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KU target Tyty Washington to announce college choice on May 15

His ranking suggests that being a one and done is a long shot.

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Kansas basketball officially inks prep guard Bobby Pettiford Jr.

I am old enough to get this reference. lol.

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Game day breakdown: No. 13 Kansas basketball vs. UTEP

If you don't understand the importance of momentum in sports, you probably have never played any sports. I can still help you out. Look at Baylor. They were killing it. They had to take time off. They lost their momentum. Now they are struggling. This is one out of a trillion examples out there.

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Game day breakdown: No. 23 Kansas basketball at Kansas State

The mouse rules the world.

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Jayhawks will go as far as David McCormack can carry them this postseason

Yes, the lack of lobs is concerning. So is the lack of ability to push his man up the lane and seal him. Just improving those two staple of our offense would help a lot.

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More lineups with both Marcus Garrett and Dajuan Harris in them coming for KU?

This should have happened sooner. It was obvious we needed a real PG. Harris will be great later in his career. He will be a much needed stabilizing force for now.

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Game day breakdown: No. 9 Kansas basketball at No. 2 Baylor

I don't care who starts, but Harris Jr. needs to get more minutes. He is a natural PG. His being on the court makes our O and D more fluid. On O he is a ball-mover and shot-creator. We desperately need both these things. Plus, it allows Garret to move off-ball, where he is most effective. On D he pressures the ball quite effectively. His hounding of the PG allows guys like Garrett, Ochai, and Braun to get out in the passing lanes and create steals. Garrett is a great defender but these PGs he's been forced to guard are just a little to quick. He needs to move back to SG, where he was great.

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Gameday Breakdown: No. 3 Kansas basketball vs. No. 7 West Virginia

Is it just me, or does anyone else think Harris should start? IMO that would take a lot of pressure off of Garrett and allow him to do what he is great at doing.

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