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McClure lifts KU soccer past Memphis in ranked matchup

See I'm loving this - - we have a pretty good Volleyball team - - Our Soccer team is really good ranked - - -Again - -See -- we are more then Basketball at KU. -- Let's go Ladies -- -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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Les Miles tells fans Jayhawks 'need to play dominant football'

Can you believe it? -- I'm actually looking forward to Football Season. -- -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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Talented freshman LB Steven Parker acclimating quickly with help of Emmett Jones

Like the confidence - - -his edge - -we need players like this. - - -" I'm not here to be your friend , I'm here to work " ya THAT edge. - -like were not her for picnics an chocolates were here to compete - -win - - guy has some edge - - calls it like it is - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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Departing KU strength coach Andrea Hudy: 'Kansas means the world to me'

Huge Mistake - -you just don't find Strength and Conditioning Coach's like Hudy at the drop of a hat. - -Hudy played a big part with our Basketball program - -and you could tell that the guys really enjoyed her being a part of the program.

Hudy your going to be really missed - hop we just didn't screw up by allowing this to happen. - -Bottom line is - -don't really think this is something she wanted to do - -Think with the switching up from Ku, she just felt it was time to go - -Sad day in Jay Hawk Nation - - ROCK CHALK HUDY - -you'll truly be missed

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2021 QB Ben Easters announces commitment to KU football

I know - - -I know. - - Long time - - long long time to go -- -BUT I mean Dam , here we are with a full class of 2020 recruit/commits already -- ya I know there is going to be de-commits - -probably why Coach is still recruiting 2020 kids - - -BUT I mean seriously - - - I'm just not used to this kind of recruiting - -these kinds of results - -a full 2020 class and already have TWO commits for 2021 - - I mean JUMPING -- GEE - - HOSSIE - -TOADS - - -pretty obvious what a legit staff can do in recruiting. - -I mean we are suppose to be such a down trodden football program - -yet Coach Miles and staff doing one hell of a job - - makes you wonder huh? - - And ALL are High Schools kids - -NO JUCO'S - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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KU football's 2020 class picks up commitment from Florida prep DE Chris Jones

Mercy what Les & Staff has done with this recruiting is beyond insane , I realize these kids have to stick -- and yes we all understand there will be de-commits BUT this class is at 24 players and ALL are High School kids - -hmmmm NO JUCO - -just goes to show with the right staff - in place that YES there is good quality kids that can and will commit- - -you just have to be able to recruit them - v-get off your butt's and try.

I really not quite sure how we getting these last couple - thought we were at our limit - - a lot of juggling going on - but Dam you have to give this staff props - -not we got to translate this into wins on the field to stat attracting even better - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BAB

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Kennedy Farris to join Kansas volleyball

Hoping the ladies can rebound this season. - Kind of a rough season last season , still had a good season but down from the previous - -I have confidence -we lost quite a bit from the squad year before last - - I know the ladies will represent well.- - I'm ready - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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Les Miles encouraged by 'big, good looking group' of KU O-linemen

Well to take the phrase - -the word " HOGS " - -if ours can protect/open those holes we can do some damage. - -They give the QB time I think our receivers might be a little over looked not given enough respect - -think we might surprise some people with new blood coming in.

Receivers got some nice size - -no more of this 6 ft 6'1 crap - -lot of 6'4 - - 6'5 - -kinda amphed

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4-star Dallas LB Brennon Scott announces commitment to KU football

Huge pick up.- - Now as been mentioned is keeping these commits . Still some time to go before signing in December , one way to help keep them is by showing some improvement - - by showing them some fans in the stands.

I think Les and Staff is certainly got this program started back in the right direction. - -This kid is an animal - - crazy list of offers , but like he said giving KU a chance - -he was stated in another article saying when he gets to KU the School is gonna change - -gonna start knocking off these Big 12 Schools he says. - He has been playing outside linebacker - - But KU see's him playing as a inside Linebacker - -the kid flat out hits you just blast you right in the face.

Finally we getting some better players -- Non Juco - -love it High School players, you piece him and Steven Parker together could be very nice. I feel that Les recruiting is just gonna keep getting better and better - but a big piece of that will be for the team to show future recruits that improvement is being made make it to where more want to come play for the " Mad Hatter " - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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Les Miles: Jayhawks look 'better' as preseason practices begin

I think we will too Brett. - I think 45,000 is pretty dam close - might be a little high but I just think ok say anywhere from 42,00 to 45,000 is what we are going to see. - - I think /Les has /generated enough interest back in the fan base they gonna come see what his product is like

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