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No reason to celebrate: Jayhawks lose at OSU, win Big 12 outright

I said it in a post yesterday, this was a classic trap game. I actually thought it was pretty amazing we were in it with under 2 minutes, which was a testament to defensive effort, especially the protection at the rim. If Jo doesn't tweak his back in they 2nd half it might have ended a bit closer because it was obvious the rim protection was gone after that happened. An effort like this just before the tournament is not always a bad thing, it gives HCBS fodder to put in the practice engine.

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Kansas-OSU ‘rivalry’ to resume today

Don't be surprised if we lose this one...OSU is a cornered animal, playing for NCAA stakes. Their season is already in tournament mode right now because one more loss likely means they are out. On the other hand, this game means very little for us other than pride.

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Notebook: Embiid's succes no surprise to Self

Wiggins and Ellis were both slow and soft on D early in the 2nd half, not getting out to shooters at the 3, not getting hands up on shooters, not getting in defensive rebounding position, etc and I believe that is why Self sat them for the rest of the game. Wiggins must get stronger with the ball in his handle, he is still getting stripped way too easily, and that is neutralizing his first step quickness advantage.

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Will Andrew Wiggins average over/under 18 points next season?

IMHO Ellis is they 2nd coming of Wayne Simien, and look where that places him in the season ave scoring chart. After Ellis score the first 3 buckets of the game with a variety of basically un-defendable post moves, opposing 2 guard will start having to hedge off his man to double down on Ellis, which with any the potential options at that position,leave them deadly open for a 3-pt J or first explosive step to the hole. Self's traditional hi-lo might even morph to a triangle set with the shooting and driving ability we'll have at the 2 & 3 spots.

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Recruit Jamari Traylor picks Kansas

same KU team, different player... Alonzo Jamison

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Gary Bedore's notebook: Jayhawk Marcus Morris wins award; KU too chippy?

Did anyone else notice T Reed's 2nd half 3/4 court drive from rebound to layup where he ran past 3 AZ players on the way to the hoop? Not flashy, but impressive speed and hustle.

Ever notice only time you see an opposing player get an open court layup is if he is already 1/3 court ahead of nearest KU defender? That's the Self way and huge improvement over Roy...his tarheels give up easy layups all the time.

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Going great guns: ‘Manchild’ Thomas Robinson starts fast for KU basketball

unfortunately, those highlights from camps and all-star games aren't a good indicator because no one is playing defense! also not much of an indication of outside shot, good or bad. Jaybate is on track, Selby needs to bring reputable outside shot in order to use his slashing skills. If he does, lots of layups and lob dunks in store for T-Rob and the twins.

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KU has offered Turner Gill the head football coaching job. Would this be a good hire for the Jayhawks?

I'd have preferred we take a strong look into Tuberville, he could develop big-time SEC-level defense, which we sorely need. When Auburn looked past TG last year I wondered if there was something amiss even though the sports media showers him with praise. All in all, I don't think this was a bad move, just not the best possible one.

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