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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

"Facebook does not allow its users to create fake profiles."

Not accurate. I know people with Facebook accounts who do not use their real names.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

I haven't noticed a problem here with the comments. Discourse here is quite civil.

Not too keen on this idea. Don't like a footprint of my name and opinions all over the web.

On the bright side--finally get to know the legendary jaybate's real name.

Those without a Facebook account have to start one to comment here?

Facebook is taking over the world.

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Notebook: Tony Pierson injured; Weis not upset KU fans left early

If you can't execute a simple snap, you've got some really big problems.

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Opinion: Fake punt a risk not worth taking

Weis likes to brag that he'll "outscheme" opponents.

He outschemes his own team.

Absolutely PATHETIC.

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KU hoops schedule rated toughest

Love these posts more than any of your epic basketball posts!

I used to book events into old Municipal in the 1980s-90s, including circuses. I still remember the first time I was ever in the building (1972, Linda Ronstadt concert) and the countless basketball games and tournaments I attended in the old concrete barn.

Your lengthy and detailed architectural analysis was a little over my head but the Pendergast commentary wasn't. He made KC wide open, trendy and vibrant. A big league city. A destination. Corrupt as hell, but a great man nonetheless. Wish we had those days back when this town swaggered.

What you didn't mention was how fast Municipal was erected and why. But thanks for four freaking great posts and the memories they brought back!. My understanding is that the clock will still be there, btw.

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KU-Rice telecast available locally … at bars

This channel is not available on my cable package. Will I be able to watch it on the internet?

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Ex-walk-on Embree earns keep as KU's standout returner

Great profile of the biggest surprise on this Jayhawk team. He wasn't just great on Saturday night, he was the player of the game for consistently setting up the offense with excellent field position.

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Opinion: Bonnie puts on quite a show

Keegan's hyperbolic comment that the rest of the Big 12 coaches should build a statue in Bonnie's honor is a bit much.

But nice to see a column on the women's program. They may not finish above .500 again this year, but the twins should put a few more butts in the seats and get plenty of media attention.

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Bill Self fired up for start of school year

my bad.


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Bill Self fired up for start of school year

ralster--you forget the 10 second violation by EJ in the final two minutes of the Michigan game last year?

I like EJ, but it was a crucial violation at a critical time of the game. And Self could have bailed him out by calling a time out, but didn't.

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