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Tom Keegan: Stormy texting puts KU basketball on center stage at trial

I would say let the kids have sponsorships but dont let the schools get money from the apparel companies. That money and that relationship is what taints the program ultimately. At best, apparel sponsorships should be treated like TV contracts...the money goes to the league and split amongst the member schools. Then the individual program is removed from the incentive to bend the rules to channel money to the players.

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Tom Keegan: Stormy texting puts KU basketball on center stage at trial

The closest comparable scenario I can think of to this is doping in professional cycling. Lance Armstrong and a bunch of otherwise stand-up guys violated rules and laws because that’s “how it worked” in the top flight cycling teams of the era. Ultimately, every top cyclist of that era was proven to be doping. Now you have every top hoops program and a handful of HoF coaches essentially implicated in a pay-to-play scheme in violation of the sport’s rules and probably some federal laws as well. It’s just a matter of time now before all of them get tarnished. We all want to believe that Self runs a squeaky-clean program but truth is even w/o hard evidence of rules violations, any association with a scumbag like Gassnola is like algae on the hull of your pretty yacht...everyone sees it when the boat is pulled out of the water into the light.

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Udoka Azubuike explains decision to return to KU for junior season

I don’t agree with everyone saying he has to develop a mid-tange jumper, etc...Udoka will never be an Embiid-type prospect. Dwight Howard, Clint Capella and Deandre Jordan are better role models for him. Which means he needs a quicker leap off the floor so he can use his incredible wing span to impact shots and gather rebounds. He also needs to drop some pounds so he’s quicker up and down the floor to take advantage of unbalanced floor spacing and protect the rim.

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Tom Keegan: Voice of current Jayhawks listens to voice from past

I’d like to see Sherron hang up the sneaks and put that great b-ball IQ to work as a KU asst coach. Time for self to bring in some next gen coaching blood from his former players. Sherron and Wayne Simien bleed Jayhawk blue more than most and played with a grit, IQ, and relentless focus you don’t see often. We’re not natl champs in 2008 without clutch play of freshman Collins in crunch time. A healthy Simien on the court in 2002 would have another title in the books instead of it going to ‘Cuse. The should be on the bench teaching the next gen of Jayhawk greats.

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Sooners recover late to knock off Kansas

You could also argue the real reason we lost was sub-par defense. We were out shot (both overall and at 3-P.T.)and out-rebounded and frankly a damn near-miracle we had a lead at all close to the end. you don’t win games on the road if losing both of those stat categories.

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Sooners recover late to knock off Kansas

Clearly Self is stubborn and bears responsibility for this loss. ‘dok was a big plus for the team up until they began fouling him intentionally. My take is he’s taking a calculated risk with the big fella. Let him realize how important he is to his teammates by suffering the embarrassment of the loss and that becomes motivation to practice harder and focus more during games - something that pays big dividends late in the season. The risk is destroyed confidence and a forthcoming mental block built on fear of failure. The real coaching in this case takes place in practice and away from the spotlight of prime time games.

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Frustrating finish: Jayhawks baffled by Villanova

Nova's points off turnovers was the key difference in the game followed by their ability to defend aggressively without putting us on the foul line. They out scored us by 11 points at the FT line - that is usually an indicator of which team was more aggressive and playing with more effort. Their game plan was a gamble but worked because they executed it with great energy.

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Perry Ellis cracks 50 to watch in March list

Five is a tough list but here are some others to consider for riveting entertainment and game-altering impact on any given night: Ron Kellogg (imagine if he had a 3-pt rule!), Richard Scott, (automatic 6 points in the post before first 4 minute timeout), Terry Brown(1989 game vs. Kentucky - nuff said), Paul Pierce (the Truth is the best beginning to end career baller since Wilt)

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Ellis' huge day earns top spot after KU's comeback win over UT

During the game I kept saying we need a scoring threat at the 5 to keep the interior D from collapsing so much on drives. I think Bragg is the best option in that standpoint. However looking back at the last three games, we lost 2 because of poor D help on picks/ screens, defensive rebounding, poor screens/picks on O, and awful FT shooting. Lucas is clearly the best provider at the position in 3 out of 4 of these criteria. After reading the stories on team meetings, it's pretty clear the guards feel strongly that Lucas is most trustworthy D rebounder and help on picks/ screens.

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Jayhawks put up 102 in Big 12 opener vs. Baylor

Graham's vastly improved on ball defense is the untold story of the season so far.

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