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Defensive assistant Todd Bradford leaving KU football

Just to be clear...Beaty is the one that said year 3 is when you should see improvement...which we did not. He was the one that talked about 6 wins and he beat a DII school. He has three wins, 2 of which are against DII schools. What number of wins is a minimum expectation for Beaty this year? Last year remember Beaty set the expectation at 6, which he did not obtain, are you going to lower the expectation in 2018?

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Defensive assistant Todd Bradford leaving KU football

So things that caught the fans off guard:
1) A defensive coordinator who hasn't been ranked in the top 100 of defensives for four years is still coaching defense and received a raise for his poor coaching abilities. 5-43 under his tenure...3 of those wins are fbs teams.

2) A head coach is signed to a 5-year extension, doubling his salary after winning his second game in two years, the coach is retained after going 3-33 with two wins over fbs teams. The coach has yet to receive one incentive.

3) An athletic director who has hired two coaches that in six years would not have enough wins to become bowl eligible if all the wins happened in one year (can't have two fbs wins). Has paid out 14.1 million in hc payouts including year of termination. This AD was given a raise and has not been able to raise funds for the football stadium at the pace expected.

4) A Chancellor who has watched blindly as extensions are handed out, while not holding anyone accountable. Allowing the AD to do nothing.

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Top-seeded Kansas to face No. 5 seed Clemson Friday night in Omaha

2002 Syracuse won by winning the "Big XII" Tournament, maybe we will get sweet revenge...15 years later we can win the "ACC Tournament".

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Kansas football picks up late addition to 2018 recruiting class

I still don't know what Beaty is doing with the roster, but I do know he hasn't won, and isn't following what he said he was going to do.

If any of you think we won't go 3-0 to start the season, we should have fired Beaty. The minimum expectation for a Big xii coach is to beat every fbs school and every mid major, especially after having three years to coach. I firmly believe if we lose any of the first three coach Beaty should be sent packing as the worst coach to ever be at KU.

3-33 is not an improvement over Turner Gill or Charlie Weis.

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Brandon Schneider adds Jory Collins to KU women's basketball staff

So he switched up his staff, won one conference game, waiting for Zenger to extend him to a 5 year contract.

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Cold shooting downs KU women in Senior Night loss to Iowa State

I'm assuming that Zenger is working on the extension of his contract...probably 5 years. Since people were disappointed with Beaty in doubling his salary, I'm assuming that Zenger will put it at about 2.5 times his current salary. Don't worry he'll add incentives to even beef it up more, but don't worry Zenger doesn't actually expect any of his coaches to actually earn any of those incentives.

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Cold shooting downs KU women in Senior Night loss to Iowa State

The Weis hire was a calculated gamble, there were others that were really interested in the role that really would have been a different gamble.

Beaty is by far worse than Weis' hire. He was the high school successful coach and had been showing progress as a position coach. He basically could be hired with the anticipation to keep Bowen around. The Beaty/Bowen combination might go down as the worse tenure in KU history.

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Cold shooting downs KU women in Senior Night loss to Iowa State

But she did do well in the tournament.

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Cold shooting downs KU women in Senior Night loss to Iowa State

The Jayhawk women went to three straight Sweet 16s, just before Zenger changed coaches. Although, I'm not saying we should have kept that coach, I'm not sure this coach has done nearly as well.

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4-star New Orleans QB Lance LeGendre commits to KU football

Do you think the coaching staff will still be here when it is time for this QB is eligible to sing?

"Great Job Coaching Staff"...have you seen the three years this staff has been in place...1-32 Big XII, 2-1 FBS, 0-6 non-power5..."Great" is not what I would classify that staff as.

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