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How the deeper 3-point line impacted Kansas basketball during the 2019-20 season

I think we missed what might be another aspect, though maybe too much work for this article. Would be interesting to see what the percentage drop was for our opponents from year to year. I think overall, KU benefited from a 3-pt line further back. I was against the first pushback, but was in favor of the second, and yes, maybe because I am selfish for KU, but 3 pt shooting seems to be too much of an equalizer lately. When a team keeps pace with us with no inside game but making a lot of threes, it's frustrating, maybe because I'm more of a purist.

Not saying I'm right or wrong here, but I'm still bemoaning the loss of a post season where I was sure we were going to bring home three pieces of hardware.

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Depositions in Beaty lawsuit can be part of KU infractions case, NCAA committee chair says; decision could affect basketball case too

I think Long has done a pretty good job, but this thing is a head scratcher. It really just looks bad. We're not privvy to all the internal facts and machinations, but...well there you go.

That said, is it legal to take a deposition for one thing and use it for another? The NCAA is not a court of law, I don't know how the law applies here.

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Portion of NCAA report indicates a third KU basketball player was connected to improper payments

Joe, the NCAA compelled KU to declare Gassnola a booster. LJW reported that the NCAA would not even review or even look at our appeal unless KU declared him a booster. So to do the right thing for a player, KU did what the NCAA wanted, and lo and behold upon appeal, Silvio was cleared to play. KU has done everything they were supposed to, I do not see KU being so instransigent to not admit wrongdoing if they had in fact done so. This is just overreach, and someone at the NCAA wants to make a name for his or herself. And it will ultimately fail.

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Portion of NCAA report indicates a third KU basketball player was connected to improper payments

Jeff is right...most 'blockbuster' media articles have headlines that are not supported or are misrepresentations of their content. I don't know that it's an intentional attempt at bias, insofar as LJW goes, but it's an effort to get clicks and views, which in and of itself is not responsible journalism.

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NCAA response highlights 'egregious' conduct, 'defiant posture' in alleged violations by KU

If I remember right, the NCAA compelled KU to declare Gassnola a booster regarding DeSouza's case; they would not even open his appeal until KU did that and KU was told it was a 'mere formality.'

This absolutely has the smell of some overzealous attorney for the NCAA trying to make a name for him or herself in pressing forward with a prosecution they know is weak at best. By trying to look aggressive, they hope to scare KU into submission.

I don't remember in this school's history, or any other for that matter where a school has put its foot down and called BS because usually the evidence is pretty solid against a school.

NCAA will hand down punishment, KU will go to court, and KU will win. A judge is going to look at this and say how the heck can you hold a school responsible for the actions of an independent third party when you even acknowledge the fact the school had no idea these actions were being taken?

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KU announces dates for renewal of Border Showdown football series with Missouri

When they do play, I don't know if that same rivalry feeling will be had as before. Granted, in 2009 when we beat them, I relished in the sadness and despair of the MU fans, especially the young ones. The salt in their tears was the sugar in my coffee.

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Staying ready: Former Free State, KU linebacker Joe Dineen Jr. still hoping to catch on in the NFL

I'd love to see you in Steeler Black & Gold Joe!

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