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NBA teams size up McLemore, Withey at combine

Whoa I love the wheel!!! I mean who doesn't love a wangburger?...

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D-Day arrives for prep standout Andrew Wiggins

Gottlieb also predicted KU on twitter this morning but also said it was a completely baseless claim... My guess also baseless is FSU. But then again he'll just spite me and pick UK.

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Dayne Crist grateful for shot at NFL

Not just a smart PR move but smart football moves. Under prior regimes the Chiefs almost avoided the 3 local schools and missed out big time* on some undrafted FAs...
*See Chris Harris. Worst part is he's in division

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6-foot-10 Arkansas transfer Hunter Mickelson picks KU

I'm going to have to go with the standard 'trust Self' on this one...

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KU track sends 12 to NCAA Indoor Championships

How does that compare with other top schools? Chances for a national championship?

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Mock spelling of Kentucky, North Carolina: NIT

KU not listed and Michigan twice...

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Notebook: Elijah Johnson believes shooting will improve; KU will wear alternate unis Monday

I'm sorry but I'm extremely superstitious...

A player on a streak has to respect the streak. You know why? Because they don't happen very often. If you believe you're playing well because your getting laid or because you're not getting laid or because you're wearing women's underwear, then you are!
-- Crash Davis

During a 17 game win streak and a potential #1 ranking you don't change your duds... I kinda feel like HCBS is the same way since he only wears the reds in exhibition games since we last lost wearing red at one of the sprint center games...

I kinda like them but Ive hated every time an NBA or NCAA has worn them, they just don't look good on TV.

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How former Jayhawks fared in Jan. 19 NBA games

Sometimes Cole gets minutes where he situationally matches up well against the opponent, the NBA game is changing and Cole isn't the prototypical 5 man anymore. Shady is coming off surgery and other than that he's had a pretty solid NBA career. I know all these guys were super stars at KU but its extremely difficult to become super stars in the NBA. We're a top 5 program all time and have only had a handful of NBA super stars. I think it's fair to say that as a fan base we need to temper our expectations of our guys in the league. People need to stop being so negative towards these guys and support them a little more, I for one love this section and check it every day and get pumped when one or more Hawks have breakout games.

And this format of the stat line is the best one far and away! RCJHs in the NBA!

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How former Jayhawks fared in Jan. 19 NBA games

B Rush tore his ACL early in the year...

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Kansas baseball savoring Big 12 tourney appearance

Climate is a lame excuse... Nebraska had a very solid program there for quite a while and (barf) so has Missouri. The facilities received significant upgrades since he came on and not to mention the Adidas deal took care of them as well. Fact of the matter is that he can't recruit or doesn't recruit right. He goes after Texas and California (states not schools) spares and lets extremely quality in state and KC metro talent go to schools like Missouri St when they should be 'Hawks. All of the best KC talent goes to Mizzou because they have a better program and of that doesn't make you sick and want change at the helm then you too must be thrilled about the 7th place out of 9 finish and first round exit in the tourney. I'm not ok with the state of the baseball program and something needs to change.

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