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Loaded roster leaves Kansas basketball with flexibility on the recruiting trail

here is a little news flash. - -were missing out on A LOT of these kids it's not just here and there the Reason ? - with this NCAA crap looming over our heads you can take it to the bank these opposing coach's are playing that to THE HILT. Baylor is not a KU - The School Jordan Riley committed to is NOT a KU - - - Florida IAS NOT A KU. - -when you compare history of the game - - the atmosphere , The Conference , no way should this be happening. Sure Baylor for what 2 years now just started being some what of a presence - -before that - - - psssssst , please -- let's compare shall we ? - - Bill Self/ Scott Drew lmao. -- Self Coach of a program with 14 straight Big 12 Championships , multiple , mulitple players sent to the NBA - - -NCAA Champion , Hall of Fame coach - - Scott ? - - zelch. -- Brown & Cleveland are just the two latest to go elsewhere. This NCAA thing is beating us up more then some people realize I think.

the uncertainty of whats ahead. Will Coach be suspended for a season ? or some of the Season ? - -Will KU be put on post Season Ban ? - - Will KU have reduction of Scholi's ? - these recruits want to know these things - -so their going somewhere where they know whats up with the program , a more solid foundation at present time - on top like Matt said about possible more playing time. - -I think this is another reason your seeing a trend from Coach as to why we are going after a somewhat lower ranked type 3-4 player, a solid player that Coach can develop.

Sure we will still go after the big 5 * types but were gonna see more and more of those shy away right now - -just the way it is

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Loaded roster leaves Kansas basketball with flexibility on the recruiting trail

I agree for the most part Matt however, I think your a tad off on playing time. I think Brown & Cleveland both or either or would step right in as Freshmen and play quality time just like Bryce. - These players are major talented and can play just about anywhere with quality minutes. - - Brown and Cleveland for sure Brown is just a freak athletic wise - was a huge miss for us, that whole situation is STILL just weird. - - It was seen as an almost lock for him to commit to KU and then turns into a DeAndre Ayton repeat - -something funny.

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Two-sport standout Keon Coleman to announce college choice on Saturday

Oklahoma . He says on Twitter , a hint - - I'm gonna play for a team that wears white.. Well yes we do wear white , but Oklahoma wears white also - -some say official Cream but sure looks white to me when I think they play at home right ?

I will say though this shows that KU is progressing a couple of years ago we wouldn't even of gotten a phone call returned or talked to on the phone - - -little lone a being in the final 3 for a 4 * recruit. The talent level the Mad Hatter & staff has brought in is better for sure. You see some teams we are in the mix with in some of these recruiting wars - -not any of these Juco - loaded with High School players. Lots of High School talent.

Now it comes down to putting some more W's on the field , we win a few more games and then some of these guys will commit. - All it takes it to get one of these 4 * to commit and then the flood gates could open. - -they see this guy coming and say hmmm maybe I need to check KU out a little more. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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Former KU point guard Devon Dotson starting to see his draft stock rise

Mercy holy smokes. I haven't posted on here for Months - - - Now I remember why I left , I posted or tried to post about Devon and couldn't post BECAUSE this staff telling me to watch my mouth because some about some word they thought I was using lol.

They said the word g--k was not allowed - - WHAT? - - WHAT ? JUMPIN - -GEE- - HOSSIE - -TOADS. - -WHAT I said was Good Luck Devon. WOW.

I had said that it was to bad that Devon didn't have the chance to bring back the NCAA trophy but because of the dam COVID-19 that didn't happen.

What I said was that I didn't feel that I was that far off base thinking that as if you were to ask anybody that it seemed like the general concensus KU was the team to beat - -REALLY - -watch my mouth beyond funny -- probably won't let me post this either , no wonder you have lost some many readers - -really sad. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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Self: Looking ‘less and less’ like Wilson will return to lineup

And there he is. There you have it guys it's now a wrap. HEY there Howdy Duty so glad to hear from you , always a pleasure to read your input roflmao , man your a piece of work. - do you stay up late at night just trying to figure out what wisdom you can bring to the table every single time? -little side note - - IT'S NOT WORKING. -McCabe - - -your an absolute idiot. Ya I'm sure Jalen just waits with baited breath for your advice , OH well McCabe says I better run -- so of course I'm going to run, If McCabe says so then , So let it be written - - let it be done. - - Holy Crap man, for GOD'S sakes PLEASE try and think before you spew these kinds of things out your mouth, now you have a great day ok? - try and get some rest ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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'I didn't expect this': WR Stephon Robinson Jr. emerges as key KU playmaker

Why? - - -of course you want Pooka involved - - we all love him BUT Dearmon knows what's up , Pooka had 21 touches - -just carrying the ball , doesn't account for if the had any receptions or targeted pass. - I think I'll run with what Dearmon's calling - -seems to be working just fine - we have found out we have more talent then just Pooka - - so use it - -for sure we want Pooka touch's - we know every time he touch's the ball could but loose , finding out just about anytime our receivers get their hands on the ball - - -THEY can bust it - might as well take them all doesn't matter to me as long as it's SIX. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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KU is a 5-point underdog for Week 10 matchup with Kansas State

Even though nothing has came out official , the vibe I've been getting is that I think Dru is done for the year - again nothing been official just hearing around different places - hope not

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KU is a 5-point underdog for Week 10 matchup with Kansas State

Agree - - somehow we have just GOT to be able to slow down the run. - -Their grad transfer running back pretty decent - -Thompson like to run that QB draw quite a bit - & little bubble screens - just have to slow down the run.

You know on the other side of the ball they gonna stuff the box to shut Pooka down - -even though Carter has done really well the last couple of weeks - - they gonna make him prove it again, - -we got to keep Herbert out of our backfield for TFL'S - -let's do this - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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KU women's basketball falls to Pitt State in exhibition opener

I'm with you. - - Coach just doesn't seem to be getting the program any better. - -I didn't realize we took such a big hit to the roster BUT still losing your exhibition doesn't spell good things for the season - - as has been said - -a roster such as this against Big 12 teams is not a good look. - -He has been here for some time now - -what has been his best Big 12 record? - -not non con - -but Big 12? - -Don't think we have even been 500 have we? - -that can not be accepted after this length of time.

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KU women's basketball falls to Pitt State in exhibition opener

Has got to be because Staff and this moron are related lmao

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