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Bill Self’s squad ready to go

If you guys recall, we didn't know whether or not Mclemore was to be a OAD or not until the season started. We do not know if Seldon or Embiid will be OAD's until we see them play.
On another note. recruiting wise, Best case scenario is we land Jones, Okafor and Oubre. I would be willing to bet we get Oubre regardless, but Jones and Okafor are looking more and more attractive as a compromise school because Jones want to go to Duke but Okafor isnt as thrilled with Duke. More Realistically, I think we will get Turner or Alexander in combination with Oubre. Turner will sign in the fall and Alexander most likely in the spring to see for sure if Embiid goes or not. if Turner signs with us in the fall, he is essentially signing the papers for Embiid becoming a OAD. I just dont see how the two of them could play together.

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KU freshman Rio Adams bringing energy, on and off court

The 2013-14 Starting lineups and Rotation has become a product of major debate and discussion. I love hearing what people have to say with regards to their own opinions, and projections for recruits and next years lineup. Now on to my own thoughts and opinions. I do indeed agree that we have a good shot with Randle, probably around a 35-40% percent. I Think our biggest competition if Florida just because Donovan and Randle have a relationship from when he coached him. If I had to make a prediction today I would say he comes to KU because he realizes the impact he could make as a freshmen in order to help us continue our winning tradition.
I Would be be surprised if he got Wiggins but would accept him in a heartbeat. But in reality I think he will go to Florida State. because they are all in on him and both of his parents went there. I cant see him going to Kentucky because the class they already have may be shout for Playing time even if he is the best player in the Country.
Now for the fun part, next years starting lineups and rotation at the beginning of the year, not when Bill Self shortens it for conference play
1) Tharpe will Start because he will be the only on scholarship upperclassmen, and though he Adams and Frankamp may have more talent, they haven't been in Bill Self's system for three years. Rio and Frankamp will have a battle for backup Point Guard minutes. I think Rio wins this one to start with them splitting minutes as the season goes on
2) Seldon starts here because he is the best guard we have on our team talent wise and looks to make an immediate impact like Mclemore did this year but those are unrealistic expectations and he will be a solid two year player. Brannen Greene will split time between the two and three spots but he will probably be a two most of the time. He will split time with Frankamp (as an undersized 1-2 hybrid)
3) Andrew White will start next year. He has been playing pretty lately (Besides the WVU game) and his defense has improved significantly throughout the season will do nothing but the same during the off season. As far as a backup goes, Greene and Ellis will split minutes but the edge goes to Greene because Ellis will mostly be playing a four position
4) Ellis will start here easily. With Traylor being a nice backup to bring a different style of play and a change of pace down low.
4a) Randle has to start here. He and Randle will create could possibly the most dynamic duo in the post in the Bill Self era. He is a great player that will likely be a one and done, because once he leaves it fits perfect for Lucas and Embiid to step in and take over the role. as they will be competing for backup minutes behind Randle
I look forward to hearing your feedback and criticisms of this post.

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Opinion: Weber great hire for K-State

When you win at Illinois, you get the Kansas job.
When you lose at Illinois, you get the Kansas State job.

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Conner Frankamp officially signs with KU

sounds a lot like Tyrel Reed..

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Tharpe shooter: Self, Jayhawks counting on sophomore guard for offense

I would surprised if Rio transferred because HCBS has to love his game because he can handle the ball, play defense, and can shoot. He I believe will be in the hunt for PT when it gets into conference time this there, though I could be wrong. And next everyone is forgetting about Andrew White? He lead the team in scoring in Europe and will most likely start as a 2/3 with Seldon (assuming BMac leaves). With Rio/Tharpe starting at the one. Thats not even counting Frankamp, Mason (I believe he will transfer, or not sign the LOI) and Greene. That is a very crowded back court already. With next years lineup being
1. Tharpe/Rio/Frankamp
2. White/Frankamp/Rio
3. Seldon/White/Greene
4. Ellis/Peters/Traylor
5. Roberson, or Lawrence (hopefully)/Lucas/Traylor

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Jayhawks' 2007 Elite Eight squad to enter KU Hall of Fame

Calling it right now, 2 of our freshmen this year leave. Peters, Ellis, White, Rio stay. It matters who is third in the Lucas, Peters, and Traylor battle. From what I hear, Peters has been very good. And whoever wins between Lucas and Traylor will be transferring after this season. Assuming BMac leaves and Wesley going back on walk-on status, We will have more scholarships available. I believe we should take on a OAD center, (Randle, or Gordon though it seems unlikely we will get either) or developmental center like Embiid and start focusing on the 2014 class because it isn't as stacked as the 2013 class and has limited talent at the top. (there are only 21 left in the rivals 100 (an unprecedented number for October)) so we can get a good start there and potentially if Wiggins reclassifies steal the number one class from Calipari.

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KU-Mizzou match-up in NCAA tournament wouldn’t shock Self

Wait, When did MU get a 16-seed?

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Prep guard Selden to visit KU for Late Night

what about Roddy Peters Instead of Mason?

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Juco recruit Chris Jones orally commits to play basketball at Louisville

Just out of Curiosity, where are you getting your information about Jackson? I've heard he is a ND lean for awhile now..

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Juco recruit Chris Jones orally commits to play basketball at Louisville

no, Illinois just signed kendrick nunn and they have no need for a point guard anymore. Illinois is out for Demetrius Jackson.

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