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New policy requires Kansas Regents approval for some head coach, athletic director contract extensions

So the Board of Regents voted to give themselves more power?

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As college basketball season draws to a close, KU coach Bill Self sees hope at 2019 Final Four

Let's see Bill Self at KU:

14 of 16 Big XII titles

1 week ranked outside of the Top 25

3 Final Fours (2 National Title Appearances)

1 National Title

16 NCAA Tournament Appearances

Yes, I wish that Embiid hadn't gotten hurt, yes I wish that Dok wouldn't have gotten hurt this year or three years ago. However, Bill Self has been solid at KU. This year he went undefeated at home and lost three neutral games. The road was where this team struggled and with freshmen being the key players, this shouldn't have been surprising.

KU will look good again next year, and we will have a solid core with the experience that some of these guys gained.

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Sophomore guard Charlie Moore to transfer from KU

Bill Self has spent exactly 1 week in his 16 years of coaching at KU not ranked in the Top25...

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Report: David Beaty calls KU's claims he refused to cooperate with investigation 'verifiably false'

I'm not a fan of Beaty, I don't think he was a good coach. However, please read the contract prior to posting. The contract is upon termination the individual is entitled to $3MM over 6 monthly payments. If there is cause determined he forfeits that payout. Since the violations were discovered prior to the first payment, all subsequent payments go to an escrow until the determination of cause is determined.

Typically, the NCAA in this case has the investigation and in many cases can create cause for termination, or in this case any subsequent payments.

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Report: David Beaty calls KU's claims he refused to cooperate with investigation 'verifiably false'

I just can't imagine a worse punishment by the NCAA, except the forcing of us to hire this guy again.

$3MM in an escrow account waiting for the NCAA to clear an investigation, I'm guessing it will be in escrow for about 5-10 years waiting for NCAA to perform an investigation (sarcasm intended). For once KU is using the slow-playing of investigations of the NCAA to its advantage.

I'm not sure why a former employer has to listen to the whining of a poor performing employee. If the third-party clears the individual then the funds will be released from escrow, if the third-party agrees with the premise, than Beaty will have difficulty obtaining the full $3MM.

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Les Miles reveals KU football planning to have Rick Ross perform at spring game

It's amazing how getting two people (Long, Miles) who enjoy and have been around college football can instantly just bring things to the table to energize us.

I know that we have a long ways to go with the program, but just the little things that are occurring are really turning the ship around.

Again thank you Long and the Donors who make this happen, the investment is huge and it really is starting to take shape...thank you.

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Key Jayhawks not focused on discussing their futures at Kansas

One thing that is not in our favor is the 2020 draft will likely allow HS players. It is widely considered the double draft because you will get the players who should have gone pro, but had to go to college 1 year and the players that wont have to go to college. So if you were Dok or Lawson, you might have to include that in your evaluation. This year you are likely a 2nd rounder, but next year you might lose 15 spots because of the draft changes. Personally, I'd like both of them to return, especially Lawson, because he has a dribble and score on the road to develop. Dok I think has to get his FT % above 55% else he becomes obsolete in the pros.

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Kansas earns No. 4 seed in Midwest, will face Northeastern in opening round

KU is 7-1 I neutral games, undefeated at home.
ISU the lone loss and that was a pro ISU crowd. They have not produced on the road. KU will be SLC where the other three teams went travel well, KU will. This weekend might be tough, but i expect both wins. Then they basically go home to play the next two. If KU UK and UNC are there, this is going to be the talk of the town. Don't count KU out if that is a pro KU crowd.

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Former KU football coach David Beaty suing Kansas Athletics for $3 million

Just a few notes:
1) KU owes $3MM to Beaty if he was terminated without cause.

2) KU owes that money after 30 days of 6 payments following each month (so $500,000/month), which includes investigations. KU did pay that amount, pending the conclusion of an NCAA investigation into Beaty. Even if KU at the time of the termination did not know, since it was within the 30 days he could still be fired for cause. If they found out at month 3, they could still hold the cash thereafter due.

3) KU has to do these things right, else we lose a lot more.

I'd love to see the Beaty Saga end, but to say KU is not following the contract is not accurate.

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With 5 teams still alive, KU coach Bill Self says it's the other 5 teams that might determine the Big 12 champion

Ku and KSU control their own destiny right now. Everyone else needs help.

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