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Devon Dotson productive at combine scrimmage, while Quentin Grimes struggles

I've always felt Dotson will use this as a measuring stick, come back and get better. But look how great BIFM was and he's struggled to get PT in the pros. As good as Dotson was this year, he's not even close to Frank's skill level yet.

I've also always felt Grimes had such a tough time dealing with all the criticism he got and not really living up to our, as well as his, expectations, and he was gone regardless of these workouts, likely heading to the G league or overseas. Time will tell, I hope they both make the best decisions for them, they're still Jayhawks!

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Devon Dotson among 4 Jayhawks to earn NBA combine invitations

My question is for a guy like Dotson who may come back, if he's been in Chicago the past couple of weeks working out, how is he even a student at this point? How is he keeping up with classes to stay eligible next semester if he does come back? Since he got the invite, he'll miss the last 6-8 weeks of school I'm guessing? I just don't get that part of the equation. Hope he comes back, hope he's still eligible.

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NCAA ‘aggressively’ pursuing evidence in college basketball corruption trial, NCAA president says

What an effing joke. The NCAA has known about the dark side of apparel company's involvement in college sports (and I say sports, I'm sure football is involved as well given it's the BIG money sport) for years! Now, they've never developed ANY evidence themselves, since it would hurt their revenue stream, so they want the FBI to hand over the evidence they acquired over thousands of hours of surveillance and wire taps and other means. Well done NCAA, way to try to copy someone else's homework to turn in as your own to try and score the 'A.' Well, it's confirmed, the A in NCAA stands for A-hole.

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Kansas coach Bill Self recommending time off for 'tired' Jayhawks

I hope Grimes returns. The most exciting thing for me is, we all know what Hudy can do for freshmen over the months leading into their sophomore year. Look how much McCormack's body changed already and think how she'll get Grimes, Agbaji and Dotson's bodies ready for the '20 push!

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Kansas junior Dedric Lawson earns consensus All-American nod

Love to see him back, not even counting on it. I'm a homer, but I still think it's a bit of a slight he's not a 2nd teamer. He's as good or better than all of those players, was so consistent when teams keyed more on him cuz they could lay off some of KU's other players and he still delivered. If KU would have won the Big12 again, he and Culver's accolades would all be reversed. Great season none-the-less and we we lucky to have him! Hope he succeeds wherever he ends up!

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Sophomore guard Charlie Moore to transfer from KU

I'm guessing DeSousa is done, he won't get next year back and regardless, I think he will test the NBA, if invited to the draft camp. KJ is grad eligible and getting married (I've heard) so I think he's a coin flip. He had a decent year and could add some glue next year. Dok, can't test the waters again, you only get that once. So he's gotta get the info the old fashioned way to see if he'll get drafted, unlikely, or just see when/where he gets invited to 'interview' or play in the GLeauge/Europe. I think a couple of keys for us is landing Hurt and signing a good drad transfer.

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Dedric Lawson's 2018-19 season sits among the best in KU history

It's a joke he was named 3rd team NABC All American. Great players on 1st team, hard to argue, but he's easily better than several 2nd teamers. Guarantee, if KU had won per the usual, he would've been 1st or 2nd team. What an epic and consistent season though, when everyone knew he was the guy we had to go to. Well done DLawsome!

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This Is The End: Kansas overwhelmed by Oklahoma, ending KU's quest for another Big 12 title

It's amazing to me that when many people thought, 'this could be the year the Jayhawks don't win the Big 12,' that it took losing Dok early, losing SDS for the whole season when he likely would have started, losing Lagerald for most of the season (even when he was playing), losing Garrett for a couple of key weeks, pulling Agbaji's red shirt so we could add bodies and STARTING FOUR FRESHMEN for the last three weeks of the season, in order to actually be eliminated in the final week! Sure, there were a few bad losses in there, but I think most other teams would've cashed it in long ago.

Coach Self's "worst team" would've won a lot of other league's championship. KU basketball will be back-to-back again. Rock Chalk!

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Garrett, Lawson carry No. 9 Kansas to crucial home win over Iowa State

So at what point does Ochai supplant Grimes in the starting line up? Grimes just looks lost out there. Problem is, if Self yanks him from starting, does that kill his psyche all together, maybe Ochai just knows he's going to get 20 minutes and starting doesn't matter? I'm really bummed that Grimes hasn't gotten outta his funk since game 1, other than once or twice.

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