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Les Miles wants to get KU football to point where Jayhawks don't need as many juco signees

I think when Charlie Weis started going JUCO it created a wave of an issue. However, when Beaty inherited a roster, the roster does not seem to be rebuilt with the future in mind. I feel that KU gave Beaty a 5 year extension, to give Beaty confidence he could build the program correctly. However, the thought that we won't be able to get there until 2022, really shows that he continued the issue with JUCO recruits and didn't solve it. I'm glad that we have a coach that sees this route as a Band-Aid that really causes problems in the future. I hope he can continue with this goal and really market to the high school crowds. I think the December to February recruiting period really shows his commitment to talent and being able to go after recruits that really have interest in KU and will commit. I'm really excited for the upcoming season and the way things are already shaping up to move forward.

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Les Miles wants to get KU football to point where Jayhawks don't need as many juco signees

Les Miles is in an unusual place. he actually has ties with ESPN and other national outlets. As he tries to get the program turned around, he is using those networking opportunities to get a few extra tidbits into the nation. I believe there was an article on Sports Illustrated, USA Today, and EPSN all within the last month. They all had the depths that KU is in, but they all spun it into a positive advantage for KU and the hiring of Les Miles. I think Les is using those people he feels comfortable with and those individuals that have treated him well over the past 12-15 years. I think in the next few months as he gets more involved and the LJW works on building a relationship with the coaches in a positive way, they will see more access.

However, if at every turn the LJW does a dark piece on the basketball program or KU athletics, you will naturally see less time with the program.

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Miles announces recruiting-focused support staff additions

Excellent...with each of these hires, I'm even more thankful for the Vision that Long has established for KU football, and the Donors and Chancellor who are supporting these ventures.

Thank you!!

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CB Justin Ford reopens recruitment

He'll open his recruiting in May, so there must be something. JUCO transfers are interesting, because some can make mid-year transfers, but in some cases they actually end up not qualifying, likely in this case he was not able to complete the requirements by December, therefore, he has to wait until he graduates in May. This basically means the December sign was invalid and therefore he can open up his recruiting again.

The question I don't know, is if KU loses the option to give another scholarship, my belief is no.

The fact KU knew that there was an issue and didn't include him on their signees, helps me believe that this was a hope we can get him, but ended up not being able to fulfill the requirements by December.

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Marcus Garrett ruled out for Saturday's game vs. Oklahoma State

I still think KU has a real shot at Big XII number XV, because of 9-0 in AFH. If that happens, I think everyone will vote HCBS as BXIICOY. The two teams ahead of us, we still play at home.

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What Lagerald Vick's absence could mean for Kansas basketball

Don't freak out...we are 13-0 at home and 3-0 at neutral sites. This includes wins over 5 top 15 teams. On the road, we have struggled 1-6. I wouldn't count us out yet. When the team learns to finish on the road (ASU, KSU, WVU as examples), we will be fine.

KSU has one home loss already
ISU has a home loss and a neutral loss
Baylor has 3 home losses and 1 neutral
TTU also has a home loss and neutral loss

All I'm saying is there is a lot to the team, and we just haven't steadied the course on the road yet. Once we do, watch out.

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Lagerald Vick taking 'leave of absence' from KU basketball team

We are undefeated at home and in neutral courts. AFH is the key to 15.

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Les Miles sees some great potential in KU's 2019 recruiting class

We will never need a head coach that doesn't have a last name that starts with an M.

Mason, mangino, and now Miles.

New requirement for a football hire.

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Lagerald Vick taking 'leave of absence' from KU basketball team

Lagerald, you are part of the Jayhawk family and will be missed as you take care of your mom and child. We hope you can return shortly, but are wishing your family well.

I think the Morris' twins with TRob, had the mantra FOE and that made the team stronger...we pray the same for you.

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NCAA's De Sousa ruling raises new questions about whether KU coaches committed violations

Easy appeal...the NCAA defined someone as a booster based on their arbitrary definition of a booster. This will create a lawsuit, this will lead to SDS being able to sue the NCAA and will win. Because of his potential it will basically cost the NCAA $100MM+, and KU will be the University that takes down the NCAA.

There are reasons to have the NCAA; however, this is clearly vindictive. KU had clearly been working with the NCAA to get the university protected from last year and to make things right for SDS, but the NCAA went out on a limb redefining the definition of a booster.

I hope lawsuits are filed.

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