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Kansas LB Dru Prox plans to build on injury-shortened breakthrough season

Excited for you to come back recovered and ready to play defense. This should be an exciting year for KU. Good Luck Prox.

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Jayhawks to kick off season late on Sept. 12 vs. Coastal Carolina

One week until football...exciting!!

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Jayhawks LB Dru Prox 'nicked' but not expected to be sidelined long

I love to see these playmakers on the field. I'm excited about the football season. Less than a month away...crossing my fingers.

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'You can throw it anywhere': Freshman WR Lawrence Arnold already impressing KU QBs

I really like seeing a connection between QB and WR and positive comments. We need more receivers to compete in the B12. I'm getting really excited for football.


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‘Million-dollar question’: Experts' opinions vary on possible heart issues for athletes who get COVID-19

112 programs with 85 scholarshipped players and roughly 100 on each roster...So for rounding purposes. Lets say 10,000 football players in the collegiate level. As most of have returned, there has been an 8-12% testing positive for COVID-19 of which none of these players were symptomatic. None new they had it. Clemson alone had 37 players. So assuming the low end 800 people that did not know they had it would have spread it to friends, family, and strangers. That alone has saved countless lives, by getting these athletes through a program. In addition, the approximate 800 athletes have now received top care from leading university research facilities. The 12 KU players are being seen by Tim Beaver a Sports Cardiologist. None of these players would have received this type of care without a football program.

I'm not saying that it is right or wrong to play football, but what I am saying is that to state blankets statements are not effective.

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‘Million-dollar question’: Experts' opinions vary on possible heart issues for athletes who get COVID-19

"It might have been the advice of Dr. Michael Ackerman, genetic cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic, that helped convince the Big 12’s leadership to keep football going"

I guess following the advice of a Mayo Clinic Genetic Cardiologist is not good?

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What Kansas fans can learn from K-State's approved attendance plan for the 2020 football season

In venues that sold out prior to COVID, whatever the allowance is in this timeframe, will be sold out.

People want to go to sporting events and are yearning for the opportunity to go.

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College football players nationwide — and a few Jayhawks — express desire to play

8-12% of athletes reporting to football and other fall sports have tested positive. I have yet to hear of one athlete having symptoms. So these sports have already identified several thousand people that likely would be spreading the virus to others, but were identified quarantined and treated. This prevented 1000s from getting the virus. Furthermore, as the virus continues to spread and staying at home continues to be encouraged. The people watching football will be more prone to be at home during the weekend. This could increase the effectiveness of communities staying home.

There are lots of pros and cons to playing football. I think if you want to justify it either way you can. I feel most groups make a news story out of a cancellation.

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Signs ominous and hopeful as college sports hangs in balance

The compromise that keeps the NCAA with a thread of power. The NCAA if they had ended championships, that would have forced the P65 to break away. The NCAA knows that the majority of the revenue garnered is from the P65 and so they opted for a compromise. I'm not convinced that this story is over.

I'll be interested to see if the Power 5 can all hold together, or if one of the conferences will break away and close down shop. My personal opinion is that the SEC and the B12 will continue forward and will likely play the entire season. I'm not convinced that the P12 and B10 will make the season happen.

I still think that a lot of players received treatment and would have never known they had the virus until close friends and family got sick from them. I think Football Athletes that have tested between 8-12% positive and shown no symptoms are becoming a strong case of how truly healthy people help.

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Jayhawks still don't know 'when we'll be able to play'

I'm getting more and more optimistic about the season occurring. As mentioned before about 8-12% of football players are getting cared for because they had the virus and didn't know they had it. The teams are giving them medical attention.

To date, I still don't know of one case from a university football player which had symptoms. This means that already the program has reduced the spread of the disease because asymptomatic players were identified and treated, and had a quarantine program that looks like it has worked for the majority of the P65 programs.

There is still a month of knowledge to be gathered, but for all intensive purposes the programs are working together to make this happen.

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