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Wake Forest basketball staff adds another Jayhawk as Manning hires Walters

Thanx, I was having a hard time following Chapman's exploits at KU. Almost broke the internet in trying find out more about him.

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KU women's tennis riding high and ready for more

Destroy them! DESTROY THEM ALL!!!

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Bill Self to San Antonio conspiracy theorists won't be proven right any time soon

I have it on good authority that Coach Self is about to accept the head coach job for swimming at Elizabeth City State. Either that, or Midvale Jr. High's senior Glee Club advisor.

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Kansas big man Udoka Azubuike to return for senior season

I was going to say the same thing, let Dok shoot it during the exhibition games, and maybe during the regular season when we have leads, even give him a shot at a few threes. If we are up big, then a few misses won't matter...might hurt his phenomenal FG average, but that's OK, I think he'll take the practice.

Also agree to more post moves and improve FTs.

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Big 12 champs: KU tennis claims first conference title since 1996 with 4-2 win over Texas

Great job! That is a POWERFUL looking lady in that shot under the headline!

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KU announces formal filing of Silvio De Sousa's appeal of NCAA suspension

There's a question of financial damage and career impact to him if this continues. This appeal is between KU and the NCAA. But if it doesn't pan out, a court may find that the NCAA is unfairly imperiling his future career and potential earnings as an NBA start, and may be violating his civil rights if as you say, they are just trying to make a scapegoat or a statement at the expense of a player's future career. And I'm willing to bet $50 that KU could find inconsistencies in how the NCAA has ruled against players in the past.

Has the NCAA ever come out and publicly stated or published a policy that specifies actions taken to influence a player's recruitment by or scholarship offer to a school would result in punitive actions against that player even if the player and school have absolutely no knowledge of the act?

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Memorable moments from the 2019 KU men's basketball banquet

Well, whenever you are in a legal issue, the best thing to do is not say anything about it, or be very controlled in your message, that's just par for the course.

That said, I'm free to say I can't see any world where the NCAA's ruling is even remotely just.

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Elijah Johnson's "Self Made" squad seeking to take home The Tournament's $2 million prize this summer

I'll agree with that statement. I can even get past someone having a bad game, it happens. I just can't get past that punch which I think Coach Self called a 'thug move.'

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Elijah Johnson's "Self Made" squad seeking to take home The Tournament's $2 million prize this summer

Yeah I remember that, and then the drive to the basket and then the unwise kick out to Tharpe who was totally not ready or expecting him to do that. That was depressing blowing a 14 point lead like that.

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Elijah Johnson's "Self Made" squad seeking to take home The Tournament's $2 million prize this summer

Sorry, I think of "Punch to the groin" EJ and his play that probably cost us the game against Michigan a few years ago.

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