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Jayhawks galore on national writer's preseason all-Big 12 lists

I hope Coach lets him take a few jump shots when we are up 15 or so later in the game. It's more for him as a player than for the team, but will need that for the draft.

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Judge denies motion to dismiss lawsuit by former KU football coach David Beaty

This does look bad for the my limited knowledge of the facts, I don't see the University winning this, and it seems pretty straightforward.

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Former KU broadcaster Max Falkenstien dies at 95

Once a living legend, now a true legend.

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Frank Mason III agrees to two-way contract with Milwaukee

Good, I hope he pulls in some significant coin and saves it up. He's the kind of guy, however, that I think will also do well post-professional career.

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New ESPN+ streaming series to feature Les Miles and KU football

This is great...I might have suggested they wait through an entire season with some positive results before airing it.

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Les Miles, Big 12 commissioner weigh in on Pooka Williams' 1-game suspension

Everyone gets a mulligan, at least when it's not TOO serious. But he's certainly got no slack in his rope.

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Conference odds released, KU football at 80/1 to win Big 12 title

OK, the headline showed 80/1 not 8000/1, I read it and was like, "WHUUUUHHHH???" Then I read the article and felt much better about reality.

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Over/under win totals released, KU projected to finish last in Big 12

I think you'll figure that out pretty quick based on Coach Miles' first set of postgame comments. It will set a tone for the season.

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Former KU All-American Thomas Robinson eyeing another shot in the NBA

No one can indict his effort and work ethic. I so hope he gets back to the show.

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Devon Dotson's presence eliminates concerns, raises KU's ceiling

I don't think we need a singular 3-pt threat. If Devon, De Souza, and Marcus can knock down just enough to be dangerous, we should be able to score around the basket much better than we did last year. We've seen how fast Devon is to the basket, I think our scoring will actually be going up next season despite not having an assassin from beyond the arc.

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