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Jayhawks withdraw from Big 12 tournament because of positive COVID-19 test

I propose a tournament for just the COVID-19 positive teams, you have to play wearing a mask and can't guard any closer than six feet, etc. This is starting to look like the Champion's Classic we always play early in the season, at least 3 of those teams (KU, Kentucky, Duke) are currently sitting, is Mich. State still active? Maybe we should just run a replay on that one. At least HCBS has time to put in some new wrinkles if he can find a free High School court in K.C. since they're going to be staying there.

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No. 3 Kansas suffers lopsided 84-59 loss to No. 8 Texas, snaps 8-game win streak

At least HCBS reacted in a more mature and positive manner to this dog of a game than did former football HC Jack Mitchell after new Nebraska HC Bob Devaney gave KU a surprise 40-16 home whupping in 1962 that would begin a string of losses to the 'Huskers. Jack called it a disgrace to the entire state of Kansas or something like that, which was entirely unnecessary. We'll be back!

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Gameday Breakdown: No. 7 Kansas vs. No. 20 Kentucky

Warning---Don't click on the link below about TV Weather girls--it's got an imbedded virus that will lock up your computer and ask you to call an 800 number for assistance. Had to call a more knowledgeable relative for assistance. It's just a scam to get money out of you. KU Sports, are you listening? The links at the end of your stories should be tested for safety.

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Pooka Williams Jr. opts out of remainder of KU football season

Pooka has given us a good effort for 2-1/2 years, now it's time to get something for himself and his family. My prediction is that he returns home to Louisiana, gets on a workout schedule, and starts visiting other more successful LSU, Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, or even Oklahoma. A good year with a good supporting cast on a nationally recognized team should up his NFL draft status considerably, maybe even first round. He was never going to get there playing for us. His signing bonus should help him and his family for many years to come. Thanks a bunch, Pooka, it's been enjoyable watching you!

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Dedric Lawson repeatedly reminded of painful March Madness memory from his childhood

Glad to have Derrick making contributions to the KU BB program now, but from his quotes in the article above, he needs to log a few more hours in English Conversation Class. Hope to see him back on the team next year.

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Milestone win: Self picks up 600th career victory against UMKC

Would like to watch the aforementioned tribute video online, so would other members of my family. Will it ever be released for public viewing? Game was on ESPN-3, couldn't get it down here in Arkansas.

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Hello~ This is the second time I've commented on this, but I'll keep doing it until you work on your website. I'm talking about the part where you grant free access to your site in exchange for an occasional product survey opinion. I don't mind doing this, and I suppose I would eventually cave in and pay for access to the site if I had to, but when you promise me free access to the site in exchange for a couple of opinions, then you need to do your part and deliver when I comply with your policy. I have been told five times today that I have been granted two days' free access in exchange for my opinion on home thermostats, only to find the same question being asked me on the very next article I try to read, then on the next, and the infinitum, all on the same day. Why promise two days' free access, and then not deliver when I comply? Do I have to sign in each day when I enter the site? I lived in Lawrence from 1946-69, and am a lifelong Jayhawk and life member of the alumni association and my family still lives there, so will always maintain my interest in Lawrence, KU, and its history, despite living over 450 miles away. Please tell me what I have to do to make your site deliver on its promise. Thank you, Ty Travis, Pine Bluff, AR

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Opinion: It's time to embrace this team's ugly way of winning

Fox Sports Net SW has a record of picking up a lot of Big-12 TV games, maybe not on their main channel, but they've got several aux channels nearby on dish that are not PPV. I'm hoping for that

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KU women fall to top-ranked Baylor, 82-60

Please tell me exactly what part of the usage agreement I supposedly violated. I wasn't trying to be demeaning of her in any way, just that she could probably step right onto the mens' teams in many schools and not lose a beat. My e-mail address is on file, please reply, this is the first time I've ever had a post pulled, and I'm not happy about it.

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KU women fall to top-ranked Baylor, 82-60

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

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