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Turner Gill postgame: NDSU

Couldn't disagree more jayhawkfan49. While there's not the greatest talent on this team, there were enough flashes to demonstrate that there is talent. It's the responsibility of the coaches to put that talent in the correct position to succeed. What would the score have been with Opurum where he should be - at RB? What would the score have been if KU hadn't wasted its timeouts because the coaches couldn't get the plays in fast enough or the correct players on the field? There were two consecutive snaps in which KU had ten players on the field! No other way to put it -that's poor coaching and unacceptable at this level. If the TE can't catch or hold onto the ball, then use him to block or go w/out TE as Mangino often did. Perhaps he knew something we just found out. A good coach will adjust the system to the talent he has available.

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Mangino’s Insight message clear

Jayhawkr34, the reason for the speculation about Minn is that CBS Sportsline and probably other sites have them as the KU opponent.

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Clements to leave KU

Agreed, rasta. The handwriting was on the wall regarding this move when Snyder was hired. Clements may not be a great coach, but he might take a few of our recruits with him. The Rivals list for KU has four as recruited by him. Two are KS kids. Two or three were also recruited by KSU. I would bet that the hiring has much to do with the recruits he can bring with him - perhaps those that have yet to commit?

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Talib first first-round Jayhawk since 1993

KU fans should boycott the Chiefs. All the KU players available and they can't take even one! Two picks remaining for KC, if they continue to ignore KU in favor of MU, then let the MU fans buy the tickets for those losers.

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