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No. 7 Kansas earns gritty 65-62 win over No. 20 Kentucky in Champions Classic

Good win, both teams left a lot of points on the floor. UK couldn't hit a three, we missed a lot of free throws and shots under the basket. I too was reminded of 2012 when UK swatted and blocked a lot of our shots in the paint, but I'm not sure if they just got a little tired or we shifted things up enough to start getting a few of those to fall.

Kentucky's going to be fine. KU is going to lose some games this year at home I feel specfically because of the lack of crowd...COVID is going to be a bit of an equalizer for lower-caliber teams.

Still as everyone says, any day KU beats UK is a good day indeed.

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3 TCU passes and a whole lot of run calls wipe out Jayhawks

What gives me hope is that the team didn't quite, they played every down. What doesn't is that as has been said, the bad is just so bad. I don't want to be mean but it's the 8th game of the season and we're making these kinds of mistakes?

The fact that we have no four-star recruits, let alone five-star for next year is also very troubling.

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No. 1 Gonzaga sprints by Kansas, 102-90, at season-opening Fort Myers Tip-Off

I agree w/Brett & Bryce. We should cancel the whole program, burn down AFH, and charge anyone w/KU basketball paraphernalia with a capital crime.

We definitely have an issue w/size, I was less concerned about their ability to score in the paint than ours not to, we missed a few 'easy' shots under the rim. Easy for me to say...I couldn't hit a layup if you gave me an 8' ladder. But I will say I admired the team's fight and aggressiveness. Gonzaga is an outstanding team.

It kills me we couldn't bring home a couple of trophies last year.

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Gary Woodland misses cut at 2020 Masters

Keep sawin' wood Gary!

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Former Jayhawk Tyler Self named general manager of NBA G League's Austin Spurs

Glad Tyler is cutting his teeth. Always good to see successful Jayhawks wherever they may be.

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AD asks KU football fans for leniency as Les Miles rebuilds program 'right way'

In for a penny, in for a pound. But I do agree, we need more higher caliber recruits at the 3/4 star level. I don't know if it's coaching or what, but there just seems to be too many people playing out of position. The most obvious is the out routes. We can't seem to cover them too well, but when we are on offense, the receivers are getting walloped w/in a second of catching a pass.

We've got to run the ball more, take heat off of Jalon, even if they don't go for much. It eats up clock, and will at least keep the defense modestly honest.

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'We can't treat our quarterback that way': KU O-line falters as Sooners roll, 62-9

Guys just playing so far out of position sometimes. I know we were depleted, and since the offense couldn't stay on the field, the defense got too tired too quickly. Sorry, I just think even with this group, I just have to question calls on both sides of the ball.

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Getting to know: Oklahoma football

Why is this game being nationally broadcast on ESPN?

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ESPN no longer planning to host college basketball events in Orlando

I live in San Diego...San Diego State U had a major outbreak, almost 1,000 cases, but only one went to the hospital and was soon thereafter discharged, which was good news. Not sure about outbreaks at other universities.

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KU rushing attack struggles yet again, this time without its star RB

I hope Coach is right and Pooka returns, I wouldn't blame him if he left. I'm pretty sure he's going to be playing on Sundays either way.

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