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Columbia contests stand out for Self, KU

What's really got me pumped too for this game is it's gonna be broadcast in 3D, at least it is for those using DirecTV. Go to Channel 100 and then scroll down five or six lines and you'll see it. GO JAYHAWKS!!!!!!!

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Gary Bedore’s Kansas basketball notebook

Maybe "X" might also benefit from not starting a game? Maybe it's just me, but he appears to be a little too "laidback" recently when he's in the game. Maybe the Morris brothers are starting to wear off on him a little?

And, I know they keep referring to these young guys as "kids", but for young men who obviously envision themselves in the NBA very soon, I would think they should be starting to grasp the importance of self motivation. (No pun intended) From a purely attitude standpoint, I doubt any of these "kids" are ready for the pros! Or will be any time soon.

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Keegan: Holy cow! Jayhawks loaded

I can't believe what I am reading. Strong, loyal and faithful Jayhawk fans are actually letting some dull normal "Misery" fan upset them with their inane comments. Haven't you all figured out yet this is exactly the reaction they are hoping for? The only way to deal with pathetic losers like this is to completely and totally IGNORE them! Get smart, folks!

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