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FINALLY: KU, Ohio State healthy, ready for rematch

Thanks........"Pants on backwards"

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FINALLY: KU, Ohio State healthy, ready for rematch

Quick question, will we be wearing white or blue tonight? Need to know what shorts to put on.

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Scoring forecast: Ben McLemore, Thomas Robinson, Tyshawn Taylor candidates to lead KU basketball team

I agree completely. I think Releford should play big minutes. I thought he was going to be a stud this last year, but then he got hurt and got lost on the bench behind Morningstar. I'm not saying he is good as Rush but I do think he could be effective if he played the Rush role.

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Morris twins sign with agent, will declare for draft

I would like to thank the twins for their time and effort they gave KU basketball. I enjoyed watching them and wish them luck. I will admit there was some times during their freshmen year they drove me crazy. But in my opinion they are more NBA ready than anyone from KU in recent memory. RCJH!!!! F.O.E.

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A real tearjerker: Rams put end to Jayhawks’ run

It was still a good season. It was fun and I'm already looking foward to next year.

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Gary Bedore’s KU basketball notebook

I just read on zagsblog that T. Thompson and J. Hamilton both said they would be returning to Texas next year. I had heard some people say that D.D might be waiting to see what Hamilton was going to do. So does this help us with his recruitment?

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Blast from the past: Tyrel Reed’s prep career filled with fond memories, admiration

I had no idea that Tyrel and I had the same English teacher? I wonder how Tyrel did in his mock interview that went along with his resume assignment? Ahh I'm sure he nailed it.....the young man has ice water pumping through his veins. Let's get one more ring for that table. RCJH!!!!

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Enjoy the ride: Bill Self wants Jayhawks to stay loose, have fun in NCAA Tournament

I wish I had a dollar for every time my High School Coach said that. It was also on a big poster in our locker room.

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Enjoy the ride: Bill Self wants Jayhawks to stay loose, have fun in NCAA Tournament

I think your right plasticJH, three plus the one Conner is using. Four for sure plus whoever leaves early. I just have to think the Twins will leave. And I really don't blame them. I think they are just as ready as anyone else going into draft. Momma Morris would be our only hope for them to stay. So there is 6, and I will not go as far as Selby. For this conversation I say he stays. Recruits signed or offered, and feel free to add I'm just throwing the names I know out there. Tharpe (Signed), DD (Offered), Anderson (Offered), Traylor (Offered), McLemore (Offered). Just a feeling I think Self is looking for a monster class in 2012 headlined by P. Ellis.

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Enjoy the ride: Bill Self wants Jayhawks to stay loose, have fun in NCAA Tournament

Looking into recruiting news. Looks like Self might be thinking Twins are leaving. Since he is going after another 6-7 player along with Anderson who I think is a PF, along with DD. Which I guess is good/bad. Good because that means they are both playing well enough to get drafted high, which is leading to our success. And selfishly bad because they have both become a favorite of mine to watch, and I would miss them. But Coach Self and Staff have showed time and time again that no matter who they lose they are able to shift other players in and have success. So that being said lets win this (Insert own word) thing. RCJH!!!!!

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