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Early win totals released, KU has over/under of 3.5 wins for 2020 season

I really doubt there will be a season this fall. If there is a start I doubt the season will play out.

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KU promotes WRs coach Emmett Jones to passing game coordinator

Have we ever had a passing game coordinator? Strikes me as a little odd. So, how do you make that mesh with the QB coach, the OC?

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Longtime KU football assistant Clint Bowen leaving Jayhawks

He will be back. He will have to be a head coach elsewhere before KU hires him for that. I thought after taking over for Weis he should have been the guy. I think the players would respond. Hope he does really well.

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Jeff Long: KU football 'far closer' now to meeting expectations

We win three games, one p5 on the road, come within a whisker of winning at Texas for another historic first and lose three other games by one score. With a little more luck and consistency we could have won 7 games.

WVA, CCU, ISU, Texas were all competitive games. I think we made solid progress. The recruiting is looking better than ever. We will be building with 4 and 5 year players. What's not to like?

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Former Florida QB Feleipe Franks visits KU football

I think he will be a real winner for us.

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2 O-linemen leave KU football's 2020 recruiting class

They must be changing majors. God knows they don't have an NFL future. Have we lost some key professors? Ok, joking aside, if I'm making this decision it's going to be based on two things, education and relationships. That's it. Color of uniforms, style of offense, etc just would not be on my radar. Of course when I was 18 God knows what my thought process would have been. Wish it was deeper but I think most kids will decide based upon what excites them. So, are we using hot coeds at all in the recruiting process?

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KU football could win more than 1 Big 12 game for a change

Just one more guys. Try to make it the next game. If unsuccessful, try again. You've got three more shots. If you win all three, great but just don't worry about the numbers. You're turning it around. Most fans I know are very proud of you!

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Game Day Breakdown: KU football vs. No. 22 K-State

You got the scores backward.

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KU's defensive struggles continued in loss at Texas

We knew our linebacker corp would struggle and they have. Despite the bright spots there is a lack of consistency. The run game numbers point to that. The pass defense has looked pretty good at times but the dbs are having to cover for weak linebacker play it seems to me.

I'm confident that Miles will get it right. It will take time.

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Matt Tait: Moral victories have their place with Kansas football

If the Texas game showed anything it showed we have the talent to win now, we finally have a leading edge OC, we never had a QB problem...we had a square peg in a round hole. Stanley fits this system. He made himself look good, his receivers look good and his coaches look good. Why, because the coaches saw something in him and stuck with him even though how they were using him was not the best use.

Forget the past. Flush it. It's going to be different from here on out.

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