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KU coach Bill Self talks after loss to Michigan (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

How can they laugh when they are still crying over the charge call in the ISU/Ohio St game?!

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Opinion: Goodbye, Ben McLemore; hello, Andrew Wiggins?

Thank you dagger, for getting in my head and taking my thought, although you put it much more eloquently. When you have nothing, 5 million may be all you ever need to fulfill your every wish and dream. To ask a family living in poverty with nothing to chance one more year to hone your skills is just a risk that I would not personally take. Go get yours Ben. We enjoyed your one year and if that is all we get so be it. The providing for your family story wins out every time folks. Regardless of how much money you leave on the table...

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Roy Williams, Tar Heels hurting after loss to Kansas

Glad to hear that everyone is pouring out respect for Roy Williams. Regardless of how you feel about him leaving KU, he gave us some great years and Final Four appearances. He deserves to be held in high esteem at Kansas and hope one day he will get his due at AFH!

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FINAL: Missouri scores game's final 11 points, rallies for 74-71 win over KU

Man, I hate that I just can't bring myself to support TT 100%...dude did so much for us and helped us come to the point of a win, then peed down his leg the last 4 minutes. What a devastating loss.

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Wait, what? DeAndre Daniels picks UConn

Nicka-what did Selby do at KU? Jack squat. What happened to this great player that Selby was supposed to be? What, is red supposed to deify Selby? Supposed to root for him just cause he went to KU? You are right the players don't owe us anything, but we don't owe them anything either. Just because Selby went to KU doesn't mean we have to root for him forever. Forget Selby, I could really care less if he ever comes back to KU. Does that make me the worst type of fan? Maybe in your mind, but if you don't live up to your potential in that KU uni, I got every right to hate on you. I could care less that he is going to be a 1st rounder. Selby should have got a life and perfomed up to his capabilities. That's my 2 cents...

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DeAndre Daniels delays decision until Thursday morning

Also, remember that Robinson is a SOPHOMORE. I don't think you are a KU fan, so you probably can not logically look at the twins progression, but no one saw them as having the ability to shoot 3's when they first came in either. Shows you what hard work and dedication can do for your game. T Rob will have that jumper by the time he leaves KU dude.

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DeAndre Daniels delays decision until Thursday morning

Ahhh...I was looking for the douche on the board. LOOKS LIKE I FOUND HIM!! Thanks Buddy! C'mon son, Self's recruiting since he came to KU has NEVER been a problem. Say what you want about Self, but he is a HE** of a recruiter bro'. Take that stupidity elsewhere.

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Recruit Trevor Lacey picks Alabama over KU

Like cshjhawk said, I wish him the best, but kind of hard to believe Alabama won out over KU and UK. He would have looked good in our backcourt...

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Recruit Trevor Lacey picks Alabama over KU


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Stunning loss leaves several Jayhawks undecided on futures

This is the first time in a long time that I have come to the message board and posted after a Jayhawk loss in the NCAA tourney. It just makes me sick to see people blasting Morningstar and Reed after this heart breaking loss for all of Jayhawk Nation. Yes, they are not 5 star guards, but they are much better than they played today. That is the beauty of this tourney. You get one shot each game and if you don't show up you will go home packing. Today, we didn't play well, but we ran into a team hot from 3 and that jumped on us early. They packed it in down low and forced us to beat them with our achilles heel, our guards.

I don't think anyone was complaining about Reed and Morningstar as duds when they were hitting 3's most of the year. I just think they had a tough night, the whole team did. The FG% and the FT% reflect that. I just hate that these guys are being villafied and bashed. they gave their blood, sweat and tears to this program and I appreciate everything they gave.

Tough way to go out today boys, but an Elite 8 appearance is nothing to feel to bad about. Certainly not where we wanted to end the season, but in retrospect, it was a solid year.

As for going pro, I think the twins are gone and so is Selby. I hope I am wrong, but my gut says the twins want to go pro together and i don't see Markieff coming back with his stock peaking at the moment.

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