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Falling Short: Khalil Herbert's career day not enough in 56-34 loss to West Virginia

The slow starts are really hurting them. Gotta work on that. The first quarter was a disaster and right before the half the pick 6 hurt in a big way. It does appear the offensive line is performing much better, particularly in run blocking. The secondary is mostly young, they will get better this season.

Is Corione Harris related to Chris? Just a question for the experts at

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Happy debut: Peyton Bender starts fast in opening win over SEMO

It's so hard to grade a team after the first game, especially with so many newcomers at key positions and young guys in a lot of other spots. We're still quite away from filling up the available scholarship roster spots. I didn't get to watch the game, blacked out. But from what I could hear on the radio, there were times that Bender looked terrific as well as some of the receivers, but there is a lot of work to do. We should be able to get a much better guage on them next Saturday.

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KU football player charged with felony assault, dismissed from team

I am disappointed. A kid has an opportunity to get a degree of his choice as the worst-case scenario and goes and does something like this. There is always the other option, and that is to not do it. I hope he learns from it and becomes a better person for it.

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Jayhawks would like for one-two punch to emerge at running back

I tend to trust Beaty more than the previous two coaches. There is some talent on this team and it has translated on the field, particularly last season with some of the WRs, at DE, and at least one of the defensive backs. Mike Lee, for example, impressed me last year. We just need a guy at QB who can make decisions quickly and consistently so that the opposing defenses become frustrated.

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David Beaty outlines long process it will take to turn KU football into a winning program

It is hard to say how long it will take, but I can say that Beaty's staff is working real hard and some of the players we saw last season from Beaty's first partial recruiting class made an impact. Not all of them, but no doubt Beaty has the right mindset in my opinion. I would say that a realistic goal for getting 6 wins could be 2018, maybe 2019. But if Beaty get's the kind of kids he's getting for 2018 in 2019 and 2020 the league isn't going take Kansas lightly any more.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas-Missouri basketball game possible as soon as 2018

i don't really care. Mizzou walked away from it, not Kansas.

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KU football once again picked last in preseason Big 12 poll

Here's something to ponder. Even if Kansas finishes in last in the Big 12 doesn't mean that there are not significant improvements. If KU loses by an average margin of 7 instead of 27, that would be an improvement right? It's flawed to only measure by wins vs. losses. Shortsighted.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas football better than 101 ranking

It's an interesting article. I too was shocked by only given a 3.8% chance to beat TCU. KU was just one or two plays away from beating them the past 3 seasons. I think that we have a much better chance at winning some of the other games, but what ESPN has to go with is limited during the preseason. I expect that the opening day starter will be Bender, and it will be interesting to see how the new offensive additions contribute. I also like the addition of depth on the OL and at DE(probably the heart and soul of this team going into fall camp).

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Beaty pleased with KU's progress during the offseason

There's no doubt that there is more talent and depth than a couple of seasons ago. A realistic goal for this year is to put up 4 or 5 wins and put a scare into a couple of teams in the Big 12. The WR group is upgraded, running back situation is deeper, OL has a little more depth and experience, and the QB situation looks so much better with Bender being the one I expect to start opening day and Stanley being the backup. Big upgrade at QB from opening day the past two seasons.

We have a solid defensive line, particularly at end. The linebacker core is much more experienced. The secondary might be a problem but there is Mike Lee and one or two other guys that showed something last season.

Special Teams is going to be a big deal this coming season. If we can make a couple of big plays on Special Teams we could get the 6th win in a close game.

The fall camp is going to be a good one I predict.

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Kansas upsets TCU, 7-3, in Big 12 baseball tournament

Today's games

Baylor vs Texas Tech at 9am
Oklahoma vs TCU 12:30pm
Oklahoma State vs West Virginia at 4pm
and Kansas vs. Texas at 7:30 tonight.

I would think TCU would beat OU and that Texas Tech beats Baylor to eliminate the two losers of the first two games.

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