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KU point guard Devon Dotson declares for NBA draft, ready to go all-in on 'information-seeking quest'

Bad advisor's or were the coaches telling these kids how good they were all year ?!

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Quentin Grimes says goodbye to Kansas, declares for 2019 NBA Draft

NBA teams will have to watch Grimes high school / AAU game tapes if they want to see him with quality minutes. Not much from last year would lead any team into drafting him.

Short of going to Europe, he will be BACK. Let's hope he has a chip on his shoulder and works on improving his shooting, dribbling and defense. Otherwise he could be playing from the bench which would really humble him ............

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A small hint at a big decision for KU junior Udoka Azubuike

Easily .......... swept under the rug faster then the blink of an eye. Evidence burned, gone, etc.

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Sophomore guard K.J. Lawson leaving Kansas

Preaching to the choir ........ unless they use High School / AAU tapes as a guide, not much this year would guide an NBA team into taking him at this time.

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A closer look at new KU target Harlond Beverly

Jay, to keep your head in the sand is pretending that all will be well ...........

Will it ?

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A closer look at new KU target Harlond Beverly

I just about lost my lunch. Till further notice do not mention LARRY BIRD and Q. Grimes in the same sentence ..............

Maybe Brandon Rush, but not the BIRD !

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Sophomore guard Charlie Moore to transfer from KU

So all of the above analysis aside, with the current roster and a few additions how will this team be great next year ?

Will they be able to do the following better next year ? Free throw shooting, 3 point shooting, 3 point defending and defense overall ................

Texas Tech seemed to do most of them this tournament. I have my doubts about much improvement next year, but I hope I am wrong !

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Quick turnaround: Jayhawks embracing all aspects of rapid-pace preparation for Auburn

We should not be surprised if the Jayhawk's win or lose ........ The Hawks need a full 40 minutes of defending the 3 point line and nothing less.

Hopefully they are not over-confident because Auburn will play with an edge to prove the last game was not a lucky win.

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Notebook: Jayhawks' defense rises to challenge on big stage in route of Huskies

Grimes has to see the light and realize where his shortcomings are. Hopefully the coaching staff will help him work through his shooting, dribbling and defensive woes in the off-season.

An above average incoming freshman could easily bump him to the bench next year !

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Jayhawks get 4-guard do-over to open NCAA Tournament

Defending the 3 point shot ............ this should prove interesting. If the Jayhawk's get behind, the panic may set in !

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