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What Big 12 coaches really think of KU football under Les Miles

This article is too long. Here’s what it should say:

The nine other Big 12 coaches said in nine different ways ‘Until they prove it on the field, we are not worried about facing KU football no matter who the coach is.’

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New lows: Jayhawks deal with disgust, frustration in 48-16 loss at Texas Tech

I am convinced that Beaty won’t be fired until the end of the season because Long is going to clean house completely. If Beaty is fired early and the interim coach happens to win a couple of games (at K-State and maybe Iowa State) then it would be difficult not to make the interim coach the new head coach.

Unfortunately, this means that Bowen is gone too. I hope he lands on his feet somewhere.

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Tom Keegan: Carter Stanley KU's QB best suited to facing Big 12 competition

Brett, the wins over Central Michigan and Rutgers gave Beaty the leeway to be fired at the end of the season, with one exception - if the football team sh*ts the bed against K-State and loses to the Wildcats by 30+ points, then I would bet Beaty would be fired the Monday after. If the K-State game is anywhere close, then Beaty gets fired at the end of the season.

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Notebook: Mike Lee notices key difference in KU defense this preseason

I want to be optimistic, but I’ll believe progress when I see it,

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Circle Rutgers as potential victory for Kansas football

Lots of kool-aid drinking here.

Athlon sports has KU at 116th. Central Michigan is 105 and they crushed KU in Lawrence last year. KU hasn’t won a road game in almost 10 years. I don’t see them winning in week 2.

Rutgers is ranked 87th and they won 4 games last year. They are on the rise and should come into Lawrence ready. I don’t see KU winning in Week 3.

The only legitimate shot at a win is the first game against Nicholls State, and even that’s questionable. Nicholls State was tied at Texas Tech late in the 4th quarter last year before losing, and they were leading at Georgia two years ago in the third quarter and almost came back to win.

I know that a lot of KU fans want to be optimistic. I’m trying to be, but I just don’t see it.

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Un-hyped Jayhawks don't mind entering season without buzz

Beaty will be fired when we lose the opener to Nichols State. Since it's a night game, he won't get fired until the next day.

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Tom Keegan: Billionaires latest to hear Matt Baty's stadium-renovation pitch

Didn't Mangino win an Orange Bowl with facilities at or below their current level? The facilities story is just an excuse. They're only trying to save their jobs instead of doing them.

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Challenging junior season hasn't discouraged KU's Dorance Armstrong Jr.

Dear Dorance,
Please declare for the NFL draft and escape the dumpster fire KU football team. Thank you for working so hard and I wish you'd had a competent coaching staff to help you, but you're an amazing player who will have a great NFL career.

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Game day Breakdown: KU football at No. 18 Oklahoma State

OSU is out of the playoff picture and has nothing to play for but pride, and history. It's been 40+ years since a team scored 100 points in a game. I think the Cowboys get close in a senior day to remember. Gundy let's them run it up because it won't hurt them in the polls, and might actually get them some attention going into bowl season.

OKST 91, KU 13

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Column: Homecoming humiliation might go down as ultimate low point

This is a ridiculous suggestion. Drop the football team and KU is dropped from the conference and gone goes KU's split of the conference TV money which is usually between $25-30 million per year. Duke, NC and Kentucky are basketball schools too, but that all also have competitive football teams. If they can do it, so can KU.

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