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KU officials confirm they have received notice of NCAA violations; will 'fiercely dispute' charges

Three Level I violations, I have a hard time accounting for them:

1) De Sousa - As noted, he played technically when ineligible, but KU was unaware of the $2500 payment. Once known they sat him, he received a penalty and paid for the penalty. I find this one, is the potential for vacating wins, but I find it very unlikely since a punishment was determined and he did it. If they go after KU for a $2500 payment for half the season, I think they are way off and KU will even start getting support.

2) Billy Preston is the most egregious, but he never played a minute. There can't be much in repercussions, except you had a paid person on your scholarship list, maybe you would lose a scholarship to make up for this.

3) This is the unknown, I don't know what the third issue would be.

Bill Self institutional they are reaching. I'm guessing that they had KU and HCBS hypothetically put Gas as a booster to get DS reinstated. Then they used that to classify him as someone that was recruiting players and talking with Assistants and the head coach. This becomes a house of cards, that I believe, won't stand. I'm not sure this is going to end up good for support for the NCAA...this is going to hurt the NCAA's credibility with going after him because of some texts celebrating a nearly $200MM shoe/apparel deal.

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More receivers, space and RPO calls allow Kansas RBs to thrive

I do like the way the offense was consistent this past week; however, there were some good things about the defense as well, but also some things to clean up else it doesn't matter how good our offense is.

In the first half, BC ran all over us and consistently were 2nd and short opening the playbook for explosive plays. In the second half, the defense shut them out, which was key (I know that a two score lead and a missed field goal helps with defense), I just was impressed with some type of adjustment that made a 24 (4 different scoring drives) to zero (although a missed FG) in the second half.

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Just how good were KU and West Virginia's wins over ACC teams last week and what does that mean for Week 4?

So even more perspective:

ACC: 1-0 at home and 1-0 on the road

Big Ten 1-0 on the road and 0-1 neutral site

PAC 12: 2-1 all three games on the road

SEC 1-1 on the Road and 0-1 at home.

The SEC loss by Texas was probably the one that affects the championship perspective the most. I personally think Texas got some because their Texas votes, I think they are good, but they have some distance to go. OU I think is really good this year.

I'd be curious, I kind of think that K-State is over-performing expectations and I think that OSU is over-performing to date, but yet to play a P5 school. Iowa State I thought should have won and to me this signals some regression overall for them.

A win against WVU for KU will really setup some excitement for the school. I still think this is the "easiest" game left on the schedule and that shows how hard it will be to win games this year.

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College basketball recruiting fixer with ties to KU sentenced to probation in corruption case

Am I missing something here:

4 People:

1 - No jail time

1 - 9 months jail

2 - 6 months jail

Are the Nike and other trials going to be similar?

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Notebook: Why Les Miles is sticking with Carter Stanley at QB

I really want a QB...I know Carter has shown signs of promise and then next week he'll have signs of unpromise. Without a QB in the Big XII it is a long season.

This was a disappointing game, and the fact that we marched down the field early and then after that we were unable to accomplish much is just a little more disappointing.

I'm hoping for a road win.

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Judge denies NCAA request for unreleased evidence in college basketball corruption trial

So as of right now a $90k payment when KU found out about it benched the player and the individual never played at KU.

A $2500 payment when KU found out about it benched the player for an entire year until the NCAA cleared him to play.

Move along...these aren't the droids you're looking for.

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Matt Tait: KU's new-look defensive front earns passing grade with room to grow

This was a good challenge for a new Defensive Line. Remember the Sycamores started 5 seniors who have been playing together for some time. Our team had very little experience and none together. I didn't expect a sack every play and I didn't expect that the other team wouldn't score. I think Les Miles said it well, they did some things well, but there were some things that need to be corrected and corrected fast.

Remember good coaches makes big changes between week 1 and week 2 of the year. I'm looking forward to next week.

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Matt Tait: Les Miles' decision to stick with 1 QB the right move for Kansas

I'm trying to think if any of the prior coaches relied on the current roster rather than bringing in their own guy and handing them the job. Cryst, Heaps and a couple others standout. MacVittie still had the inside track, but the fact he was likely just out played, seems interesting to me.

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Quick recap: KU football defeats Indiana State to begin Les Miles era

Next week Should be a win.

Boston College on the road, will be a test.

3 First year head coaches with their teams at home this year, including one that won 20-13 against James Madison. Iowa State won against UNI in 3OT at home. Let's hope that the trend goes upward.

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Quick recap: KU football defeats Indiana State to begin Les Miles era

Does that factor in West Virginia with their brand new coach winning 20-13 against James Madison and we play them at home? Does it include the 3OT win at home by Iowa State over Northern Iowa who we play at home?

We should get next week and by then we should be ready for Boston College, let's play the games.

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