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Column: Love, Wiggins trade logical

Someone tell me what Kevin Love has actually accomplished. I realise Wiggins hasn't either, but come on. Love is a big time scorer on a time that hasn't even been relevant after the All-Star break in any season he's been in the league. If he's as good as everybody says he should have been able to put the T-wolves on his shoulders and get to the playoffs at least once. Even in the West.

Wiggins hasn't accomplished a thing either. He is a team first guy, however, who has shown he is willing to do whatever it takes to win. Love Hasn't shown that. Either at UCLA or in Minnesota. Not saying don't make the trade. It's just not the no-brainer everybody seems to think it is.

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

I think Okafor and Jones will wait until late spring. They seem like they are riding the whole process out. By then we should have a pretty good idea who's staying and going.

Gotta admit. The more I read about Oubre, the more I like the fit. Great teammate, good student. Seems to understand and appreicate the Kansas Family. Can't wait 'til he's on campus.

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Opinion: Teams will regret passing on McLemore

Agree except for one thing. Otto Porter being the safe pick for Washington. Porter is by far the most versatile player in the draft. '6'9" great passer, excellent defender, good handle for a big guy. And besides they already had a BMac clone in Bradley Beal. It would have made no sense for the Wizards to draft McLemore. They drafted the right guy.

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NBA Draft blog: Jeff Withey selected with 39th pick by Portland; discussing the fit for Ben McLemore in Sacramento

Jimmer Fredette a stud? Seriously? If he ever averages more then 15 min a game I'll be schocked.

My only concern with Sacramenton is who is going to mentor him there. He's already shown questionable judgement in those he surrounds himself with. Now let's throw Demarcus Cousins into the mix?

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His moment of Truth? Ben McLemore goes No. 7 in NBA Draft to Sacramento Kings

jb just so you know. Lebron James' high school team had a contract with Adidas. Bmac dropped because of his lack of an alpha dog mentality and his choice of people to surround himself with. Muhammed lied about his age, attitude problem with his teamates, and his dad is going to prison.

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KU basketball notebook: Self still saying no to KU-MU

I highly doubt the Big 12 goes anywhere. Too many football schools. It would have happened before now if it was going to. The far more likely possibility is for the ACC to go the way of the Big East. I would then expect Florida St, Clemson, and Virginia Tech, and probably others, to join the Big 12. But even that is just my speculation.

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The biggest difference between Ben McLemore and Xavier Henry? Perception

Henry was a catch and shoot player who took advantage of playing on a team with 8 future NBA draft picks, including 5 Lottery picks. There were 3 on this years team. He put up big stats against one of the weaker non-conference slates under Self's regime. Not saying he was bad. But he just didn't possess the entire package that McLemore does. Henry was never going to be more than a solid pro. McLemore is widely considered the only POTENTIAL future all-star in this draft.

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The biggest difference between Ben McLemore and Xavier Henry? Perception

Speaking of perception so many people overstate Cole's importance on that '08 team because of that UNC game.Take away that game and the A&M game and Cole was a non-factor on that team. Roderick Stewart averaged as many points and played more minutes. But everyone forgets because he got injured leading up to the Final Four.

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The biggest difference between Ben McLemore and Xavier Henry? Perception

3 30 point games. The West Va game you mentioned, plus KSU and Iowa St.

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The biggest difference between Ben McLemore and Xavier Henry? Perception

5 points at home against KSU? Try 30. The 5 point game was in the Big XII tourney. Which was a romp. Henry was a catch and shoot player on offense who fed off Sheron's penetration. And his best games were against the weaker opponents. His 31 point game was against LaSalle. McLemore was forced into the role of number one option which he wasn't comfortable with. You can throw all the metrics you want at me. But I'll still rely on the eye test.

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