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North Dakota State stuns Jayhawks, 6-3

WOW what a game, beaten by div 2 school. I am not sure who lost the game for us because there WERE NO NAMES ON THE JERSEYS..thought for a minute we had been dropped to div 2 school, or maybe junior high.
Was Pick injured? or was he just pulled to boost his confidence.
Worse announcers and TV coverage, didn't tell us several of the penalties called, kept saying players names but NO NUMBERS.
I am sure MM is in Florida LHAO, wish he was on the sideline yelling tonight instead. Miss you Mark!!!
When is Perkins leaving town??
0-12 I really miss Todd, Kerry and Dez. Maybe Todd could sneak in and quarterback a few games....

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Self, who picked ’Cats, keeps busy in CBS studio

Does anyone think Roy Williams will be on CBS today cheering for Duke?

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KU's Self to be CBS guest analyst during NCAA Tournament

My thoughts and prayers go out to Darnell Jackson and his family.

Coach Self -I can tell you are heartbroken about KUs loss in the tournament as you sit there, laugh and cheer for KState. A few days ago you weren't going to watch any of the tournament, now you are on TV enjoying the K state game. Were you busy planning your trip as you spoke at your last press conference? If you are a coach, does that mean you are not a fan? Most of the fans are still upset KU is not in the tournament. I am watching the game but pulling for BUTLER... like any real KU fan, or maybe you are planning for your future as a basketball analyst. Still feel bad for Sherron, he will rock in the NBA.
ROCK CHALK BUTLER-congrats for making the final 4 and Thanks for beating K State!!!!

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It’s time to back the ’Cats

I grew up in Lawrence, graduated from K.U., my father went to K.U. I will NEVER root for KSU...I went to a football game in Manhattan when I was in junior high school. The fans were mean in the stadium, and when we were leaving I saw some K state fans attack KU fans in the parking lot with umbrellas. I have never forgotten this, nor have I ever returned to Manhattan. K State fans are classless and would never cheer for K.U. No matter what happens in the tournament, even if KState wins the tournament and are considered national champions, remember they could not beat K.U. x3 this year. We may have lost in the tournament, but it is still great to frustrate K State fans with their inability to ever beat K.U. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!

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Sherron Collins senior speech, pt. 2

Thank you, Thank you for the videos. I wish I could have been there, this made my night. I live in Tucson and haven't missed a game. Will miss you Sherron...RCJH!!!

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Sherron Collins senior speech, pt. 2

video not running for me.

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Where would Sherron Collins rank in your list of all-time favorite KU basketball players?

You will be missed and always loved in the Jayhawk nation, thanks for the memories. I can't wait to see you cut down the net in April!!! I will be crying again. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!2010 NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPS-LEAD BY SHERRON COLLINS.

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KU football uniforms to change in 2010

I prefer names on the back of jerseys. I just think no name looks cheap. I actually look for the number during a game because you can't always see the name. Who here doesn't know who # 5 was the last 4 years, #1, #10, #88 etc... I love the Jayhawk, but it should go on the helmet where it can be seen. And what is the issue with the red stripe? We are CRIMSON and blue. I really don't understand the need for a uniform change, how about working on winning games as a team?

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FINAL: Marcus Morris scores 20 as KU holds off Nebraska, 75-64

Where has the KU basketball team gone? The closer we get to March, the worse we look. I am a little worried about Monday, and the rest of our road games. I am tired of watching close games, we should have beat the worst team in the Big 12 AT Allen Field House by 40 points. We're number 1??

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Mangino, KU settle for $3 million

Best of luck to you and your family Coach Mangino. I will never forget the 2007-2008 Orange Bowl season. I was lucky to have met you in person. Never forget you had many, many fans and you did more for KU football than anyone in a long time. Will miss Todd, Kerry, Jake, Dezmon and Mark!!! You all made KU football fun to watch and me proud to be an alum. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!!

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