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This Is The End: Kansas overwhelmed by Oklahoma, ending KU's quest for another Big 12 title

It's amazing to me that when many people thought, 'this could be the year the Jayhawks don't win the Big 12,' that it took losing Dok early, losing SDS for the whole season when he likely would have started, losing Lagerald for most of the season (even when he was playing), losing Garrett for a couple of key weeks, pulling Agbaji's red shirt so we could add bodies and STARTING FOUR FRESHMEN for the last three weeks of the season, in order to actually be eliminated in the final week! Sure, there were a few bad losses in there, but I think most other teams would've cashed it in long ago.

Coach Self's "worst team" would've won a lot of other league's championship. KU basketball will be back-to-back again. Rock Chalk!

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Garrett, Lawson carry No. 9 Kansas to crucial home win over Iowa State

So at what point does Ochai supplant Grimes in the starting line up? Grimes just looks lost out there. Problem is, if Self yanks him from starting, does that kill his psyche all together, maybe Ochai just knows he's going to get 20 minutes and starting doesn't matter? I'm really bummed that Grimes hasn't gotten outta his funk since game 1, other than once or twice.

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Game day: No. 7 Kansas at Baylor

Against Baylor, if it's close at the end, the Drew Factor will get us over the hump. He's one of THE worst coaches I've ever seen. The guy has had so much great talent over the years, yet chokes it away every time. Every Big12 game will be tough, but having TCU and Baylor as the bounce back games after losing Dok and ISU was a great gift.

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Benton Smith: Bill Self and Jayhawks about to reinvent their 4-guard lineup

Wow. Lose a player to an injury and people start piling on about Coach not developing people? Really? Situations differ EVERY year, players differ whether they progress or regress, and Self adapts and keeps winning. In 14 Conf Champ seasons, how many times has the entire starting 5 turned over, 3, 4 times? This may not be the most talented team, and they certainly frustrate the heck out of me, mainly because we ALL expect greatness, but should KU win the league again, or to me, even get 2nd, this could be one of Self's best coaching seasons and everyone who disses him now will be praising him again in March.

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KU coach Bill Self previews TCU, talks impact of Udoka's injury

Bring on Ochai! Free Silvio!!!

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KU center Udoka Azubuike out for the season

Being honest, and I do feel extremely sorry for him, but I never have envisioned him as an NBA pro. His stamina is awful for the pro game, and he's too one-dimensional on offense, he'd be stopped most every trip. Wish him well and a speedy recovery, and we'll see him back for a senior year, or playing in the G League/Europe.

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Quick recap: No. 5 Kansas suffers 77-60 loss to Iowa State for first Big 12 defeat

I'm not so sure about that. ISU probably has 4 players from that team that will play in the league. MAYBE, KU has 1 or 2 in Grimes and Lawson. Dok is not an NBA player and will either be back next year for his Sr. year or leave and play in the G league or Europe. His game is horrible for the NBA and he has no stamina. Vick is too erratic and too poor ball control. Dotson...possibly an NBA player in 3 yrs but needs a ton of skill improvement. I still can't figure out why ALL the media has built Garrett up so much as this defensive savant. He's good, but he can't consistently stop a team's #1 scorer and his offensive liability is as bad or worse as Dok's liability being on the floor at the end of a close game. I love KU basketball so much but this teams is so painful to watch. Praying they miraculously come together and play more like the Mich State game than ISU the rest of the season or it could get embarrassing.

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KU guard Marcus Garrett offers Jayhawks flexibility as a starter or reserve

Totally agree. His complete offensive liability overshadows to me what is good defense, but not great. I know I'm overly critical of him, but I feel like early on last year he had some really good defensive games and the media and Self/staff built him up as this amazing defender. I think he's good, but not really great, and his C-/D offense offsets his A- defense, in my opinion. Trouble is, we really don't have anyone else currently to compare him to as there's nobody else that's consistently a great defender. I expect so much from this team (all KU teams really) and don't want to get lost in those expectations, rather, I really want to enjoy the season. I look at the January schedule and there's really no 'gimme' games on it. January will be very telling of this team's abilities.

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Benton Smith: Azubuike's return unlocks Dedric Lawson's prolific passing skills

Bit of a strange game for Lawson. He missed several little 5 footers he's been cashing, his passing was better but the focus was clearly on getting Dok back into the flow so that took focus away from Lawson. I still think he's the key and HAS to get near 20 and 13/14boards for KU to be successful, Dok is too foul prone and in consistent and the Big12 will throw more skilled big bodies at him every night. Great game for him to come back to, OU will be a different story Wed as will the first big test, ISU on the road next week. Rock Chalk!

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No. 1 Kansas falters in final minutes during 80-76 loss to Arizona State

I hope for just one game this year, we have Dick Vitale and Bill Walton do our game. Talk about an earwig drilling into your brain!

Well, we were going to lose at some point and this team probably should have 4 losses already anyway. Get Dok back, try to figure out what in the hell is going on with Grimes, Dotson keep getting better, Vick find that consistency and never, ever, let Garrett shoot the ball any further out than 5 ft, and thank Santa for Lawson, those are my Christmas wishes. Rock Chalk!

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