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KU forward Silvio De Sousa suspended indefinitely

First, the media blows everything out of proportion so they can have morning debates on 5 10 or never play again debates. SDS did the right thing of slamming the block down, I personally thought a flagrant foul sending the guy to the floor would have been better. Standing over him was worthy of the taunting call which all of us would have applauded; however, once Love came off the bench and started shoving, it became a mess. Too many people left the bench and the chair pick up was too much, luckily something happened to end that b4 it became used.

Everyone that left the bench will be suspended a game. Everyone that threw a punch will get 3 games and everything in between will get 2. Both teams will have to stagger suspensions to keep 8 playing. SDS will end up with 4 games.

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David Beaty's lawyers file partial motion for summary judgment on lawsuit

I have been saying all along this is an interesting case, because David Beaty chose to continue coaching. Before the end of the year, Beaty was "fired", but agreed to continue coaching. Inherently this made him still an employee and technically speaking no change to his contract occurred. By the time the last game was coached, it was determined that there was a Level II violation that Kansas self-reported and although in normal conditions likely wouldn't have resulted in a "cause" firing, in the contract it is a fireable offense. So although when he was told he would not be retained, there was no defined offense, by the time he was terminated he did have a reason.

For all those saying you should pay him and move on, remember the contract was for 6 payments over a six month period. At any point in time a company or institution has to verify the funds are going out still appropriately. No payments had been made, so KU has placed those payments in escrow. If the court decides the plantiff wins, the funds are released to David Beaty, otherwise they are returned to Kansas Athletics.

It is interesting as coaches take on new coaching roles and many are coaching through their bowl games, these coaches are actually giving these institutions the ability to research and obtain some of the buyouts more. I think the contracts have been historically very "pro" coach, and you are starting to see institutions fight back a little.

I'm not sure I agree with KU's stance on this, if it was a nefarious act, like drugs or illicit dealings, I would really support KU, because it was an extra coach that usually results in a defined repercussion, I think this is really stretching it.

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Former Florida QB Feleipe Franks visits KU football

Two quick comments on QBs. 1) every coach has brought in their QB, Weis did it twice, only Les realized what was on the roster was better than the transfer. 2) Only Les selected his QB and went with him the entire year.

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KU officials can't say whether KU officially told NCAA it doesn't see Adidas' Gassnola as a booster

The first sentence of the article contradicts the headline.

You wonder why Les Miles and Bill Self stop talking to the local media, with publishing this unsubstantiated garbage.

Why don't you write that this is over 2500 payment that was already served a punishment. Why don't you write how this is a witch hunt, or is that not PC to say.

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California to let college athletes make money, defying NCAA

Ironically Lebron James is heading this, when he wasn't even involved with college sports.

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California to let college athletes make money, defying NCAA

This is way more complicated then this. Did California just make it legal for schools to bypass Title IX? If not, this bill has not addressed the key issue and will likely run into issues with anti-discrimination laws.

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Postseason bans, lack of institutional control not necessarily a death sentence for blue blood programs

Can the basketball team instill a post-season bowl game ban? KU would accept a two year bowl ban and call it even. This is how mixed up this is.

How can a company that sponsors KU become a booster? This is a bad precedent and Nike, Under Armor and corresponding universities Oregon, Maryland, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, UNC...oh wait all of the universities have sports deals, are you saying you want the sponsorship of sports out of the universities? Soon we won't be able to watch them on TV, because there will be advertisements that might steer a player to a university.

I don't think that these will stand up, if they do, I'm not sure what you do as an infraction. No player has played as ineligible, no knowledge under the law of a university employee knowing these payments were being made, and ultimately, how would you have known that a payment was made?

This is the NCAA proving they are struggling.

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Alleged KU football violations involve misuse of Beaty staff member

I'm guessing that KU will start negotiating a reduced payout. If the original payout was about $3.2 MM, I'm guessing that about 1/4 of that will be negotiated out of the settlement. We likely won't know because it will under a non-disclosure and will be paid likely with donor money, so very difficult to track, but my guess is about $2.4-$2.7MM will be the final payout.

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Alleged KU football violations involve misuse of Beaty staff member

to coaches...I don't think they are allowed to give the cut-ups and directives to the players.

It is considered a level 2 violation. There is some rule about how many coaches can be used, it's considered a violation when the team tries to create more coaches.

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KU officials confirm they have received notice of NCAA violations; will 'fiercely dispute' charges

So if Adidas is a booster of KU...does that make Nike a booster for Oregon, Notre Dame, UNC, Duke, Texas, Oklahoma...?

Does that make Under Armor a booster for Maryland and others?

this is a slippery slope that the NCAA will have a tough time navigating. If this is their approach to the Fair Play Act, they are going to ruffle some feathers. My guess is that KU and California are going to start their own league.

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