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Kansas volleyball caps 2020 season with series sweep of Texas Tech

for the last 3 years all go right in hand with what I just mentioned. -- it DOESN'T MATTER on record - it still takes time to develop for these ladies so for the last three there is a reason for sure no matter how talented you may be. These other programs not just going to let you win these games. - -These ladies can't account for previous years but to wine about this years team or last yrs team has no point. - -Also please remind me how good was KUY Volleyball BEFORE Coach got here? - - had we EVER been to a final 4 ? - -was there even any interest in Volleyball at KU BEFORE Bechard got here BEFORE he took them to the Final 4 ? . - -some years haven't been great granted - - but I'll take what he is doing any year of what was before and I'll take what's ahead for this program. - -Be nice to see some haters at the Match

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KU fires O-line coach Luke Meadows

Thanks for stopping by Sparky, probably time to lay down - -put the pipe down and take a nap now isn't it ?- -that intelligent statement must of worn you out. - -right ? -appreciate the thought. - -Have a GREAT DAY. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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Kansas volleyball caps 2020 season with series sweep of Texas Tech

I'm sure not concerned at all with the ladies. Bechard has done really well in the recruiting. The BIG thing with this years roster is simply experience. - -Out of a roster of 17 players we had 8 Freshmen, & 2 Sophomores. - - 10 out of the 17 players pretty big pct with no or little experience at a P-5 program.

The class that Coach recruited that were Freshmen this year 2020/2021 was ranked in the top `10 in the Nation , he followed that up this year by adding 4 ladies which were highly sought recruited players/

Caroline Bien - - -Prep volleyball # 14 ranked player in the Nation - -- -- 2020 AVCA under Armour All American 1st team - - 2017-2019 Prep Volleyball National Fr ,Soph , & Jr player of the year Finalist - -coming right out here of our home State

London Davis out of Ohio outside hitter Ranked # 35 in the Nation - - Named All Ohio 1st team - pretty good accomplishment right there.

Bryn McGehe - - Prep Volleyball as a 2020 defensive Dandy - - KC Metro top 6 player , Named Volleyball All Conference , All District , & All State as a Junior. - they just don't pas that kind of thing out like Candy.

This program is in really good shape sure in the hell not downward trend - -the only thing they lack is experience and if they DO indeed all come back we gonna be just fine - -gonna be sweet things coming

Yet here is an idea , you so not happy about the program the best thing you can do is trot on down to the AD office and tell him you would like to apply for the Head Coaching position for the Volleyball program - -offer your very experience Coaching background. I'm sure he would be more then happy to take your app - - GOOD LUCK - -it's all about game experience with these ladies it take more then one - -two - -three - -games and ya very easily take a season for as young as the ladies were. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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KU football's home game vs. Texas postponed until Dec. 12

I would think it has to be more then 5 players testing positive to Cancel a game right ?

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Jayhawks emphasize discipline amid pandemic while making final preparations for 2020-21 season

Don't be holding your breath about a Season already seeing Cancellation of Games - -Ivy league has already Cancelled Winter Sports -I think this is just the beginning. Your gonna see more Schools follow suit.

Just read off other site about how the Schools are struggling to keep the Season going in football especially the Big 10 -& Big 12. - -broke down Conferences and their spike in the COVID. - -Shows the Schools in the Big 12 and Ku had like a 136 % spike in cases of COVID per 100,000 people that's the 2nd most in the Big 12. - Were starting to see High Schools , elementary Schools going to remote - -AGAIN. - -just don't think the odds are in our favor for a Season or very much of one this will make the 2nd Season where the scheduled has been screwed with because of the COVID and it's not going anywhere soon

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AD asks KU football fans for leniency as Les Miles rebuilds program 'right way'

Don't really remember reading anywhere that they said that we were the only one's recruiting high schools kids - - guess I missed that, - What they DID SAY was that we had including walk on's was that we had 37 true freshmen -MOST in the Big 12 - -and they are going against kids that are in their 3 and 4th years of P-5football - -what they said was that this number is the 5th most in P-5 across the Nation -- doesn't matter if they are 2 * - - 3 * -- 5 * -- or 20 * -- they are still freshmen and alot of those others that your talking about that are FAR better football programs - -they're programs are a far cry from the shape our program is in, so of course these other freshmen kids are bound to be better - -THEY ARE IN BETER PROGRAMS - - DAM - somebody turn the light on for some people. our freshman are having to play against kids in their 3 & 4th years of a lot better program these kids of ours who are much more talented then these guys of the past years are STILL inexperienced Freshmen. - -If you can't see that these guys that we have in the program now are much more talented then what we have had in the past - -then I'm sorry you just don't get it - -it all comes with experience & with the way things turned out ALL these Freshmen that are more talented then we have had in the past - - will be FRESHMEN AGAIN NEXT YEAR with a year of P-5 experience - like they said you have to work this dam thing we just can't continue to switch staffs every 1-2-3 years and expect any kind of continuity and trust from players - -hell how do you expect recruits to commit here if you can't even tell them for sure if a particular Coach will be here from one year to the next - - you have to work the process - let them do it

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KU plans to ride with true freshman Jalon Daniels as 'the guy' at No. 1 QB

That ruling applies to ALL football players this season - - not just the Seniors. That is why so many had been saying play Daniels get a full year of game time experience and still be a Freshman next Season

The QB situation will be much better finally - we will have Daniels and then Easters coming in - -that is if we can hang on to Easters - -I think we will. Get these guys some O-line help doesn't matter who you have at QB if they don't even have the time to be able to have the play develop.

Right now they are not even being able to maintain their block long enough for our running backs to find a hole to run through - -can't hold a block long enough for our QB be able see the play develop - - got to get better a lot on the O-line

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Gameday Breakdown: KU football at Baylor

51-13 Baylor

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Kansas volleyball team driven by chance to compete during strange 2020 season

Great way to start the Season beating Baylor who is picked to finish 2nd , and has the defending national player of the year , and a Baylor team that is coming off a final 4 last year.

Took all 5 games but really put the hammer down starting the 5th game out 5-1 and never let up, ended 15-9 & the ladies just killed the ball in the final game hitting 667 hitting % crazy.

We got some really good players and a great start. Think we have a good chance to really compete for the Championship

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A simple idea that could make KU's 2020-21 nonconference slate spectacular

Actually Matt - - that is a really good idea , hell of a non con , I like that

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