.

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Next-best fit for KU? Big/Pac-20

Hey Notre Dame, the Big12 has an opening. I'm sure that's not going to happen, but,
send them an invite anyway. Get even more aggressive and also invite TCU, LSU and
Arkansas. That makes 15 schools.......invite 1 more, maybe Memphis or Houston, and
become the Big16. Or better yet, get to 16 and then kick out Colorado and Missouri
and become the Big14.
I have read and read and read about what the Big12 has done for KU sports, and most
of it is true, but no one ever discusses what KU basketball has done for the Big12.
KU will be fine, whereever it lands. I don't see being a member of the Mountain West
conference as a bad thing, there's lots of opportunity there, but maybe change the
name of the conference.

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Don’t get hopes too high

It's just Keegan's view. He has a right to express his views. I agree with the other
poster who said Keegan has written plenty of positive articles, especially about
Reesing. It's just that I don't let Keegan's views affect mine, positive or negative.
There's something about the way he writes.....sorta has this underlying arrogance
about it. But then, I'm sure someone could say that about the way I write. I think
Keegan forgets that there are people reading his articles that have followed KU
sports longer than he has been alive....I'm one of them, ugh.

But whatever, I enjoy anticipating football season, and watching KU football more
and more on TV----couldn't say that 10 years ago. And, I thank the former coaching
staff, the former players, the current coaching staff, and the current players, for that.

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Wichita RB picks Kansas

Heights grad here also--'76, a year before D. Valentine. Always fun to watch
KU players from Heights, especially when you consider back in the 70's the
Heights football team was lucky to win 2 games a year........

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Chemistry Cut This Season Short....

I don't know if lack of chemistry was this team's problem. I've watched the NCAA
tournament for years, and there's plenty of examples of luck being involved when
teams win close games, which means there's also plenty examples of unlucky.
KU met a team that was well prepared and executed their game plan, but also
adjusted well throughout the game, and was mature enough to handle KU's
comeback, but UNI had some luck in that game also.
I know that scheduling involves many factors, one being money, but I'd like to
see KU schedule more games in the non-conf. where they take a huge risk if
they lose, and don't really gain that much if they win.
I'm not saying that KU doesn't play tough games on the road, but it seems it's
always at big name schools....Tenn., UCLA, Michigan St., etc.
Why not take some huge risks and schedule games at like.......New Mexico,
Southern Illinois, Butler, hell Northern Iowa, etc.----games where they really
don't gain that much if they win, and take a huge hit if they lose.
But, a loss, especially in the non-conf schedule can be a huge teaching exp.
for the coaching staff. Plus, so what if a loss or 2 in the non-conf. schedule
costs them a higher seed later in the year......I for one have seen enough of
that so called "glamour" of being a #1 seed.
A team is not going to go undefeated for the season, or it's going to be very why not schedule a couple really nasty non-conf away games?
Most of the time, a loss is not always all bad, and if they lose an away game
to a team they should have beat, let our amazing coaching staff turn it into a

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FINAL: Northern Iowa shocks Kansas, 69-67

Sad day to be a Jayhawk fan, but still proud to be a Jayhawk fan. I live
in Springfield, MO., so it will be a rough day at work Mon with all the
tiger fans. I'm from Wichita originally, so I've always followed the MVC,
and I knew Northern Iowa was going to be a tough out......with that
said, could anyone tell me if I heard the CBS announcers correctly?
I'm certain they said more than once that this was the 1st MVC team
to make it to the Sweet 16 since Larry B. and Indiana St.---That's not true,
Wichita St was in the 16 in, I think, 2006, and I'm sure KU beat
Southern Illinois in the 16 in 2007.
Northern Iowa is a damn good team, and part of a good conference, with
that said, KU should have beat this team.
As ALWAYS........Rock Chalk.

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Jayhawks surprised by seemingly tough NCAA draw

Northern Iowa is no easy out, an experienced team that has been
playing together for at least 2 years. But then, there are no easy
outs. Go Jayhawks!!!

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FINAL: 2,000! Collins, Aldrich lead KU to 80-68 victory over Texas Tech

Enjoying the day here at work in Springfield, MO. All the
tigger fan co-workers have no team to watch today.

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Mizzou moving to the Big 10?

When the Big 12 was formed, I think they made a big mistake by going "North-South".
Instead, they should have gone "East-West" :
West: TX, TECH, A&M, BU, OSU, CU
"North-South" effectively eliminated the OU-NEB football rivalry, which, I believe,
was "the" strongest rivalry nationally, at the time.
And, besides, TX and OU would have been in the championship game many times anyway.
As much as I dislike the tiggers, can't really blame the school for taking a good look
at the Big 10.
A problem with the Big 12 is that 3 of the former Big 8 schools have not done
a good job at staying competitive in all of the high profile sports---ISU, CU, and NEB
If the tiggers leave, my opinion is--reshuffle and go "east-west" and replace
them with Tulsa.
Of course, my opionion is just that...and I do enjoy reading other's, makes
for some interesting speculation

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