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KU plans to ride with true freshman Jalon Daniels as 'the guy' at No. 1 QB

That ruling applies to ALL football players this season - - not just the Seniors. That is why so many had been saying play Daniels get a full year of game time experience and still be a Freshman next Season

The QB situation will be much better finally - we will have Daniels and then Easters coming in - -that is if we can hang on to Easters - -I think we will. Get these guys some O-line help doesn't matter who you have at QB if they don't even have the time to be able to have the play develop.

Right now they are not even being able to maintain their block long enough for our running backs to find a hole to run through - -can't hold a block long enough for our QB be able see the play develop - - got to get better a lot on the O-line

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Gameday Breakdown: KU football at Baylor

51-13 Baylor

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Kansas volleyball team driven by chance to compete during strange 2020 season

Great way to start the Season beating Baylor who is picked to finish 2nd , and has the defending national player of the year , and a Baylor team that is coming off a final 4 last year.

Took all 5 games but really put the hammer down starting the 5th game out 5-1 and never let up, ended 15-9 & the ladies just killed the ball in the final game hitting 667 hitting % crazy.

We got some really good players and a great start. Think we have a good chance to really compete for the Championship

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A simple idea that could make KU's 2020-21 nonconference slate spectacular

Actually Matt - - that is a really good idea , hell of a non con , I like that

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Loaded roster leaves Kansas basketball with flexibility on the recruiting trail

here is a little news flash. - -were missing out on A LOT of these kids it's not just here and there the Reason ? - with this NCAA crap looming over our heads you can take it to the bank these opposing coach's are playing that to THE HILT. Baylor is not a KU - The School Jordan Riley committed to is NOT a KU - - - Florida IAS NOT A KU. - -when you compare history of the game - - the atmosphere , The Conference , no way should this be happening. Sure Baylor for what 2 years now just started being some what of a presence - -before that - - - psssssst , please -- let's compare shall we ? - - Bill Self/ Scott Drew lmao. -- Self Coach of a program with 14 straight Big 12 Championships , multiple , mulitple players sent to the NBA - - -NCAA Champion , Hall of Fame coach - - Scott ? - - zelch. -- Brown & Cleveland are just the two latest to go elsewhere. This NCAA thing is beating us up more then some people realize I think.

the uncertainty of whats ahead. Will Coach be suspended for a season ? or some of the Season ? - -Will KU be put on post Season Ban ? - - Will KU have reduction of Scholi's ? - these recruits want to know these things - -so their going somewhere where they know whats up with the program , a more solid foundation at present time - on top like Matt said about possible more playing time. - -I think this is another reason your seeing a trend from Coach as to why we are going after a somewhat lower ranked type 3-4 player, a solid player that Coach can develop.

Sure we will still go after the big 5 * types but were gonna see more and more of those shy away right now - -just the way it is

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Loaded roster leaves Kansas basketball with flexibility on the recruiting trail

I agree for the most part Matt however, I think your a tad off on playing time. I think Brown & Cleveland both or either or would step right in as Freshmen and play quality time just like Bryce. - These players are major talented and can play just about anywhere with quality minutes. - - Brown and Cleveland for sure Brown is just a freak athletic wise - was a huge miss for us, that whole situation is STILL just weird. - - It was seen as an almost lock for him to commit to KU and then turns into a DeAndre Ayton repeat - -something funny.

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Two-sport standout Keon Coleman to announce college choice on Saturday

Oklahoma . He says on Twitter , a hint - - I'm gonna play for a team that wears white.. Well yes we do wear white , but Oklahoma wears white also - -some say official Cream but sure looks white to me when I think they play at home right ?

I will say though this shows that KU is progressing a couple of years ago we wouldn't even of gotten a phone call returned or talked to on the phone - - -little lone a being in the final 3 for a 4 * recruit. The talent level the Mad Hatter & staff has brought in is better for sure. You see some teams we are in the mix with in some of these recruiting wars - -not any of these Juco - loaded with High School players. Lots of High School talent.

Now it comes down to putting some more W's on the field , we win a few more games and then some of these guys will commit. - All it takes it to get one of these 4 * to commit and then the flood gates could open. - -they see this guy coming and say hmmm maybe I need to check KU out a little more. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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Former KU point guard Devon Dotson starting to see his draft stock rise

Mercy holy smokes. I haven't posted on here for Months - - - Now I remember why I left , I posted or tried to post about Devon and couldn't post BECAUSE this staff telling me to watch my mouth because some about some word they thought I was using lol.

They said the word g--k was not allowed - - WHAT? - - WHAT ? JUMPIN - -GEE- - HOSSIE - -TOADS. - -WHAT I said was Good Luck Devon. WOW.

I had said that it was to bad that Devon didn't have the chance to bring back the NCAA trophy but because of the dam COVID-19 that didn't happen.

What I said was that I didn't feel that I was that far off base thinking that as if you were to ask anybody that it seemed like the general concensus KU was the team to beat - -REALLY - -watch my mouth beyond funny -- probably won't let me post this either , no wonder you have lost some many readers - -really sad. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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Self: Looking ‘less and less’ like Wilson will return to lineup

And there he is. There you have it guys it's now a wrap. HEY there Howdy Duty so glad to hear from you , always a pleasure to read your input roflmao , man your a piece of work. - do you stay up late at night just trying to figure out what wisdom you can bring to the table every single time? -little side note - - IT'S NOT WORKING. -McCabe - - -your an absolute idiot. Ya I'm sure Jalen just waits with baited breath for your advice , OH well McCabe says I better run -- so of course I'm going to run, If McCabe says so then , So let it be written - - let it be done. - - Holy Crap man, for GOD'S sakes PLEASE try and think before you spew these kinds of things out your mouth, now you have a great day ok? - try and get some rest ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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'I didn't expect this': WR Stephon Robinson Jr. emerges as key KU playmaker

Why? - - -of course you want Pooka involved - - we all love him BUT Dearmon knows what's up , Pooka had 21 touches - -just carrying the ball , doesn't account for if the had any receptions or targeted pass. - I think I'll run with what Dearmon's calling - -seems to be working just fine - we have found out we have more talent then just Pooka - - so use it - -for sure we want Pooka touch's - we know every time he touch's the ball could but loose , finding out just about anytime our receivers get their hands on the ball - - -THEY can bust it - might as well take them all doesn't matter to me as long as it's SIX. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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