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Georgia Tech punishment not necessarily a sign of what's to come for Kansas

Yes, it always seems that the powers that be have it out for Kansas, probably due to the fact we have fewer powerful people and members/viewership in general.

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New KU football OC Chip Lindsey shares thoughts on Pooka Williams, QBs and more

Beaty bet his coaching future on Bender. Does bender sound like the quarterback described by our new OC Lindsey? I do think it sounds like Stanley though. Mark my words, Carter Stanley will be all Big 12 next year, along with the Junior receiver from University of Alabama. Our former OC didn't design plays to fit our personnel and failed accordingly. You have to modify your system to fit your personnel. I already sense an improvement on the horizon in a big way.

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Kansas knocks off TCU to end Big 12 losing skid

I thought coach did a better job coaching the team and game management than in the past. He seems to be improving. I thought the way he ended the game was smart. I still would like to see Carter start next week at quarterback. I thought Bender was inconsistent, but did improve on his scrambling ability. Congrats to the team for a hard fought victory. Rock Chalk.

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Tom Keegan: Why does Carter Stanley keep drawing the short stick?

I too grow tired of a coach that doesn't give his best game day quarterback the reins to the offense. It did look suspicious that the head coach yanks Carter after 2 series in which the play calling sucked. In addition, the coach said something to the effect, "now let's see if he can do it again to prove it wasn't a fluke." What coach says that? I'm sure that didn't instill confidence in Carter to hear his coach say that. Our only consolation is that Beaty has sealed his doom by sticking with Bender, who lacks mental toughness and can't scramble to save his soul. I say let Carter play the rest of the games.

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KU football vs. Rutgers

What a fantastic last 2 games. Unbelievable how well the Jayhawks have played. Take these achievements and make your run in the Big 12. Anything is possible with the Lord at our side.

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Final Four berth brings overdue credit to Jayhawks

Don't talk about De Sousa leaving. This guy is outstanding with a soft touch around the rim and grabbing every rebound. What a blessing for our team. I like both our freshman, Garrett and De Sousa. I am excited about our team for next year, as well as this year. Our first game against Villanova will be a big challenge. They have played us tough each time we have played. All I know we have to play to beat Villanova and think of nothing else -- play to win. I wish our team the best next weekend. Go KU, RCJH.

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KU football vs. West Virginia -- 09/23/17 at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium

When are we going to allow the better game-day quarterback to manage the team on the field. It is obvious to anyone watching the games that bender just doesn't have it for game-day. Carter has moxie and is a gamer. His competitive desire to win will cause us to win. You can't call stupid passing plays that your quarterback can't make. Give the ball to number 10 and let's win some games.

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KU football's offense is not the problem (KU Sports Hour)

Why are we throwing the ball right after intercepting it in the endzone? Wouldn't it have been a better play to hand it off to number 10 to move the ball to midfield. I would like to replace Bender with Carter. Carter is a dual threat QB. With the receivers we have he throws good enough. Just put the ball in play and our receivers will go up and get it. Carter can scramble and avoid some of those sacks, as well. Carter also is a gamer. We need that.

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Kelly Oubre Jr. ejected in Washington win for dead-ball flagrant foul

I watched the replay and thought that Oubre reacted because he got elbowed under the chin and laid out on the floor with no foul called. Apparently this was the 2nd hard foul by Olynyk. Remember Olynyk was the one that purposely dislocated Love's shoulder 2 years ago in the playoffs. This Olynyk dude is crafty and baits you into reacting. He looked like he helped Oubre knock himself to the ground when Oubre came in retaliation. He reminds me a lot of Bill Laimbeer. What Bill Laimbeer lacked in physical ability, he made up for it with dirty play.

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4-star WR Devonta Jason — committed to KU — now has 27 offers

Kids are different today. It's hard to get them to commit to anything. I have a brother 11 years younger. I could never get him to commit. I think he was always holding out for a better offer. It is hard to say what these Louisiana kids will do. I know this, if KU goes out this season and kicks tail, all those Louisiana boys will be clamouring to shout I'm a Jayhawk too -- RCJH, RCJH KU!

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