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Jayhawks ride with Carter Stanley and offense takes off

Joe. It's only going to get better and better. Sweeter and sweeter. The fact that he's still checking out the LJW shows something. Unless of course he's a closet Texas fan.

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KU's offense comes alive to soar past Boston College for 48-24 win

Really great performance. And to think they did what all us critics said they ought to do.

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Les Miles: KU's O-linemen 'settling in'

Well I guess there's a reason the show is called Miles to Go.

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Notebook: Les Miles will wait to watch the film on QB Carter Stanley

For the sake of the future we absolutely must move on. If not Mcvittie then a freshman or sophomore. Play more young players to give them more reps. If we can find a way to win now then do it but my gut tells me we need to focus on the future.

September 8, 2019 at 1 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Despite Pooka Williams' return, KU's offense stagnant in loss to Coastal Carolina

Too soon to give up. Adjustments needed of course. Remember last year was a dismal start be we have OU a heckuva game.

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Carter Stanley aims to improve upon mistakes made in Week 1 win

I think Carter needs to be more poised and will become more poised with confidence as he will get more confidence as coach shows confidence in him.

Would like to see him in shotgun rarely. I think he operates better under center.

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First 4 episodes of 'Miles to Go' debut on ESPN+

Bravado is not arrogance, Nathan. Sometimes it's false, sometimes not. Guess we'll see.

August 30, 2019 at 2:13 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Matt Tait: Les Miles' plan to fill spots a better approach than rewriting depth chart

Sounds like a kind of If it ain't broke don't fix it approach. Makes sense to me. Seems like the last few years there's been a lot of change keeping the team from unit cohesion. Especially the offense.

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KU football's 2020 class picks up commitment from Florida prep DE Chris Jones

Great news, great comments. Yep, I think the Jayhawks are coming.

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