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FINAL: Baylor routs KU, 81-58

We are not a real talented team. NO true point guard. and not a team leader like we
had in the past. We have to rely on guts and glory. We'll be alright.

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OSU: ‘We can’t sulk’

UGLY is an understatement. KU looked scared to death out there. Ben even more than the rest. Ben looked dumbfounded last night. Don't know what happened to him. He and Releford needs to throw the gum away, can't do two things at once. (Whoa)

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Notebook: Bill Self fired up during big win; Rio Adams 'frustrated'

RIO What about Andrew White. Haven't seen him in a few games. Nice 3 point shooter?

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Staying the course: Bill Self, Jayhawks not panicking over skid

Hawk 90 is so very right. Releford can't be in the game for just defense. I hear that all the time and so stupid. He has got to start taking shots. He should be scoring at least 10-12 points a game as a 5th year senior. I hate watching somebody in the open and passing it off to someone else to shoot. Lack of Cofindence.

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Bill Self questions team's toughness, desire following home loss to OSU

texasdochawk is correct. OSU is a real good team got two guy we went after that turned us down. they will go a ways in the tournament. More athletic like the announcers kept saying today.

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Bill Self questions team's toughness, desire following home loss to OSU

Coach Self has a right to be mad. The team looked dead today. I would have sat EJ's but on the bench. Tharpe should be starting. He is alot better ballplayer than EJ. Where was Releford today. If he just in for defense that's crazy cause nobody guards Young so that means we have 2 people that nobody needs to guard, and EJ's not that much of threat so we have 2 people that 5 defenders have to worry about. Crazy. They had no desire or enthusiam today. Dead. Tharpe should start, just cause EJ's a senior. White should be playing more too.. We'll have about 3 more losses on road trips with this attitude. Releford needs to shoot the ball cause he didn't stop any body on defense. No leadership at all. Get it together guys and Coach. They just wanted it more than we did

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Sweet survival: Jayhawks rally past Purdue

Where was Withey our shot blocker. Never saw him the second half and they made alot of layups instead of Three's the second half. played their game. should have got it to our big boys.

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Switch stymies Robbie Hummel

Where was Withey. The second half they did not shoot many three's but had alot of layups. If I remember Withey blocks alot of shoots. Dah. Also he started the second half looking really good then he was gone. We played their game. We should have played to our big guys...

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Bill Self press conference: March 5, Pt. 1

Can anybody tell me what happened to Nino Jackson, guard out of Ardmore OK?

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Bill Self named Sporting News national coach of the year

Out of the blue..............can anybody tell me what happened to the highly recruited NIno Jackson a guard out of Ardmore OK?

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