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Report: Perkins spendy traveler

I think it's easy to calculate if the private flights are worth it. Take his $4.4 million, divide it out to the hourly rate of $2115 (granted, he probably works more hours than 40 a week). That means saving an hour of work by spending $1983 on a flight makes sense. Though this is just a rough calc off top of my head. Some accountants / economists out there could do a more thorough job.

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Rivalry games not always easy for KU-KSU couples

Wow. I was expecting a nice long article about a couple who had been married for 60 years. A year and a half? That's hardly a lot of experience.

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FINAL: Fired-up KU takes down A&M, 79-66

Listening from South Korea... feels good hearing that sweet Rock Chalk chant.

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Kansas’ McCray starts as U.S. rips France

That's like a video game score.... wow, way to go USA.

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Kleinmann headed to ‘enemy territory’

Gaylord is teaching 5th year again? Had no idea.

Congrats on gradschool. Doing arch grad school straight out KU was one of the best decisions I made.

(Side note: Mizzou doesn't have an architecture program, so we're safe)

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Robinson using McDonalds snub as motivation

Does Carl need a graduate degree? He could be our graduate assistant! Okay, maybe not, but who knows?

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Born first to triple double

Did Mayer just use the word "orgasmic"!?!?!?

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FINAL: Bison have no answer for Aldrich in KU's 84-74 victory; Jayhawks to meet Dayton Flyers Sunday afternoon

Hey Jesse, has ever thought about integrating an auto-refresh? That would be super helpful for gameday.

No 61 inch TV today. Boss is having a meeting in there right now.

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Obama's bracket has KU losing in Sweet 16

I thought it was funny he put Missou... instead of Mizzou... show's he doesn't pay attention and/or care about them!

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FINAL: Dunn's 24 points lead Baylor to upset over top-seeded KU, 71-64

Just grabbed some pizza, settling in to watch... so I'm out!

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