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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

In years past, Late Night was special because it was the ONLY chance for some families, and particularly kids, to watch their heroes in person at Allen Fieldhouse. This was precisely because Late Night was a FREE event and a fan had to do was get in line early to make sure to get past the fire marshall's count.

Although the capacity at the Fieldhouse is 16,300 the number of fans admitted is much lower at Late Night. Many seating sections are reserved for student-athletes (all KU varsity teams) players families, recruits, and in recent years high-level WEF members who essentially "pay" for reserved seats.

I'm very sad that the people who rushed the doors had to ruin it for the rest of us. I will be back for games this season, so personally it's not that big a deal. But I feel bad for the families who will not get another chance this season. The worst part of it is that from reading and hearing various accounts, the mob that rushed the doors was comprised mostly of KU students, who have plenty of chances to come back the the Fieldhouse and watch a game.

I'm very afraid that incidents like this will result in Late Night becoming a ticketed event. Not everyone can afford KU Basketball tickets.

Please, KU Athletics, don't let the greed of some ruin it for the rest of the fans. Better crowd control is a must. But please don't turn this into a ticketed event.

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Painful reminders: A look at Bill Self’s saddest setbacks

To quote Mr. Bedore,
No need to fire up the opposition needlessly.
(This is what happens when redundant writers write reduntantly!)

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Chalmers 2nd Jayhawk with NCAA, NBA titles

If you consider coaches to be Jayhawks too, you must include Larry Brown.

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Do you like the "woo" some students are adding to the end of the Rock Chalk chant?

If you listen to archives of game broadcasts before the '88 championship and after the '88 championship, you'll hear the birth of the notorious 'woo.'

It began when the KU fan base swelled new fans of Danny and the Miracles. Then some of those new fans (had to be, because the existing fans versed in KU traditions never did this) noticed the haunting silence between rounds of Rock Chalk would be a perfect time to holler loud enough to be heard by their buddies not lucky enough to be at the game (much like the guy who hollers at the beginning of Seven Bridges Road live recording). More and more fans joined in, students included, and probably for the same reason. The pre-woo generation of students graduated, and the new generations of students, having never known Rock Chalk without the woo, assumed it was part of the chant and dutifully joined in. Finally, the cheerleaders cemented the added Woo into the the Rock Chalk chant by teaching it to freshmen during Traditions week. So sad to see it happen like that. But that's "modern progress" I guess!

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Vegas trip learning experience for Kansas basketball

I don't think that was an illegal screen that EJ got hurt in. It was a hard legal backscreen that he back-peddaled into. No foul was called, but EJ fell to the floor writhing in pain. He probably re-aggravated the bruise he suffered earlier when he suffered that intentional foul on his break-away dunk attempt. The officials stopped play when the 'Hawks regained posession so trainers could attend to EJ. Unfortunately, that negated another breakaway dunk by KU.

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KU basketball notebook

"The Kansas University men's basketball team in its second and final week of 6 to 7 a.m. Boot Camp conditioning drills."

Can I buy a verb?

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Tables, railings, KU in ’11

You're right, Mayer is wrong. The Fieldhouse is in compliance per the State Inspector -- though it's obvious several of its features are 'grandfathered' and would not be allowed in new construction today.

Still, elevators have been added, concourses widened, and patrons who cannot find their way to regular seats even with the new circulation upgrades can request accessible seating at the court level.

No major additions or changes can be made to the seating bowl at AFH without closing the facility to public events and building a new one. If that's what Mayer is calling for, then he should just come out and say it, instead of complaining that it doesn't have the features of the newer facilities used for the NCAA Tournament. (None of which are mentioned in the perennial SI and ESPN lists of "favorite college arenas" like Allen Fieldhouse is.)

As for the officials tables at the MU game -- yes, they were padded. Though I'm sure Marcus hurt his head, it wasn't a concussion. What sent him to the team trainers were the cuts he suffered from the broken acrylic advertising panel. If Mayer is going to call it out, at least he should get it right. That's the way to get results.

Oh, and "this year’s erratic, lag-lag-lag-tie-then-lose team" won THIRTY-THREE games with only 3 losses (that's a 91% winning percentage), its sixth consecutive league title, and another Big 12 Tournament. It was ranked #1 in all but 4 weeks of polls. That doesn't sound like an "erratic" losing team to me at all. It sounds like a rather consistent winner. Too bad it suffered its last loss in late March instead of late February.

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KU track falls to MU

Every battle with Missouri is a duel. ;-)

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KU track falls to MU

"The Tigers won the dual, 191-171, on Friday."
C'mon editors! Do your job! It's duel, not dual. When do your readers start getting a cut of the editors' salaries? Maybe that explains why so few of us pay for any of this stuff.

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How Keegan voted — Dec. 21 college basketball poll

Well, we don't have to defend our homer media coverage.

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