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Tom Keegan: Pick your favorite next KU football coach from this list of 17 names

I agree but I will always be offended by the lack of support for the football team. Win or lose, they are Jayhawks. They're our family. The Chicago Cubs made headlines, year in-year out, by supporting a losing team. By not supporting our football team, we look like fair-weather Denver Broncos fans. That kind of stuff makes me ill.

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Sixth touted Louisiana prospect commits to KU football

Who’s the number one QB in LA?

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Jayhawks' 2018 recruiting class grows to six late Saturday night

Yes these kids have some stars after their names, but if you think that the top programs are going to flip out because they missed a few, you’re kidding yourself. Nobody is gonna come start a fight to land these guys. They’ve made their offers and that’s that.

I’m still excited about the direction of the program. Still excited about Beatty and staff. I will reserve my confidence about these guys until they, first, clear all of the personal stuff that has impaired so many other unexpected 4-5 star Kansas recruits. Secondly they will have to prove that they deserve those stars and aren’t just coasting on someone’s overrating. I don’t have the time to list all of Kansas’ recent over-ratings.

Let’s just wait and see. I’m happy to see these guys commit, but let’s just see if they are really carrying the goods to Lawrence.

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A trigger man who can return Kansas football offense to 21st century

Who else was interested in Crist or Heaps? I remember being surprised that more teams weren’t going after them.

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Jason Phillips leaves KU football staff

The only guys who’ve impressed me so far are Beatty himself, and Bowen.

Position coaches come and go. Likens was a bust. Phillips was a bust.

Sorry but I believe the road was paved for every, and all position coaches, to take any opportunity that popped up. Beatty surely has guys in mind to fill their spots. Probably guys that are a better fit for the 2017 Jayhawks.

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Tom Keegan: Zenger had no choice but to extend his football coach

Relying too heavily on transfers? His most promising players are freshmen that he recruited. Armstrong, Stanley, Wise ( soph), Lonecker, Sims, and that hard hitting safety who's name escapes me at the moment.

To me that's the best reason to extend him. He's shown he can build a team by developing talent off the scrap pile, which is all Kansas can do for now.

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Blue Bloodied: Jayhawks drop opener to Indiana in OT, 103-99

Cut the hair. Everybody.

And Bill, hit the gym brutha.

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Former Jayhawk Brannen Greene selected 7th overall in D League draft

Coming out early for D league...


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KU quarterbacks not progressing like David Beaty hoped

It’s staggering that we can’t produce at least a medium grade QB after all these years. Division II schools are sending guys to the NFL. We have a recruiting advantage on a ton of schools who are just kicking our butts.

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