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Hoops observations after first weekend of NCAA tourney

Wow...this thought crossed my mind just today as I read through more of the stats and info on UNI. How the heck do they go 28-4, win the MVC and its tourney, stay close to or in the top 25 the whole season, but then get slotted 9th in the Midwest?? Great point and yes, does raise the issue of a conspiracy to make the Jayhawks earn that trip to the FInal Four. I guess you ultimately have to win to move on, but yeah, it seems a little odd that UNI was seeded so low...

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Sherron Collins talks to media after loss

Panthernation-first off, congrats to UNI and their fans for a solid win. Regardless of what Sherron said, no one can take this win away from you. That being said, if anything, these refs were in your favor bro'. 6 fouls to zero in the first half? It was complete bs. You guys got the benefit of a lot of calls late. I dare say the refs got caught up in rooting for the underdog and IMO gave you all a lot of calls at the end. You were NOT going to blow us out! You want to know what else is dbag? You trollin on a KU site lookin to brag. You re lucky that 7 footer of yours had the game of his life today. Otherwise you would be on the losing end tonight. Here's hoping not all your fans are jackholes like u!

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All things considered, Gill thrilled with first class

I like that point lighthawk. If MU bolts for the Big 10, Turner Gill and his staff better be ready to seize the opportunity to further ties and pipelines in the state of Texas!

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Which ESPN color announcer do you like better?

Are you people serious? Bobby Knight better than Bill Raftery?? Bobby Knight SUCKS!! His commentator abilities are terrible! He is a great coach and brings some interesting perceptives from that point, but he is truly annoying with all his little barbs. An example, and I apologize if this is not word for word....

"I don't like when the winning school's fans chant over-rated. Instead, I would like to see them chant..great game...great game to the opposing team. Show some sportsmanship."

If that isn't the stupidest commentary I have ever heard, not sure what is! Musberger should really stick to football and is a sinking ship already, let alone when ESPN pairs him with dead weight like Bobby Knight!

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Reesing benched in Jayhawks’ loss

OK, so it would be easy to pile on, but really at this point KU and its fans need to face the facts. The only thing this team can do is play hard and hope they go 8-4 ( I am barring out any miracles and winning in Austin). That would put us 4-4 in the North with wins over NU, MU and KSU. We would have to hope that NU or MU can help us out by winning a game over KSU to push them to 4-4 as well. If this team can somehow find a way to pull it together and do that, then I think the season can be seen as a success. I can't lie, I think optimistic fans thought 9-3 or better was a possibility. We all bought in to the fact that the offense was superhuman and would simply outscore other teams. What a huge disappointment the offense has been this year. Just has never really looked right.

On Todd Reesing, if he is hurt, please coach, put the team ahead of Todd and play Kale. We need to focus on winning, not on preserving the rep of Todd Reesing. I would never call Todd a liar and say his groin is not that bad, but I don't see any grimacing or issues when he is playing. If he's not healthy, get him out of there.

I see a lot of posts about Todd's activity in Lawrence. If this shi$ is true, that is just plain bull on Todd's part. It shows a complete lack of respect to his teammates and would possibly explain why this guy takes 2 quarters to warm up. There will be plenty of time come 2nd semester for Todd to have a case of Senioritis. Please Todd, if this crap is true about your late hours, you owe it to your team, the University and the fans to get your head straight and put it all on the line these last 4 games of the season!

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FINAL: Reesing benched in 4th quarter of 42-21 loss to Texas Tech

Wow, this is so disappointing. The one strength we had coming into this season was the offense. Reesing, Meier, Briscoe, Sharp...are you ready to take your place in history? Unfortunately, this offense has simply failed to produce at all this year. I think a lot of people were worried early on and now we see deservedly so. Man, this defense has improved every week in my opinion. Yes, they have had faults but they continue to hustle and improve. The O may want to take some notes!

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FINAL: Reesing benched in 4th quarter of 42-21 loss to Texas Tech

It has to be very discouraging for the defense to watch their QB give away points every week.

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FINAL: Reesing benched in 4th quarter of 42-21 loss to Texas Tech


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FINAL: Reesing benched in 4th quarter of 42-21 loss to Texas Tech

Not accusing anyone, but why does Reesing get a free pass?? He holds on to the ball WAY too long! He has to be looking to get rid of that ball in the pocket. If you have time to pat the ball, you better be looking to get rid of it....c'mon Todd!

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Students’ halftime exits disappoint Jayhawks

My 2 cents on this is concerning the family zone. I have 2 small children and my family purchases the family plan every year for the last 5 years. HOWEVER, I think it's time for Lou to work his magic again. Get rid of the family zone. The reason I say this is it basically makes the North Bowl a non-factor in the game. I would much rather have rabid fans making noise ALL game and helping this football team, than to have a bunch of kids running around and not allowing the parents to watch the game. There is little if any noise coming from the North Bowl. We gotta get the students, the alumni and every fan on the page that when you come to the game, make noise! Get loud, help the defense out! I don't find it to be a coincidence that in the 4th quarter of close games (S. Miss and now ISU as well), when the game is on the line and fans are being loud, our defense has gone out and made the plays to win the game. This defense needs all the help it can get. I grew increasingly frustrated the whole ISU game as we had zero crowd noise and we allowed ISU to go up and down the field on us. Fans need to bring a hostile attitude with them when they come to the game. As a Chiefs fan, that is what made Arrowhead so great in the 90's and part of the reason why that defense was stellar year in and year out. If you are going to make a financial commitment to buy tickets, than make an emotional commitment to come out and give it everything you got to help our defense get an edge!

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