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No. 3 Kansas commits 28 turnovers in 68-66 loss to No. 4 Duke in Champions Classic

Both teams were horrid from the line, but, if KU turns the ball over even 5 less times and converts those into the layups they could have been, KU cruises. I don't expect that to continue. Both will be really important to KU's success this year.

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Postgame Report Card: No. 4 Duke 68, No. 3 Kansas 66

Spot on. KU looked young and nervous and didn't get many open shots. Still not sure if that was a decent Duke defense or this team just passing up lots of opportunities. Clean up the TO's and KU wins by 15+. Both teams were awful from the line and KU crushed them on the glass. Can't wait for Moss to get healthy and bummed that Wilson didn't get much time. Lots to work on, Rock Chalk!

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KU announces multiyear agreement to reignite Border Showdown rivalry with Missouri

Self, Long and KU caved on this one. Only winner here is mu. They leave the league and the rivalry, whine for a few years, AND they get their super bowl game back. Utterly ridiculous. Neither Long nor Sterk know anything about how toxic and hateful this rivalry became. I'm all for rivalries, but the venom that was spewed both ways wasn't fun. #firejefflong

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Notebook: Kick-catch interference proves pivotal in narrow loss

Another bad no-call was that helmet-to-helmet they didn't call on the D when Pooka ran up the middle and got stopped. I think Stanley threw an interception the next play. They didn't even review it and the announcers were talking about it. They give KU the 15 yrds and maybe that changes the outcome too.

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KU basketball 2018-19 roster

Why hasn't the 19/20 roster and schedule been updated?

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Departing KU strength coach Andrea Hudy: 'Kansas means the world to me'

And I'm sure it's a sizable jump in $$ for her.

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Point guard Dajuan Harris commits to Kansas

I remember what, just a couple of months ago when signed recruits looked a little thin and many naysayers proclaiming Self ALWAYS misses on the great prospects. Whether they're signed early or late, HCBS always comes through with a top recruiting class and when sports pundits start talking about class strengths, this freshman class has got to be top 5 or 6 nationally. #neverdoubtyourSelf

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Devon Dotson productive at combine scrimmage, while Quentin Grimes struggles

I've always felt Dotson will use this as a measuring stick, come back and get better. But look how great BIFM was and he's struggled to get PT in the pros. As good as Dotson was this year, he's not even close to Frank's skill level yet.

I've also always felt Grimes had such a tough time dealing with all the criticism he got and not really living up to our, as well as his, expectations, and he was gone regardless of these workouts, likely heading to the G league or overseas. Time will tell, I hope they both make the best decisions for them, they're still Jayhawks!

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Devon Dotson among 4 Jayhawks to earn NBA combine invitations

My question is for a guy like Dotson who may come back, if he's been in Chicago the past couple of weeks working out, how is he even a student at this point? How is he keeping up with classes to stay eligible next semester if he does come back? Since he got the invite, he'll miss the last 6-8 weeks of school I'm guessing? I just don't get that part of the equation. Hope he comes back, hope he's still eligible.

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NCAA ‘aggressively’ pursuing evidence in college basketball corruption trial, NCAA president says

What an effing joke. The NCAA has known about the dark side of apparel company's involvement in college sports (and I say sports, I'm sure football is involved as well given it's the BIG money sport) for years! Now, they've never developed ANY evidence themselves, since it would hurt their revenue stream, so they want the FBI to hand over the evidence they acquired over thousands of hours of surveillance and wire taps and other means. Well done NCAA, way to try to copy someone else's homework to turn in as your own to try and score the 'A.' Well, it's confirmed, the A in NCAA stands for A-hole.

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