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Former KU football coach David Beaty suing Kansas Athletics for $3 million

Above my KU Athletics pay grade.

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Former LHS, KU standout Jason Thoren hired to lead Baker football program

Very cool. I remember his impact during the Mason years.

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After 'chaotic' period of uncertainty, 3 factors kept Tony Hull at KU

I am optimistic that we can develop our talent, get better at some basics, win the games we should. That alone will be a noticeable improvement.

Hoping now that Tony can up his game in recruiting. Glad he likes the community. If we can get Pooka back and we make him into a heisman candidate maybe we can get back to that no. 25 class ranking.

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Les Koenning hired to become KU's offensive coordinator and QBs coach

Sounds good to me. Imagine he can help recruit Houston area in particular, Texas in general. Second, I think he will be here for awhile. Third, with the addition of an analyst I think we get another layer of validation at what we are doing. All that adds up in my book.

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Chip Lindsey leaves KU football to become head coach at Troy

What I want to know is who was the genius on this board who floated the name of Dabo on this site when we hired Gill. I remember someone did. If only.

As far as OC is concerned I like the idea of an up and comer. I wouldn't mind an old school system in the hands of a new school mind. I also wouldn't mind a new school, new mind coach. Although I still think the run needs to be the backbone of our offense I can concede that point. The main thing here it seems to me is tenure. Hence, youth.

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KU football perpetually searching for next impactful QB in post-Reesing era

We need a plan and need to stick with it. A four year starter would be a real difference maker.

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'You couldn't ask for a better partner': Dineen, Wise feel they're leaving KU in better position than when they arrived

These two will really be missed. Sure would have liked to see Terry on the same line as Wise. Daniel, check the game film. Call for a recount.

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Prep D-lineman Da'Jon Terry makes signing with KU official on Christmas Eve

Looks like a beast. I hope he reaches his potential.
Godspeed, young man.

December 24, 2018 at 7:21 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Matt Tait: Les Miles' juco signing strategy has different feel than recent experiments

Reasonable. I have absolutely no problem with it. KSU has had some big time Juco contributors. No reason KU can't. I expect we will need to do this more next year too. Gradually we probably will get it down to 4 or 5 a year, always plugging holes. Injuries, transfers, non-perfomance cannot be predicted.

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