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KU announces multiyear agreement to reignite Border Showdown rivalry with Missouri

Outside of the elite programs (and there are very few more elite than us) we do every school a favor by playing them. This will have no effect on recruiting or anything else. In fact the rivalry will get lots of good exposure. This is great to have our hated rival back on the schedule. To all you people who didn't know what sports were until the mega conferences came about. Rivalries made college sports and KU-Meth U was one of the best in the country.

Carry on.

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Jayhawks’ beat down of Boston College a real attention grabber

For Fun. Here is Keegans article on the game.

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Notebook: Why Les Miles is sticking with Carter Stanley at QB

You can watch the game on the ESPN app (not ESPN plus) as long as you have a subscription to a cable or satellite provider

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New KU forward Tristan Enaruna makes commitment to Kansas official

worked very well for Texas Tech last year

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KU announces partnership extension with Adidas through 2031

The article states this puts us at the top of the list. That is not true. UCLA;s deal is 15 years 280 million. that is 18.6 million a year. That is still the largest in college.

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The latest news and names to watch with KU basketball recruiting

I am starting to think that the NCAA is done with any penalties. Will Wade was reinstated and Miller is not getting fired. The alleged investigation is not what is hurting KU with recruiting. Just look at Oregon and Arizona. There is something else going on. Now this is pure speculation but there are an awful lot of whispers that Self is leaving. I wonder if other coaches are using that. I do not believe he is but I can see other coaches using those tactics.

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Sophomore guard Charlie Moore to transfer from KU

Selden ended up being a solid player. He did average 20 a game his last year

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Jarrett Culver over Dedric Lawson for Big 12 Player of the Year a simple case of one guy winning more

I am sorry Matt but in this case you are wrong although I respect your opinion. We really exceeded what we should of done considering we lost Doke SDS and LaGerald. The fact that we were in the title hunt until the last week says volumes for what Dedric meant to the team. He gets injured and we are not even a tournament team. I would say he was easily the MVP of the league and the player of the year.

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Jarrett Culver over Dedric Lawson for Big 12 Player of the Year a simple case of one guy winning more

Without Dedric we are sub 500. He was hurt by our pre-season expectations.

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KU's Dedric Lawson named Big 12 Newcomer of the Year

Without Dedric this team is a sub 500 team. Our preseason expectations hurt Dedric.

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