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Les Koenning not yet ready to forecast what KU football offense will look like in fall

Maybe if the team can generate fewer penalties they can have a better year. A team gains an advantage if the ball moves forward more than backward. Then there is a momentum thing and not messing that up.

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Gatto, others in NCAA basketball scandal seek probation; they argue scheme was designed to help KU, other universities

In cycling, they singled out Lance Armstrong even though is was widely known that the entre peloton was dirty with PED. I think the probem is the NCAA itself and this one and done thing. None of this is helping the kids. Today, an education is totally overrated. If the kid can go pro out of high school why waste the year in school? The racket is that kids are forced into and educational system where there options are to take on phenomenal amounts of student debt and come out with limited job prospects, or waiting tables. You don't need and education to wait tables. Let the kids go pro. The educational system is failing America and many kids are underemployed.

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Gatto, others in NCAA basketball scandal seek probation; they argue scheme was designed to help KU, other universities

Agreed, Didn't Maryland, 50K?.... I can't believe that Kentucky and Duke are pulling in there recruiting classes, competing for the same kids, and no benefit extended.

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KU players try not to tip their hands when asked about Les Miles buzz

I have to agree. David had not built a reputation before inheriting the second Charlie Weis disaster. It's hard to recruit a kid without that reputation because they have choices. I for one wanted to see Beaty succeed. I don't feel bad because that is the way of college football and he basically won the lottery financially. But I do believe that David Beaty made this a better football program.

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Column: Seeing Stars? Wake Forest turns out more NBA All-Stars than Kansas

Keegan writes a lot of "Penis Envy", Napoleon Complex types of articles. I hope that the readership of the LJW has a greater education than that of a middle school child. I thought KU was supposed to have a good School of Journalism.

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Column: Svi can be a teen dream

This article reads like it was written by a 12 year old. It is all over the place and communicates nothing important about Svi other than he is 17, repeat 17. I guess that when it is a "Column" it bypasses the editing phase?

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Column: Perry Ellis’ return huge for KU

We need tall and length. Like throwing the ball above the crowd so your guy can catch and shoot close to the rim. Tall! We need to fill the Center position with a center, not a power forward.

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Column: Cliff Alexander proof system flawed

The system is not flawed, expectations are flawed. The college game doesn't need revolve around the aspirations of 20 one-and-done players. The game will eventually rot if it loses sight of the kids who play for the love of the game and because they've always wanted to play for the University of ..... How many one and done NBA wash outs will it take to realize there is more damage than benefit. Oubre's comments are equal to all others vaulting from Kansas to the NBA, "I've always wanted to be in the NBA" "I've always been focused on the NBA". Oh by the way, Kansas was a good experience.....
And what is the argument about if they overestimate their value in the NBA and drop to the second round.... In other words, it did turn out as expected? Well, it's a life lesson in hubris. There are no guarantees in life. Now you'll have to pay for your education through student loans and hard work like the rest of us.

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Column: NCAA needs to fight back

New Math, If you play bad in College your draft status drops. If your draft status drops so does your 1st year paycheck. The NBA game is faster than the college game which is faster than in High School. If you don't up your game in College, you'll get a rude awakening at the NBA level. This knowledge is a mixture of finance and physics. KU has reached a OAD developmental peak to climax at stagnation. We don't have an official big man and can't afford to lose the little man.

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Column: NCAA needs to fight back

All of this sounds a little like broken bracket whining. First, you can't give special NCAA treatment to a guy who miscalculates his draft position by giving them an "oops" exception back into the NCAA. If other transfers need to sit out a year, then Mr. NBA hopeful should sit out a year before re-entering the NCAA. There should be a personal cost to Hubris. Just like the "Domestic Violence" ads, "No More He's Got So Much Potential"
lSecond, Bill Self needs to examine his strategy and determine if chasing these "One and Done" prospects is worth the effort. I'm not seeing the big return. This was the worst team of the Bill Self era. They weren't bad players but the "One and Done" mentality is taking a toll on the team chemistry and his authority. This was evident more than ever this year.
Third, Did y'all really think Kansas was a #2 seed? Really? This team looked vulnerable through out the season. How many 15 to 20 point leads did they need to blow? If they were down, they had no heart! The reason why they play the actual game is because what's on paper is usually BS.
WSU out played KU. WSU wanted it more. Bill Self has significant influence over the team's mentality by his recruiting efforts. How would you feel as a talented, hard working third year if the annual ritual is to play up to the incoming class of unproven star freshmen.

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