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Column: Beak Attack II a distinct possibility

In 2011 when realignment talk was at its peak, many people suspected that the Kansas Board of Regents would require KSU to be included in any potential deal that included KU if the Big 12 fell apart. As I understand things, the KBOR is very concerned about the national recognition gap between KU and KSU.

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Squeezed out for player of the year, Perry Ellis earns first-team All-Big 12 selection

Big 12 Coach of the Year Award...

AKA: The Anyone-Other-Than-Bill-Self-Because-We-Can't-Give-it-to-Him-every-year Award

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Cyclones psyched to have Mark Mangino back in Big 12

I agree fully with Stephen Simmons - thanks for recalling the greater history of Mangino. I posted the following years ago, and nothing has changed -

The man was a bully.
He bullied his players.
He bullied his assistant coaches.
He bullied administrative staff.
He bullied student employees not assoicated with athletics.
He bullied his own family members in public.
(Don't confuse bully with disciplinarian - one does not equate the other.)

Yes he won. He was also an embarrassment for many reasons not related to his weight. I want to win too, but not with someone with his character flaws.

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One not done: Wayne Selden to return for sophomore season at Kansas

Great post - thanks for sharing your perspective.

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KU officials eye Twitter account

That was udderly uncalled for.

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Opinion: Note to Self: Hire Mitchell Wiggins

I didn't mean to imply the rest of it didn't happen - sorry about that, poor choice of words. Just tired to hearing people claim they played together in HS.

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Opinion: Note to Self: Hire Mitchell Wiggins

Hiring Wiggin's dad just to land a OAD is such an awful idea that I know Self will not consider it. What if Athletics hired Josh Selby's mom to land him, how would that hire look today?

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Opinion: Note to Self: Hire Mitchell Wiggins

This never happened. Piper graduated from LHS in 1983, Danny in 1984. Danny only played 1 year at LHS. Piper red shirted at KU. They were both seniors in 1988. They never played together at LHS.

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Which would you say was the most painful NCAA loss of the Bill Self era at KU?

Just my opinion, but all these losses hurt more for us because we are so emotionally invested. There is no joy in just getting into the tourney, like many/most other fans experience. We are there every year - more consistently than anyone else in recent history. We are typically only happy when we make a final four - but that is tempered if we don't win - the only true joy comes from a NC (sigh).

Michigan this year was a horrible loss - we dominated the game but played horrible in the last 4 minutes of each half. We played well for 32 of the 45 minutes and handed the game to them. Arizona in 1997 was the worst for me.

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