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KU target Jalen Wilson ready for Kansas visit

I'm glad he is confident. He has an edge , something that has been missing for awhile here. - If you know your good , and you can back your game then get some. - -Do your thing. He better have confidence - - be confident - if he doesn't then were screwed - Like they say don't hate the player - - hate the game. - Nothing wrong with a kid having some edge to him - let him show the competition that he belongs - he deserves those minutes - let the others worry about coming to try and take his minutes - like was stated just feels/sounds like he for sure is not afraid of competition - -that's EXACTLY what this team needs. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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KU target Jalen Wilson ready for Kansas visit

Matt is talking about KU as a Team is currently ranked 31th in the National ranking , but if they land Jalen they would jump up to 15th in the Nation. - - Jalen is rated as the 50th ranked player - -BUT Evan Daniels said he feels that Jalen was under ranked and felt he should of been 10 - -15 positions higher. - it was either Evan Daniels or Jerry Meyer that had made that statement

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Report: Hampton family waiting to see who stays in NBA Draft before making college decision

RJ has stated , that he doesn't have to have the ball in his hands at all times. I think he is fully aware of the chances of Devon coming back , he has stated he just wanted to be surrounded around other really good players. I really think Devon is going to run the point - - -RJ will slide into the 2 spot and the fit will be awesome. - -With him and Devon in the back court will be like having 2 PG'S on the floor at the same time. - -Then when Devon needs a blow - -RJ will slide right over and play the point and Oachi can slide in to the 2 spot while he is playing point - or Marcus can run some point while Devon gets his break. - -It's not that big of thing

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Is Michigan back in the mix for KU target Jalen Wilson?

Other statement made by Jalen coming from their board: Juwan Howard is exciting I still got the same business. It's not gonna change everything. It is a new Coach so he's gonna have to recruit and do all the business all over again. like everybody else , really.

Another statement made said Jalen Wilson's interest is piqued. Told earlier today - - Juwan Howards hiring put Michigan back in the mix.

One other thing Jalen had to say was: said at the time - - - That he expects Juwan Howard if he is in fact U-M's next Coach - - -for him to reach out , visit Jalen's house & lay out his vison. - Jalen saying keeping any or all of the current Assistants would go a long way for Wilson , as he has got to know them well during his recruitment - - -one side note here on this Yaklich a Michigan ass't was Jalen's lead recruiter - -it sounds like quite possibly Yaklich might very well might be headed to Texas - I think he is hot he didn't got the job. - -If that indeed turns out to be the case - then for Jalen the Coach you committed to come play for is gone - -the lead recruiter that recruited you is most likely gone - could play a big role in his decision as well as him and RJ being best friends - -we shall see

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Five-star target R.J. Hampton eyeing return visit to Kansas; may join good friend Jalen Wilson later this month

Not really sure what your talking about Marcus can't dribble? - -you been hittin the funny juice again? - -Marcuse has no problem handling the ball what so ever, - maybe you need to go back and watch the games

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Kansas baseball finishes off series sweep against Kansas State

this is probably as well as we have done/played in big 12 for some time isn't it? - -would love to see KU do some damage in the tourney -and get a possible invite to the NCAA" ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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KU involved with 1 of top 2020 prospects and possible favorite to land 2019 standouts

Well if they were going to sign that LOI would have to be today, today marks the end of the spring signing period - - - w not going to get either Today - will be sometime later - -Precious announcing this weekend - - RJ who knows - -says middle of May probably - -well it's the middle of May. - - Still think Precious ends up at Memphis

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Grad transfers Holyfield, Tucker make choices, pass on KU

Holyfield didn't even play last year due to injury/surgery - -we shall see how he bounces back. - -There might be a reason they backed of him - - MAYBE - - just MAYBE they are feeling better about the reversal of Silvio's appeal - - have been hearing that the staff is feeling better about the situation. Have no idea why just some smoke been hearing

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Grad transfers Holyfield, Tucker make choices, pass on KU

Ummm , Tucker is one that we wanted very much - -would of made a HUGE difference - -big time miss , very talented - -but still like has been said , one way or another w will be fine. - -Saw just a few minutes ago Todd from Iowa is in Lawrence today. - -Solid player averaged little over 9 points a game - -takes good care of the ball - -a career 3pt shooter right at 40%

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