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Buzzer-beaten: Perry Ellis, Jayhawks take last-second loss hard

What does 1 and done have to do with consistency? All early NBA guys are picked on potential. Go through the draft and look at impact rookies, hard to find one on a good team.

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Buzzer-beaten: Perry Ellis, Jayhawks take last-second loss hard

I'm guessing it's because they're 18-19 years old. Consistency isn't part of their profile yet.

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Report: KU assistant coach Jerrance Howard fined for drug offense

If I would have been caught in my family with weed I don't think they would have thrown me out.

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Early ink: WR Chase Harrell signs early with KU football program

Oops, missed the sarcasm and the Talib auto correct:)

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Early ink: WR Chase Harrell signs early with KU football program

Did you happen to see the article about this years Super Bowl starters and their high school ranking coming out? 0 - 5 star, 8 -4 star, the 36 other guys were 3 star or less!

When we got better under Mangino it was with this kind of group. Hopefully there is a Taliban talent in there somewhere!

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Wichita State guard Frankamp arrested on suspicion of DUI

What's the benefit of smearing him all over the internet. Most of us did stupid stuff when we were teenagers and early 20 somethings. I agree with Andy that I'm glad facebook, twitter, cell phone cameras, etc... weren't around to capture my immaturity and behavior.

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Column: Predictably, Alexander gives Kansas just what it needs

That's because you base everything off the stat sheet. There's a lot of basketball plays made or not made that don't show up in the stats. I'm assuming Coach Self saw some plays against Iowa State that he should have made and didn't. Whether that's contesting a shot, boxing out, sprinting back on defense, etc.....

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Column: Thinking longterm, Self benches Alexander in second half

I disagree, he didn't get "punished", he didn't get to play because his performance didn't dictate that he should be out there. Inconsistent effort leads to inconsistent play. I trust Coach Self and his experience dealing with today's players. He has way more experience pressing these guys buttons than we do!

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KU defensive lineman Marquel Combs to transfer

Correct, it is a matter of enrolling. He can't transfer to a D1 and play next season.

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Boot Camp is over; Bill Self impressed with Jayhawks

You can't save anything for another week. You get 8 hours a week in the pre and post season. Two with a ball, six for conditioning/strength training. This is per calendar week. Just a few years ago you could only work with 4 players at a time. Now you can do whole team obviously.

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