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KU basketball recruit Joel Embiid to narrow list next week

7' 220lbs let me introduce you to Hudy. He would be 245 by the time he left and if you want to focus on development most of that happens at practice and with our depth we would have to be the best for that.

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KU-Baylor to kick off at 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 3

It would be really nice if we could get a home game with a start time that ends with a P.M.

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Ex-Nebraska coach Doc Sadler expected to join Self's KU staff

This is Awesome
Doc was always the coach I hated playing as he prepared his teams so well.

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Coach: Recruit Anrio Adams ‘big-time talent’

Had a good talk with one of our coaches a few weeks back and he said of Peters "the only reason he wasn't top 40 was he stopped playing AAU ball in his Junior year.He did all the little dirty things for his HS team to win and didn't focus on his individual stats last season. and he will have a immediate role with our team this year."

I wished I asked him about Adams

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Chicago prep guard pays KU a visit

He sounds like a guy from chicago a few years back.

"In 2000, Wade was No. 7 in the voting for the Illinois Mr. Basketball Award. Wade was recruited by only three schools — Marquette University, Illinois State and DePaul University. "

Rivals has only been around for 10 years and 40% of there top 150 are bust not over rated but BUSTS (Micah Downs anyone).

Milt join us and prove these haters that only focus on a publication that focuses only on AAU ball wrong

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High school guard Milton Doyle expected to visit KU on Monday

You guys take Rival and Scout way too seriously... a Recruiting drought?? Just because we don't have all top 10 recruits or a couple every year. That is probably also what you guys said while complaining about our recruiting class in 1999, as all we had was 3 top 100 recruits #21, #22, and #61. It was Collison, Gooden, and Hinrich. Schools above us were
Duke #3 Jason Williams, #8 Carlos Boozer. #16 Casey Sanders (Who??), #26 Mike Dunleavy Jr.
Michigan #6 LaVell Blanchard (Who?), #24 Kevin Gaines (who?),#46 Jamal Crawford, #54 Josh Moore (Who?)
Florida #1 Donnell Harvey, #7 Brett Nelson, #38 Matt Bonner
UVA #23 Majestic Mapp. #28 Travis Watson, #37 Roger Mason Jr.
Kentucky #2 Keith Bogans, #5 Marvin Stone, #92 Marquis Estill

If we went by rankings we and not scouting by are coaches we wouldn't have had our best recruiting class ever that was ranked 7th in the country that year overall.

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Xavier transfer to set campus visits

Ummm no, they have a transfer from NC State who supposedly tore up teagues all season long and that is part of the reason he went pro.

UK's Point Guard situation is the most stable and loked up of the three.

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Xavier transfer to set campus visits

To me it is obvious, if you have only one year left of college ball to not only win but rebuild your reputation do you go to schools led by freshman or one with veterans? The knock on him last year was he was greedy and didn't play team ball. Would that change as U of A, no but if he tried that here he would be at the end of the bench. TT is going to be a first round pick and he is very simular. I would put U of A in the rear and Us and UK at the top.

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Seabury losing standout Khadre Lane to FSHS

Let St. Johns have him.

Fight for Lyons as a one year compliment and use that scholarships for one of these top guys.

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Seabury losing standout Khadre Lane to FSHS

I asked one of the coaches about Ojelye last week and he said "to be honest we have probably done a poor job on him early, but they are planning to go at him hard and they are definately in it."

He also said Walker tops their list of all recruits.

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