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Notebook: Bill Self fired up during big win; Rio Adams 'frustrated'

The thing about many of these tweets, if they were by Adams, is they are usually written in a personal journal or spoken to a confidant. That is their place. If you heard Mario Chalmer's speech at the jersey retirement, he said many similar things when he was a freshman. Thank goodness Twitter wasn't around then or else he just might have transferred. That's why there are older teammates to put a hand on your shoulder, listen, and give advice. Twitter is just crazy and I have not given into it.

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After festivities, Jayhawks get down to business

Let's hear from Coach Jacque Vaughn!

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Big battle, part 2: Baylor, Kansas frontcourts prep for rematch, revenge

KU should try to make a video to show during pre-game that use clips from this movie. Import images from KU past.

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Talking Tim Tebow: Ex-Jayhawk Chris Harris happy to have quarterback on his side in Denver

Adam Sitter of Dr. Phillips! Ahhhh DP! Ahhhh DP! Recruit Orlando.

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"Beyond the Phog" excerpt: Mario Chalmers on Villanova coach Jay Wright

One difference between the 2008 team and the 2011 team. According to this the 2008 team kept things out of the media and did not talk junk before the game. The 2011 team did and, because KU lost to VCU, was a sticking point in the loss. Of course, if KU loses to Nova, then the trash talking would have been a sticking point then. Winning covers a lot of things.

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No. 1 hoops prep in Class of 2011 will visit KU

I'd be very surprised if Rivers chooses KU. He gave his oral commitment to Florida as a sophomore, but he wants to play in a basketball hot bed. I didn't see Kansas on his list until the last couple months and Duke has been on him hard for the past year. If he goes to KU, then Self is the friggin' man.

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Reaching new height(s): Taller, bulkier guard Elijah Johnson eager to prove himself in 2010-2011

This is the best quote of the whole story:

“I have to think that on the average, I’ll be guarded by a 6-5, 6-6 player rather than a 6-1 player. I have to make sure if I do run into this player ... maybe I haven’t run into a 6-6 defender the whole year, then in the championship game I run into him. I don’t want to be shooting a flat shot and have that be the reason we lose.”

That's thinkin' with yer head!

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Aggies’ Turgeon among Big 12’s best

Great post, Jaybate. Makes me think you're a sports columnist or a culture columnist, one of the two. It's a similar situation at Florida where Billy Donovan is still overshadowed by football, despite two national championships and a Final Four. Going toward the Tallahassee side, I talked to a couple of Florida State fans who didn't even know FSU had made the NCAA Tournament last year. People tend to prefer one sport over another. College basketball is #1 for me, but college football is #2. I always watch big-time games and a lot of those are often in the SEC and for good reason. I'd love to see KU competing for the Big 12 North year in and year out and actually be a threat to represent the Big 12 in the national championship.

I know this might expose my thinking about the whole competition over shelter, food and water, but a winning program at KU and having big-time games in Lawrence generates way more economic impact than basketball. (Nothing really profound.) Just five sold-out home games brings in more people than 14 home basketball games. And usually there are at least 6 home games every year. At a basketball game there might be a few hundred opposing fans at the most. At a football game, there are several thousand, especially if it's Texas, Nebraska, or Oklahoma. Those fans have to travel, stay in hotels, eat in the restaurants, you get the picture. And this does not included money generated by TV exposure.

There's no reason why football and basketball can't be equals as far as competing at the highest level every year. It is a rarity, but it happened in Gainesville.

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Greatest KU games: No. 7

Yes! I'm glad this game made the list. Jacque Vaughn is why I came up with the handle Jacque Shock. When his three went in, I ran through the house - "Ohhhhh!"

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2010 BCS Championship blog: Texas vs. Alabama

This game could've gone all kinds of different ways.

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