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Former KU football coach David Beaty cleared in NCAA investigation

Beaty was fired because he was terrible and the team showed almost no improvement. But the school tried to make it about something else so they would not have to pay him, and trumping up those allegations was flat unethical.

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Frank Mason's next NBA opportunity comes in Los Angeles

All we are saaaayyyyiiiiiing, is give Frank a chaaaaaannnnnce...

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Huge 3rd quarter swings ruining KU football's chances of late

How about 1st quarter blowouts?

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KU volleyball pushes win streak to 9 in battle of Big 12 unbeatens

Outstanding! I remember watching KU beat USC to go to the F4 back in 2018...watching from a hotel room in the middle of Maine with the family sleeping...I've never shouted so loudly so quietly in my life!

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After a year off, the return of in-person Late Night evokes extra appreciation from Kansas basketball players, coaches

Anyone know if we can listen over kuathletics or the app? So far I'm not seeing that ability. Don't have ESPN+

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Kansas basketball coach Bill Self pleased with effort of KU veterans and newcomers at 'more intense' boot camp

Effort...just play your hardest. I was never the best competitive athlete in team sports, I got better as I got older. I seemed to play my hardest when I was down...which begs the question why I wasn't playing hard when I was up.

Really encouraging words from Coach, glad to hear things are going well.

Having said that, not sure I can envision him not wearing a suit inside AFH....

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Big 12 invites BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston to join

I agree on scheduling, you can't just play one non-conf game, that's simply not enough diversity of schedule by which the conference can be assessed. Three games is the minimum you need, otherwise, only playing w/in your conf is just relativism. Plus, that may get boring not playing anyone new.

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While Kansas football wins might still be tough to come by, better effort, execution in opener could be a sign of better days ahead

It's impossible to quantify the magnitude of the importance of this season, not just for KU, but for all 8 Big XII schools, thanks to the selfish actions of two schools. KU needs to win this game big, and we need to do it by brutalizing SDSU at the line. I haven't had time to pay hardly any attention during the offseason to the team's progress, who is in what position, etc. We've seen this team repeatedly (except maybe Miles' first season) have multitudes of players who lack basic football skills.

Maximum concentrated violence. We are in a war for our athletic survival right now.

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ACC, Big Ten, Pac-12 ally to 'protect the collegiate model'

On what planet is it OK that these other three conferences are 'trying to protect the college model' and shutting the Big12 out of the conversation? Give me a break.

Now in order to stay relevant or important, schools have to travel further and further to play their games with more power concentrated in the power of a few. Just look at the kerfuffle with just two schools jumping ship and what is transpiring now. There shouldn't be a school in the whole country who shouldn't root against UT & OU from now ad infinitum in any sport.

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Realignment Today: Want KU to end up in the Big Ten? Now's a good time to start acting like it belongs

The only hope for this school is to build a CFP contending football team. Whether or not that is realistic is besides the point. That's where we are right now.

Remember when Colorado left the Big XII, and we scored 35 points in the 4th quarter to kick them in the jimmy on their way out the door? Might have been one of the most glorious moments in football since the Orange Bowl.

As impossible as it may seem today, beating OU & UT is vital.

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