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Bill Self press conference: March 1, 2012

Is it me or does this video only run for about 25 seconds and then stop????

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I am in LeMars and can't wait to see our JHawks romp. I don't get to see the games very often, so today is a special day. Don't any bug me for the next 3 hours!!!!

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Back with a vengeance

Does anyone know the scoop on Jaques Crawford? I haven't heard anything lately.


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KU football hires new co-defensive coordinator

This hire has to be a good one for the jayhawks. It has to be better than what the Minnesota Gophers did......Barry Cosgrove as co-defensive coordinator. What was Brewster thinking??? Suppose if we scheduled the Gophers during the year we could put 76 on the board? ROCK CHALK!!!!

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Extra practices benefit KU

As transplanted Minnesota fan I can tell you the Gophers are a young team. Yes, they do run a form of the spread offense. Weber(QB) and Decker (WR) are two players the Hawks must watch for. The defense is young and I don't see them stopping Reesing & Co. I am torn between the two teams but in my heart and the fact my daughter went to KU, I have root for the Jayhawks. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS!!!

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