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KU women's basketball falls to Pitt State in exhibition opener

Has got to be because Staff and this moron are related lmao

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Shane Jackson: KU’s depleted defense records crucial stops in 37-34 win over Red Raiders

would be nice to get Prox an McCullough BOTH back for next week. - -not quite sure about their injuries.

The on thing I will say is though - -we have GOT to get our run defense fixed -- have a new OC - - maybe need to have a new DC - -looking at those stats, - we come Big 12 - - were Coming ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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'He's a stud': QB Carter Stanley and KU's offense regroup to beat Tech

Your right the Stadium holds right at 50,100 - -it was est at 31,000 so there was only 20,000 empty seats - -hope that makes you feel better - -sad

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'He's a stud': QB Carter Stanley and KU's offense regroup to beat Tech

Agree , do we realize just how close this team is to being 6-2 instead of 3-5 ? - - Coastal Carolina ? - ( we win this game with Pooka ) - -right there with West Virginia 29-24 , -- Should of beat Texas - -you have 6-2 - -instead of 3-5 .- -

Hell of a lot more fun actually looking forward to a Saturday College football game - these guys have been very competitive other then the TCU game. - - Les is getting the pieces in place. - -With the recruits he has coming in next year , the Big 12 best take notice. - -The time of a automatic win when playing us? - - -Those days are over. -- were coming were on our way back

How Sweet is it to have a competent OC making play calls. - - Carter has 1,900 passing for the year - - - Carter has right at 720 yards the last TWO GAMES - -translating meaning in the other 6 games he had right at 1200, really picked it up - - Carter is like Night and day difference with the new OC

It's nice to know as a player that you have Coach's that believe in you - -they got your back - -helps you believe in yourself - -ok people hope on the wagon now - -were leaving this wagon taking off - -no time for bandwagon fans. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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Jayhawks ranked 3rd in preseason AP Top 25

why would we want you to wear Crimson & Blue? - -there is NO ROOM here for part time fickle closet fans -- YOU are not a fan - - maybe a bandwagon fan - -sorry but this ride is full - - the ship has sailed - -and we voted - - and your OUT..

I'll wear crimson and blue any day anytime any where - and never ashamed. - -BUT you know what KU true fans ARE ashamed of? - - - pay attention - -ready? - - -YOU your not a fan - not sure what you are but you sure the hell ain't now fan. - - -now have a great day

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A Tom Herman question unintentionally motivated Carter Stanley and Jayhawks

It's call progress - -proud of the guys Thanks

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4-star big man Gethro Muscadin picks Kansas

your exactly right Dirk. - - The article I read said that and this is kind of crazy BUT the article said with him just because he signed with KU should put him in the top 100 recruits, that's cool but how does signing with KU cause him raise his stock 30 notches - -he becomes that much of a better player just by signing? - -that part I don't understand. - -However they also said that Gethro probably has the highest ceiling - -could make the biggest jump in rankings of anybody this year. So it's good to know that potentially anyways he has a very high ceiling. - -Good get - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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4-star big man Gethro Muscadin picks Kansas

Sweet Commit - - BUT Todd is NOT coming here - -Michigan Bound - -Hoping Javonte re-classifies and we can get his commit - get him - - KK - - Gethro - -& foster - - all things considered would be a good year. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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Snoop Dogg says KU shouldn't be surprised by his Allen Fieldhouse show

I couldn't agree more. you can't tell me that we didn't know what we were getting when they brought Snoop in. -- pretty simple you offended - - LEAVE.- - nobody forcing anybody to stay - - It was a big hit with recruits - -already been quoted by multiple recruits how great it was to see Snoop. -- remember just BREATHE - it's gonna be ok. - -If anything KU made things look worse by apologizing - -shouldn't have nothing been said

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KU athletic director apologizes for risque Snoop Dogg show at Late Night in the Phog

agree 100 % Joe - -it's called reality , love the act - -NOT STUPID PERIOD. - it's today's society - not still living in the 70's/80's - - just how things are - at least 90% of people there watching Snoop loved him was a great night

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