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Jeff Long out as KU athletic director amid fallout from football coach's departure

You make a good point, if hiring committees can locate, interview and recommend coaches for hire. Why have an AD on the payroll?

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KU plans to ride with true freshman Jalon Daniels as 'the guy' at No. 1 QB

I re-watched the game from Saturday. Daniels is only 17 so I will give him time to learn and grow in the system. I agree with many that we have good players, but unsure why our coaches for so many years have been able to translate the talent onto the field.

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KU football special teams no-show in Sunflower Showdown

I could see Doeren coming back, but not until the team is in a better spot. He has done well at NC State and they are currently 4-2. You could argue it would be a lateral move, but it would be a major step back to take the job now and a move that would be very risky to one's career.

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Les Miles lands on list of top 150 college football coaches of all-time

From where that program was when he took it over to what he accomplished there is nothing short of miraculous. Len is right! It's not like Snyder took over Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska or Colorado. All schools have won a national championship in the last 30 years. Had Snyder gone to one of these schools there is no doubt in my mind he would have won at least one national championship. I always heard LSU was after him in the late 90's but Snyder stayed at K-State to build a program, which he has done. I have nothing but respect for Snyder. But now KU with Miles, has an opportunity to do something similar, something better!

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Jayhawks contend progress was made in Les Miles' 1st year in charge

Steven, you are spot on about the points allowed/scored. The offense was about the same but the defense gave up on average a full touchdown more per game than last year. No change in the win/loss column is fine with me for a year 1 staff. I saw more fight in this team than in years past. However, if we can't find a QB with an OL, I fear next year will resemble the past few. There are playmakers on the outside and we have depth at RB. If Stanley was the best we had this year, next years first year QB might hinder the offense. As far as the offense went this year I think Dearmon will be good moving forward, but we played Texas and Tech at the right time. Both of those defenses were awful. Give this staff time, hopefully they stick.

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Fiery KU football leaders Daylon Charlot, Andrew Parchment keep preaching postseason

I too worry about the last couple of games should KU get beat in Stillwater. The seniors might not fight as hard as the underclassmen looking to solidify their positions on the roster. Love the energy and passion this team is showing. I think Miles will keep everyone fighting until the end of the season.

The matchup in Stillwater will mark 4,061 days since KUs last conference road win (10/4/08 at Iowa State). Let's end another morbid streak and keep the possibility of a bowl game alive.

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'Crushing': Jayhawks regret failing to give sellout crowd a proper show

Agree, and they were sweating this game all week. After how KU played Texas and then Tech. K-State was 7 points away from being 3-9 last year. Believe me they were nervous. I said earlier this year that K-State is not more athletic that we are, they have had more stability in their coaching staff, but we were manhandled and pushed around all game and they looked much better than we did. Just frustrating to witness!

Now moving forward, what will KU look like next year? QB, OL and Defense are what I am most concerned about and seem to be our biggest question marks year after year.

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Jayhawks sense buzz leading up to Sunflower Showdown in Lawrence

I think we are just as vulnerable of losing Miles as well.

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Les Miles: KU's O-linemen 'settling in'

In the past 10 seasons (2010-19) according to Jayhawk Slant and Go Powercat, half the time KU had a higher recruiting class and the other half K-State had a higher recruiting class. K-State has had a better recruiting class 4 of the past 6 years. I don't put much stock in the stars of each player, but one school is clearly teaching their players the fundamentals and building upon them. KU's main issue is not lack of talent. There is no coaching stability, due to poor hires and KU players are on a constant learning curve with every new staff that comes to town.

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Coastal Carolina secures first Power 5 win over KU thanks to tumultuous journey

Rewatched the game again today. Stanley had several decision making errors, but the glaring issue is the offensive and defensive lines. Which I have seen stated on these boards in earlier posts. Coastal Carolina was in our backfield pretty much all day and their running back ran for 148 yards. With a trip to BC coming up along with Big 12 play both lines need to improve quickly.

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