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Gameday Breakdown: KU football at Baylor

I lived in Weatherford for about 10 years. You're even further north than that. Denton maybe? I would be there today if I still lived there but I'm going to the Iowa State game November 3rd.

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Gameday Breakdown: KU football at Baylor

It's there, but just KU Run D vs Baylor Run O

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Quarterback controversy brewing in Waco too

I don't know about that Joe. I think we could use deception more often with Pooka and Khalil both in the backfield or one or both shifting to the slots before the snap. It would almost guarantee that we'd get a matchup with a running back on a linebacker. That would work even better with Kendrick at QB because he could option to a run when the linebackers have to spread out. Also have Sims in to run a deep post or straight fly to clear out one of the safeties in the middle and maybe Kerry Johnson or Booker running a deep out to occupy the other corner and force the other safety to stay back or come up, depending upon what the safeties do determines who the ball is thrown to. So many things can happen good or bad though. Maybe just allow Pooka to use his ability to break the big run.

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Pilfer party: KU's 6 takeaways power blowout win over Rutgers

400 yards on the ground! Just think if the passing game could just get 300 yards? There were opportunities but Bender just didn't make accurate throws early. That could have turned drives that resulted with 0 points into 14 more points and 7 fewer points for Rutgers. With that aside, KU cleaned things up in the 2nd half quite a bit except for the penalties. Could have probably scored another TD or 2 without them in the 2nd half. But for sure, KU left 14 points on the field in the first quarter. When we get a turnover inside the opponents 30, we need to be able to put the ball in the endzone more times than not but I think that the coaches know that already.

I agree with John on the games that are winnable above, Baylor, ISU, KSU, and Texas. I don't know what will happen with TCU, most of the time we're pretty close to them with the exception being last season.

The team earned the fans support for the Big12 Home Opener, particularly the students. You're already on campus, why not go? It's not a long way from home like it is for many others.

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Jayhawks pummel Rutgers, 55-14

Not unexpected, but moving the goal posts 20 yards further down the field and asking for a 65 yard fg now, instead of just a 45 yard fg.

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Jayhawks pummel Rutgers, 55-14

Nebraska lost to Troy...

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KU football offense not perfect, but much cleaner through 2 games

There is a reason there was a new center in week two, no fumbles.

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Tom Keegan: A comparison of KU's 98 games under Mangino to the 98 since

There aren't any people who were alive 125 years ago, so I don't remember that far back. I get your point though, it's easy to research the history. Siri might not be the way to do the research though.

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Tom Keegan: A comparison of KU's 98 games under Mangino to the 98 since

Brian, pretty light punishments for coaches in college football for 'mistreatment' of players. Quotations are there for a reason. The bottom line is that the behavior could have been corrected without termination. But with that said, it doesn't mean Mangino would have stayed at Kansas through now or even after 2009.

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Tom Keegan: A comparison of KU's 98 games under Mangino to the 98 since

There were some issues that led to Mangino's firing, and I have stated this before. If Gray-Little was not Chancellor, Mangino may not have been fired. He would have been severely disciplined, at least by the precedents set in college football. However, that does not mean he would still be here today. When the AD left because of Gray-Little, who had virtually no experience at the time as a Chancellor, we lost the AD and he left us with Turner Gill. He probably wasn't the best coach available that wanted the job either but it didn't end well. Three years later, he was fired, then came Charlie Weis, and then he was fired. Both of those hires were mistakes. I understand that many fans are frustrated, I am too, but I'm not going to jump ship with Beaty just yet because I think he inherited worse conditions than Glen Mason did and a lot of the players that experienced the worst times in the past 20 years for KU football, or most of them, are not here anymore. Sometimes, in order to change the culture, you have to change the player personnel. It isn't that the previous players didn't give an effort, it's that they went from one coach to another, and in some cases, some were in their last year in Beaty's first season. They went from OC to OC, so they were constantly asked to learn this, but change it again next year, the year after, and the year after. As a player, that would tick me off. It's one thing to make changes, but a complete overhaul every year just didn't cut it. Mangino didn't overhaul every year but the fans weren't as rabid as some of them are now, along with some in the press in Lawrence. So, here's the lesson. Don't let the media pressure into visceral reactions that lead to wholesale changes on one side of the ball or the other. Make a plan, stick to the plan, and then recruit the players that fit the plan. This is why I don't like the recruiting rankings on Rivals. It isn't based on the specific needs for each team. It helps to get 4* guys, as long as they fill a roster spot that needs filled. I just remember all the guys we had on the 2007 team, Briscoe, McAnderson, Sharp, Fields, Wilson, etc. None of them were 4* recruits I believe, but they all played a vital role in the success of the team. I'm not leaving anyone out on purpose, just slipping a few names in there so people understand we weren't loaded with 4* recruits.

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