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Basketball recruit Tony Parker picks UCLA; KU in running for Xavier point guard Mark Lyons

First of all there's no scholie to stash away. If Lyons got one for next year that'd be it; he's only got one year left.
Second, I'm fairly certain we'd be better off w/ Elijah off point. He struggled mightily in that role this year when he was forced into it. I expect his dribble penetration will improve, but his limited floor vision led to countless atrocious passes. Last half of the season I kept telling my buddy that we're going to be in a world of hurt at point next year unless Tharpe bulks and improves dramatically.

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KU running back James Sims suspended three games

For the first time ever with this many comments, everyone is spot on! Congrats to Coach and all the rational posters here. The world spins normal for a change.

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Mizzou fan antics don’t rile Robinson

Please don't make jackass comments accentuated w/ a juvenile expletive and then sully genuine Kansas fans by signing off w/ "Rock Chalk."

You ain't one of us.

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Mizzou fan antics don’t rile Robinson

The guy played major college D1 ball at two institutions and pro ball overseas; he set the school assist record at OSU in TWO years and is tied for the most in a game for the conference with 18. He's a color commentator on national coverage, has his OWN show on ESPN Radio, and is a part of as many CBB shows as the World Wide Leader can schedule him on.

You're right; he couldn't shoot a lick. But the credibility issue lies with you.

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How Tom Keegan voted: AP college basketball poll for Jan. 30, 2012

I'm good w/ the Top Ten, though I'd swap Gtown and UF. The rest seem too small-school oriented.

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Attorney enters plea of not guilty for KU basketball player accused of possessing alcohol

Stop. Take a breath. Now consider sarcasm.

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KU women notch third Big 12 road win in 65-60 victory over Oklahoma State

Nice. How's life? As bitter and pointless as your post, perhaps?

Congrats ladies! Great year so far, let's keep fighting!

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KU hires former Dallas Cowboys assistant Dave Campo as defensive coordinator


(I'll take two!"

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